Capricorn Kissing

Capricorns are great problem solvers, are good at keeping secrets, and make wonderful partners and life-long friends. They sometimes can be late-bloomers but know they’ve done their research when it comes to kissing. They’ll try every trick in the book on you, often with great results. You’ll discover things (like getting kissed at the nape of your neck) that you never knew you liked.

Capricorn Kissing Style: Intimate Kisser

Capricorns’ kisses are private, profound and enduring. Closeness with their accomplice, through waiting kisses, is a path for them to dispose of their stresses. They de-stretch and unwind through their kisses. Their principal quality is making their accomplice feel loose and in-sync with them. They are the ones who not deserts you or surges forward themselves. Your kisses are loaded with compelling minutes, which can diminish your accomplice from all sort of anxiety.

This is initially a main stream kiss, often in the stalls, or over tea and crumpets. They will have chewed quite a lot of gum prior to the lip grip, which is always advantageous. It will probably have taken quite a while for the grounded and earthy Cappy Kisser to get romantic in the first place. But once they hit the high note there is no stopping this crafty goat! This is usually a classic, romantic movie type kiss, with a tight lipped initiation and a promise of more passion when the conditions are right.

How do Capricorn Kiss?

I have a confession to make: I love Capricorns with every fiber of my being. You’re just wonderfully reliable, hyper-ambitious, fabulously organized and good-looking creatures who attain a powerful sense of resilience that I deeply admire. And your inherent power and thirst for achievement is absolutely apparent in the way you kiss. You make us non-Capricorns feel safe in the warmth of your soft lips. Your kisses are the opposite of a drunken sloppy mess; even when you’re inebriated, you take your sweet ol’ time. You use just the right amount of tongue and keep the rest of us in check if we start to run a little wild with our kisses.

You’re a beautifully affectionate kisser. You do all the meltworthy things; you run your fingers through our hair and snake your arms around our waists. Getting a kiss from you leaves us feeling as if we had a massage — relaxed and blissful. Here is the best part: You’re also extremely picky about who you choose to kiss, so receiving a lip-lock with a Capricorn is of the highest honor.

How to Kiss a Capricorn man: Is quiet, capable and tricky. He needs to take the lead in a very 1950’s sort of way. Think old movies, low tones, and no pressure. Wear a fetching, non-staining lipstick and gaze up at him with slightly anxious wide eyes. He’ll slip into a Cary Grant role soon enough.

How to Kiss a Capricorn woman: Won’t give herself away. You have to take it slowly and purposefully. Demonstrate that you’re not just going through the motions or pulling some tried-and-true romantic routine. If she sees your focus is all on her, she’ll cooperate.

Capricorn Ideal Kissing Partners: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer and Virgo.

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