Gemini Kissing

Geminis have a quick mind, are very versatile, and are great communicators. The Gemini will bombard you with butterfly kisses, but when you try to return them, they’ll run off with a smile. A Gemini has no problem telling you on how to kiss them, the way they want you to kiss them.

Gemini Kissing Style: Quirky Kisser

Gemini is the idiosyncratic zodiac sign in appreciation of their kissing style. They are loaded with astonishments. Thus, on the off chance that you are involved with a Gemini, then delight in every minute of it. They may stop to grin, make a witty perception or essentially admit their sentiments throughout a kiss. On the other hand, they can never start closeness which may be disappointing now and again. Work around and through it. Gemini’s kisses are blended with fits of snickers, grins and jaunty occasions. You want to talk about numerous sentimental occasions as well while kissing.

This kiss will hit the high C if it is between chat sessions. The Gemini kiss is mental, in the sense it is not profound, or deep, due to the long chatty build up. The Gemini might scratch his head, or his nose whilst preparing for the kiss with a series of lip clenching exercises. The stress of kissing could have him making excuses like “I have a cold sore”, etc. Gemini’s are so anxious they could slobber. This is no Bogart Bacall kiss it is more like Rainman!

How do Gemini Kiss?

Let’s get real: Geminis are pretty f*cking sexy kissers. Your ruling planet is Mercury, and you like to EXPLORE. You especially like to explore our mouths with your tongues. You’re also a twin, so you’re an impressively multi-faceted kisser. You can kiss slow and sensual, hard and intense as f*ck, and aggressively sexual. You’re all about exploring all kinds of kisses, in one lone makeout session.

The only trouble you run into is when you find yourself kissing a person who can’t keep up with your rapid, changing pace. You require a kissing partner who can match the unabashed, frenetic, energetic kissing vibrations that radiate from your keen lips (i.e. girls like ME, message me on Facebook), otherwise you, my lovely Gemini, will find yourself bored.

How to Kiss a Gemini man: Lights up with great conversation and tunes out to endless, self-absorbed anecdotes. Set the tone for romance by asking him questions, really listening to him, and leaning in to show how his mouth can communicate without words.

How to Kiss a Gemini woman: Loves to be amused and numbs out when things are dull. Keep her interested and romanced by planning a fun date with at least three parts—drinks, dinner, and a walk. Keep her moving and talking, and soon she’ll be smooching.

Gemini Ideal Kissing Partners: Libra, Aquarius and Leo.

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