Pisces Kissing

Pisces people are old souls and are selfless to a fault. They’re known to be devoted lovers and friends. When a Pisces kisses you, they’ll pull you in closer and closer. Watch out though; Pisces can be teases and will bite, lick, and brush your lips until you can’t take it anymore.

Pisces Kissing Style: Slow Kisser

Pisces exemplify the expression ‘still waters run profound‘. They are normally not the ones who take activities and regularly require somebody to goad them on. They may be abate and hard to begin with yet once they are in their zone, there is no ceasing them! Being with a Piscean obliges high measure of tolerance and determination, however rest guaranteed you will be very remunerated. Your kisses are dependable and brimming with feelings. You make kissing a huge some piece of lovemaking.

This is the “I care deeply kiss” somewhat on the scale of Romeo and Juliet but hopefully without the tragedy. The Piscean kiss will be rather wet, being a water sign. It will be initiated by deep eye gazing, with the odd tear drop, followed by madly passionate nasal and lip rummaging around the neck area. This is more than a passionate awakening kiss this is kissing fervor at its deepest and very best!

How do Pisces Kiss?

No one has the sexy mysterious swagger and alluring prowess you have, my precious Pisces. Even your kisses are rich with mystery. Just the sight of your lips is super seductive to our eyes. Before you kiss us, you most definitely eye f*ck the sh*t out of us. You don’t just go in for the kill — you make us work for it. In fact, the kiss starts before the actual kiss.

It starts when we’re looking at you from the across the bar, and you begin undressing us with your eyes. You don’t even need to approach us; we will ALWAYS come to you — for you have that whole “come to me” sex appeal/swagger. Your kisses start out surprisingly romantic and slow in pace, but quickly escalate to wildly passionate and acutely intense. Your kisses have a beginning, middle and end. Your kisses tell a story.

How to Kiss a Pisces man: A softy with a gruff exterior. He’s a man’s man except when he’s with you. Give him the subtle go-ahead to curl up with you by being relaxed, feminine, and captivated. He’ll purr like a pussycat if you don’t approach him too roughly.

How to Kiss a Pisces woman: Embodies the definition of romance. Woo away as long as you’re serious. She likes the whole shebang — flowers, candles, wine, music — as long as you can follow through for a long while. She hopes to mate for life.

Pisces Ideal Kissing Partners: Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus and Virgo.

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