Sagittarius Kissing

Sagittarius is known for being the most exciting and appreciative lover, one who enjoys pleasing their partner. They’ll shower you with kisses and compliments if they sense you need that, or playfully wrestle you to the ground and cover you with kisses when you’re pinned.

Sagittarius Kissing Style: Unpredictable Kisser

Sagittarius is doubtlessly the tease of the star groupings. They are eccentric, and their kisses are managed by their state of mind. They are very spontaneous and it is difficult to focus their timings and recurrence. They want to make you hold up and that is the reason they keep you waiting. With a Sagittarius, you are constantly left wanting for additional. Your kisses are brimming with astonishments. The greater part of a sudden your adrenaline ascents and you are in full structure.

This is a fairly happy kiss. Before it gets sensual you will have to climb every mountain and forge every stream with this optimistic fire sign. Yet, that Saggy kiss could also go wild in a stuck elevator. A sense of adventure is primary to this Saggy Kiss. As is a lot of fun in a fair ground, or swimming pool. Expect jokes before the kiss, a bit of tickling and then a full on frontal classic smack that digs deeper than you would expect. This could end up as an explosive style kiss after all!

How do Sagittarius Kiss?

Sagittarii are beaming with positive energy. You’re a wonderfully rare free spirit who radiates good effing vibes. Your kisses are joyful kisses. Your kisses are so happy, they make me want to crawl on top of you and take in all the f*cking awesome waves of happiness. You kiss aggressively, but not with the dominating aggression of scorpios.

You kiss aggressively because you can’t keep your hands (or tongues) off your partner because you just can’t get enough. Also, you have this amazing, uncanny ability to kiss whomever you want to kiss. You set your sights on what you want, and you always, always get it.

How to Kiss a Sagittarius man: Can get claustrophobic with any kind of formulaic romance. Give him something unexpected — maybe a ride on a rollercoaster — and don’t look him straight in the eye until you’re ready. Keeping him guessing will keep him wanting more.

How to Kiss a Sagittarius woman: Is riveted by wisdom and adventure. But wander carefully down this road. Phony smarts are a huge turn-off. Be the wittiest version of yourself, channel a little Indiana Jones, and put her in a situation where she has to hang on tight.

Sagittarius Ideal Kissing Partners: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini and Leo.

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