Scorpio Kissing

There’s a good reason that Scorpios are known as the zodiac’s most passionate sign. When they kiss, they don’t just kiss you on the mouth — they kiss every inch of your body with a variety of different kissing techniques. Is licking considered kissing? For a Scorpio it is.

Scorpio Kissing Style: Irresistible Kisser

A Scorpio’s kisses are tricky to stand up to. They are great, enthusiastic and deep; the kind you will recollect long after you have ceased. They delight in making you feel cherished, attempting to satisfy you through everything. Nonetheless, Scorpions are likewise rather rushed people. They become involved with the minute, overlooking the arranged out course and rather take off on an experience. Don’t let them meander and you have a powerful kisser available to you. Your expertise in lovemaking does not let your accomplice know when you began on with different things as well while he/she was occupied with kissing.

The Scorpio kiss is full on, open ended profoundly deep and very long winded. This is no Joey Rachel kiss and certainly “no kiss and tell!” This is the ultimate passionate, wet, sexy and sensual lip hug that will have you desiring more. The Scorpio has contained themselves for some time before exploding in sensual delights. If you are not careful, this kiss could end up as a “save my soul” type kiss! So you better look out!

How do Scorpio Kiss?

Oh, don’t tempt me a kiss from a scorpio. You are (from my personal experience) the most powerful force of kissing nature in the entire zodiac. For a submissive kitten like me, your over-the-top dominance is a wild, insatiable turn-on.

A kiss from a Scorpio is aggressive. A Scorpio will bite your bottom lip and press you up against a wall. Your lips will be swollen and sore after a kissing sesh with a scorpio. See, Scorpios don’t half-ass anything. Prepare to find yourself hot and bothered after kissing a Scorpio. You can’t just walk into a civilized family dinner afterward — you will have bright red lips and will be wet between the legs.

How to Kiss a Scorpio man: Intense, passionate and totally suspicious. Give him your rapt attention and absolutely no reason to stress about your loyalty. Beckon him gently into your arms, and he’ll take it from there.

How to Kiss a Scorpio woman: A Bond girl in real life. You can praise her beauty, worship her shape, and still fear her just a little bit. That combination of attention will intoxicate her. She’ll give you what she can—at the very least, a kiss you’ll never forget.

Scorpio Ideal Kissing Partners: Taurus, Aries and Leo.

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