Leo in Love

Sexually open-minded, you are romantic, manipulative, loyal but in spite of your confident attitude, you desperately need love. As soon as you lose your heart to someone, you want that person in your life forever. You are the one pulling the strings, you can be meddlesome and controlling. You are so radiant and amiable that, in spite of your bad behavior, you end up well in all aspects.

Leo rules the heart, making you the most passionate of signs. Once you had captured the heart of the most important man in the world - Daddy - you knew that your true goal in life was to conquer and rule, to become the queen of hearts! Hyperbole aside, you are coquettish, bright, sexy and giving: you wear your heart on your sleeve and, like your fiery sisters, Ms Aries and Ms Sagittarius, you have no qualms about chasing your man until he gets you. Yet you are more faithful, possessive and persistent than the other fire signs, and you have more feminine wiles and a serious talent to flirt, which puts you at the top of the list of the most desirable women in the zodiac. And once you have given your heart, it is with life-long intent.

So do you have a problem? I know it’s hard to believe that there could be one but it is your very regal and dominating personality that can get in the way of perfect marital bliss. You can do everything better than most people, but most guys really don’t like to be outshone by their partner: let them make mistakes, accept the occasional less than perfect result - they, like you, also thrive on praise and adoration. You know in your heart that appearances do not really matter, yet you can alienate your admirers with your near-obsessive drive to prove you are the best. Relax, enjoy - no one’s grading you on performance and achievement.

Your alter-ego is Scarlett O’Hara - she whose love for the unattainable and basically rather weak and flaccid, Ashley, blinded her to the one man who really loved her and was her true match - Rhett Butler. How many times have you found yourself saying, in the wake of heartbreak - I’ll get him back, however long it takes: tomorrow is another day.

Fall in Love with Leo

To capture a Leo’s heart, you have to look great, exude self-confidence and pull open your wallet. He/she expects flowers after the first date, and afterwards the stakes go up: the best restaurants and finest trinkets are all part of the game. And do not think you can get away with second-hand stuff; they know the difference. Moreover Leo goes hungry for affection, attention and compliments.

If you are in a relationship or pursuing a relationship with a Leo you must be prepared to become part of the background. Leo’s love to have center stage. The bigger the stage the better. They love to get the most laughs and attention from their audience. They insist on being the life of the party. They are the glamour pusses of the zodiac. Leo’s are natural showman. Sometimes this may appear a bit vain and obnoxious but a true part of their planetary makeup. We hope you like spending money because it is time to dust off your credit cards. Leo’s are always in pursuit of a great time, and are ready to devour the best that life to offer. They want to drink it, eat it and experience it now. Going to art openings, movie premiers and concerts are sure to keep your Leo happy.

Confidence is imperative. You can never act to confident for a Leo. Remember the fine line between confident and cocky. If you appear cool and in control a Leo will be attracted to you. Most other sun signs might interpret this as rude or conceited, but not to a Leo. Handle yourself with charm and charisma and you will be sure to capture their attention. The aggressor will always get ahead with Leo. The shy need not apply. You can literally ask a Leo out within minutes of meeting them. Your boldness is sure to impress.

Leo’s believe generosity is next to godliness. Be prepared to spend, spend, spend. If you complain about the price of something a Leo will most likely find you cheap and petty. Their intention is not to send you to the poorhouse, however they believe people spend money on people they value and a Leo wants nothing more than to be considered a most valuable asset. Remember the more money you spend on them the more time they spend with you in the bedroom.

Leo in Love

How to Attract Leo

1. It’s easy; Leo’s want the best, so convince them that you are…

2. Be in command of the situation.

3. A Leo is always at her/his their best in the beginning of the relationship. They love the drama and passion. They are fearless when it comes to rejection. They have an incredible amount of nerve. So be bold and aggressive with them. Nothing is too “over the top” to a Leo.

4. Indulge your Leo with lavish dinners and presents. Let the mothballs out of your wallet for this lustful sun sign. They feel like they deserve the best and only the best.

Perfect Date for Leo

Extravagant meals. They love to be spoiled with fine cuisine and wine to match. A five star restaurant will do just fine. A romantic candle lit evening is a Leo’s idea of heaven. A limousine ride around the city wouldn’t be a bad idea. Make sure it is stocked with the finest champagne and caviar. Fresh flowers are a nice touch as well. Bold and stylish are two traits that a Leo admires. A first class airline ticket to Paris or Monte carlo for a romantic weekend. How could they resist.

If your budget unfortunately does not comply with the earlier dating suggestions, don’t despair. We have some more reasonable ideas that will impress your Leo. Leo’s have a huge generous heart. They appreciate any gestures of romance and excitement.

Invite Leo over to your home to share a special bottle of wine. Make sure you let them know that you were saving this for a very special person or occasion. Have some fancy treats waiting; French pastries, raspberries with handmade whip cream, Swiss chocolates and fresh exotic flowers. Once you’re back at your place, wait on them hand on foot. Take care of their every request. Moving with confidence and strength as you are taking care of their every whim. Leo will be putty in your hands! We guarantee it.

A little advice….keep the alcohol flowing. Leo is the one sun sign for whom alcohol is an aphrodisiac. Leo’s love polish and glamour but lose those two qualities when a little alcohol is brought into the picture. They can be turned into that raunchy, wicked sex slave you’ve always dreamed of.

Perfect Gift for Leo

French champagne, imported caviar, fine crystal, a dozen roses, extrodinarily expensive lingerie (you’ll benefit later). Concert tickets for the Opera or the hot rock show in town. A gold lighter, a ring encrusted with rubies and diamonds. A romantic get away to Rome, (a city ruled by Leo).

What to talk to Leo

Praise your Leo. Never criticize them. Talk about traveling to exotic places. Extravagant gifts you bought while you were away. Your investments and stock portfolio.

Leo’s like to be adored. Compliments will get you everywhere, let them know how great their hair looks. Talk about your sexual fantasies and how you love to role play in the bedroom. Associate sex with the best, art decadence luxury and indulgence.

Leo in Bed

Leo’s represent the bossiest sign in the zodiac. A Leo woman may order you around doing her errands and taking care of her needs, but once that bedroom door closes she wants a real man to take over. Her mate must ooze confidence and control. Never act submissive or wimpy. Never ask…just do.

Think of yourself as Superman or Tarzan. Leo’s are naturally passionate and are usually very physical. So you may need a glass of champagne in one hand and a B-12 vitamin in the other. Place mirrors everywhere and dress up for sex. Leo’s enjoy making love in their finest night attire. They are natural exhibitionists and love hugging, touching and kissing in public.

Leo’s enjoy going to and giving parties, for here they have an audience, and will be given center stage. Feeling so high from all the attention, they will be ready for seduction.

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