Aquarius Man in Love

To understand how an Aquarius man loves, you can imagine his element of air. It is different, it’s a warm breeze playing with the leaves. And piercing cold wind, and in some cases even a hurricane, from which it is necessary to escape. Man Aquarius in love is as windy, unpredictable, changeable and elusive as his elemental air.

The Aquarius man attracts women with his charm, courtesy and eloquence. You do not often meet such a sweet and amiable person with versatile views, sociable and open. At first glance, he is deeply interested in everything. He is all familiar, he has the answers to all questions. It is difficult to imagine that there is something that he could not answer. In addition, his smile is encouraging, soothing. And a woman can get the impression that they finally met a real interesting, sincere and open person. In addition, an unusually kind and humane, democratic in their views.

On the one hand, there is, an Aquarius man can not live without communication and information, his interests are vast and versatile and with him you can talk about everything in the world. And you can speak out, he can listen and always give advice. In addition, he is an excellent master of words and his words can only cause admiration. Especially, his non-standard and original views on life. It is not peculiar to banalities and stereotypes, but to shine with originality, non-standard and there is no traditional approach to life and situations, it is already Aquarians.

In addition, he is friendly, friendly, attentive, respectful of all, he has no boundaries in communication. He is easy in communication, compliments and beautiful words, which further attracts a woman to him. He makes an impression of a polite and cultured person, knows how to find an approach to a woman and knows how to talk it.

But on the other hand, all his words and courtesies often have nothing to do with seriousness and persistence. If he now smiles kindly and nods in response, then in time he can forget a person and get carried away with something more interesting. If he now promises something, this does not mean that he will run off that hour. Everything will be possible. But his chances are quite variable, however, like him.

His courtesy does not mean that he sincerely imbued you with sympathy and compassion. He only knows how to listen well, he is an excellent interlocutor and knows how to adhere to good-order rules. True, his good tone can instantly disappear if he sees a violation of the rights of freedom, equality and all that can limit.

Love Relationships with Aquarius Man

If you want to go through life hand in hand with Aquarius, the first thing you need to do is become his true friend. It is not easy to do this if you are bored or your views do not coincide with his own. A love affair with Aquarius is, first of all, a partnership. You must be like him: independent, freedom-loving, easy-and then you will find a common language. For Aquarius, love is always free love, equal love, where partners can not become "anchors" for each other. Want to hold Aquarius — release him on all four sides, and he will stay with you.

Do not teach him to live and do not advise. He will not listen — he goes his own way, lives by his own rules and is guided only by his sharp mind. You can ask him for help. He is responsive, glad to give support and will be flattered. Show that you can give him something in return. He appreciates business qualities and the ability to partner. And, of course, be attractive, sexy and mysterious. Do not trust completely and instantly. He often hesitates between instinct and reason, can fantasize, and then be disappointed. Random ties in his youth are not uncommon.

Compatibility with Aquarius man in love will be good if:

  • Involve the unpredictable men;
  • It is difficult to do without communication;
  • Repels monotony, traditions and stereotypes;
  • You are not against experiments and all new;
  • Emotions and feelings do not come first;
  • You are repulsed by powerful and jealous men;
  • You want to find a friend and lover;
  • You are attracted to unusual men;

Compatibility with Aquarius man in love will be difficult if:

  • Want stability and home comfort, tranquility;
  • Attracted to serious, responsible men;
  • Repulse those who are scattered by words and promises;
  • Appreciate loyalty, seriousness and constancy;
  • Do not like the extra noise and fuss;
  • Tired talk is not the case;

What Kind of Women do Aquarius Man Like?

A woman next to Aquarius should be bright and extraordinary, so that he would notice and sing it out from the crowd. However, its brightness should not dazzle, so that Aquarius is not in the shadow of his beloved. Dominate the male Aquarius is a hopeless case, because the independence of nature will prevail, and then your union may be in jeopardy. In addition, in any case, you can not humiliate Aquarius. However, men of any sign can not be humiliated. And yes, if you decide to criticize the life position of Aquarius and his views, you can safely pack your things: this he will not tolerate.

He really likes sports girls. Very often, Aquarius themselves give a lot of time to make their figure ideal. That’s why they expect the same sex from the woman. In the event that you jointly start attending a sports hall and engage in tourism, your relationship from this will only grow stronger.

Aquarius do not like routine. So a woman should be ready for the fact that she will have to come up with new ways every day to attract this man in a sexual way, otherwise you will fail. Do not demand from him that he was always near you. He must feel complete freedom and that which he is trusted. If you start to get it by constant phone calls and arrange for him to check, then in that case you will lose your relationship with him very quickly.

A woman who wants to be close to a representative of this sign must conceal a mystery in herself, and besides, it should not be very demanding. In no case do not try to change his views on life or change his habitual image and lifestyle. Such a man should have a personal space. The woman who will be next to him must respect his interests and try to share them with him.

How to Understand that an Aquarius Man is in Love?

To understand that a man Aquarius is in love is quite difficult. As already mentioned, he is fluent in the word, he knows that when it’s better to say, to impress. Sometimes there is a tendency to adventure and flirt. As a result, he can throw a woman compliments, attention signs, a sweet smile and tenderly reverent talk with her, as if he found that unique and unique. When in fact his words have nothing to do with emotions and feelings. They are under the control of the mind.

If you penetrate deeper into his behavior, you can generally notice his certain alienation and detachment. And all because he does not want to fall into the power of emotions and feelings. After all, they are more difficult to control, but he wants everything to be under control and to look logical. It happens that he himself may not notice that he fell in love and continue friendly communication. Therefore, if he falls into his eloquence, he shows increased attention, this is not a sign of sympathy. And if he really fell in love, sincerely interested in a woman. That does not mean that his interest will last long. It is peculiar to get involved in something new, but also quickly lose interest in what has already been learned.

How to Fall in Love with an Aquarius Man

Special difficulties to fall in love with a man of Aquarius, as a rule, does not happen. He just perfectly suits the type of men who can be a friend and lover at the same time. Moreover, his love is born from friendship. However, in the same place and can end. But on the other hand it attracts female coquetry, he himself does not mind flirting and practicing in his eloquence. And the more interesting the woman is, the more she can fall in love with herself. He is attracted by the female mind, he likes intellectual conversations, talks about everything. Especially if the meeting itself was unexpected and unplanned.

Do not miss Aquarius! He stopped your eyes on you? Let him know that you like him too. Aquarius is somewhat unsure of himself, it is difficult to disclose and rarely someone asks for something. Do yourself a step to meet — he will make two. Step backward — he will step back from you in four steps. But do not go ahead. Touches, glances, encouragements, omissions — the best reception of communication at the stage of acquaintance and the first date. Do not try to make him jealous — he is not jealous. Do not say anything insulting to him: he remembers the insults for a long time.

He likes all the unexpected, unusual, for example, an unexpected pleasant pastime in the circle of friends, where there will be a lot of interesting communication. It must be remembered that he is not a supporter of all traditional, conservative. And he constantly draws all the unknown, and if a woman shares his views, it will allow him to become even closer to him.

Sexuality of Aquarius Man in Bed

He likes to attract, fascinate, seduce a woman, likes to flash with his eloquence and impress. Thanks to his eloquence, it can easily turn a woman’s head, make her feel the most beautiful, why communication will smoothly go to bed. Only this can be the final stage of acquaintance. Since the man of Aquarius love can appear from friendship, and then end up in bed. He is attracted by the play of words, conversations on any topic. But knowing a woman better, can lose interest in her. Especially, if anything serious did not connect them.

He treats sex without special exalted emotions and feelings, they do not need him. But the desire to diversify their lives and pushes to love adventures, adventures. If a woman will share his beliefs, then he will stay with her longer. But in any case, unpredictability will manifest itself. Man Aquarius in bed is deprived of traditions, complexes and prejudices and he likes the same not complexed women, with whom you can experiment a lot. But it is useless to wait for special sensuality, tenderness and affection from him. Sex for him is the usual satisfaction of needs and, if possible, new impressions.

Man Aquarius in Family Relationships

It will take a lot of effort, though it is not known how it will end. From the courtesy of the Aquarius man, nothing will be instantly, if you start to manipulate him, to exercise power. He is the brightest fighter for equality, for freedom, quickly turns into situations where the rights to private life are violated, where freedom is violated, and independence is restricted. He believes that everyone has the right to live as he or she wants, and no one has the right to force, incline, force. Any compulsion, obsession, he rejects at the root. And his behavior becomes even more unpredictable.

Therefore, if you decided to marry a man of Aquarius, first you need to make sure of the seriousness of his intentions and feelings, how much he agrees to take responsibility for solving family problems. After all, it often happens that he does not want to take on an extra obligation, there is no desire to be someone, something due. Sometimes he can even break off relations or begin to show more coldness, indifference. If he feels that he begins to get used to a woman. And he does not like this, he highly values independence, hence it must be in feelings, emotions. It’s as if by itself, it’s hard to predict his actions and actions. On the one hand, he can easily agree to a marriage, under the influence of flooded thoughts, but not emotions, but also quickly lose interest in him. A married life will be a purely formal fulfillment of duties.

Attitude to the marriage of a man Aquarius is peculiar and often not so traditional and standard as many people do. The more freedom for him in marriage, the easier it is to agree to a marriage and you can live longer with him. But it is worth remembering that he does not like anywhere that is connected with traditions and stereotypes. Therefore, in his relationship to marriage, he will manifest himself in something non-standard, atypical for everyone, but especially individual for him. In general, the Aquarius man in marriage is democratic, and is deprived of strict requirements, will not arrange his own order, demanding attitude to household members, to monitor cleanliness and accuracy. He is not principled and devoid of pedantry.

In the house of the Aquarian man, chaos can sometimes be chaos, although for him it will be a peculiar order. He often has many friends. After all, Aquarius is the most friendly sign. But on the other hand, the attitude towards friends is also peculiar. He can be nice to them, help, do the work. And then it’s unexpected to say that you’re just familiar to me, pal, that a true friend is something else. Although before that he could say that we are friends forever. That’s how it is all inconstant and unpredictable. The one with whom he was friends and drunk, shared everything in the world, in a short time can generally be forgotten.

Aquarius man is not one of those who value the stability of relations, can sentimentally recall the pleasant moments of the past. He lives more in the present and thinking about the future. Rest he prefers, related to intellectual activity, whether it is simple communication. Or reading, research. But is often an avid lover to talk and exchange news. In clothes, if there is a possibility, necessarily add something that can surprise. He is attracted to everything unusual everywhere, clothing is just a great opportunity for his experiments. But most often, he does not adhere to a strictly defined style in clothes, does not tolerate monotony, likes a variety of styles in clothes. The same applies to the interior in the house.

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