Cancer Man in Love

If we talk about how a Cancer man loves, then it can be compared with a hero lover. The same romantic, sensitive, knows how to charm a woman, to care for her delicately, to feel her mood. With him, you can get a beautiful, unforgettable romance, because his character is calm, soft, complaisant. Rudeness, aggressive behavior, short temper, it is not peculiar.

Emotions and feelings for him are the most important criteria when choosing a partner. He is able to quickly fall in love, get used to, during meetings to convey the whole gamut of emotions. Also fast can be attached, especially through intimate relationships. Some women agree to intimacy, in order to bind the partner more tightly to themselves. But this move does not work like a man with Cancer. If the relationship will be filled with emotional feelings, emotions and end with intimacy, then he will get used to the woman more strongly.

Attachment of a man in love Cancer is strong, deep, but emotionally unstable. There may be thought that the chosen one can leave, fall out of love, quit. Sometimes he may not correctly interpret the situation, dramatize, creating himself an image of the victim. It is peculiar to him to take offense, to recall the past, often high spirits alternate with touchiness, vulnerability, when he closes in himself, as if he hides under his shell, and does not allow anyone close to him.

With him you can learn a lot of bright feelings, in relationships, he emphasizes emotions. And what they will be in a few hours, he himself does not know. But do not be afraid, his rapid change of mood. In any case, he will become attached to his beloved for a long time, and it’s hard for him to break the relationship.

He so emotionally perceives the world around him, that accidentally said rude word or remark deeply wounds. He is vulnerable, a man, although he tries to show himself calm, that no one needs him. In fact, he needs a caring, kind, sympathetic woman, like a mother who can understand him, support, comfort, help.

It is peculiar to him to dream of an ideal woman, to fantasize about the future. He will sincerely hope that the chosen one is ready to accept him as he is, with all his good and bad qualities. If he sees that he has become for the beloved the most important person in life, then more will open up. He is very important emotional connection.

Cancer Man wants to lead a calm and measured life, any cardinal changes in life, extreme situations, he does not like the thrill. If his habitual, beloved lifestyle changes, he will become cold, withdrawn. He does not like the code, the chosen one destroys his family values: he shows impermanence and lightheadedness, provokes him on sharp sensations or criticizes him. It is wrong to think that criticism can push him to take decisive action. No, this will not happen. Susceptibility to someone else’s influence, plus a living imagination and strong emotionality can lead to unpredictable results. In any case, the opinion about the beloved can change. He worries especially sharply when his relatives and friends are criticized.

Love Relationships with Cancer Man

A man born under the sign of Cancer believes in true love and wants to know her. However, he may have some difficulty communicating with the opposite sex. This is due to his closeness and fear of trusting another person, to open to him. Conservative man-Cancer wants to have one woman and for life, according to the traditions of society. A woman that the Cancer man will pay attention to is likely to be modest and quiet. She will have mother’s character traits, she will be an excellent mother and a good housewife.

Her behavior is probably not provocative and provocative. Rather, Cancer will pay attention to a woman who resembles himself, preferring to remain somewhat aloof, calm and intelligent. A woman, in the opinion of the Cancer man, should inspire confidence and a sense of security. The companion of Cancer should accept it as it is and not condemn for its ignorance and weakness. Only such woman a Cancer man can trust and give his love. And, believe me, there is a huge store of love inside of him.

In order to start a relationship with a male cancer, it is worth trying to take the initiative. Most likely, he himself will not make the first step. You need to do this yourself and in no case do not overstep the stick — it will scare Cancer, and it will close. Act gently, patiently, but persistently, stay close to him, but do not climb deep into his soul — and the male Cancer will open before you. As for the sexual aspect of life, here the Cancer man can have certain complexes that prevent him from realizing in the intimate sphere. Partner Cancer needs to understand that he needs time to get closer to a person, and only after that sex is possible.

Compatibility with Cancer man in love will be good if:

  • She always wanted to be a housewife;
  • Family values are important to you;
  • You have developed a maternal instinct, you want to patronize, care, help;
  • Want to receive care, understanding, support;
  • Like subtly feeling men, emotional, soft, tender;
  • Appreciate the man’s ability to be affectionate and caring;
  • You are irritated by restraint and coldness;
  • Want a man to be faithful and devoted;
  • Imagine yourself as the head of the family;

Compatibility with Cancer man in love will be difficult if:

  • You want new acquaintances with men, flirtation, communication;
  • Treat everything logically, without emotions and feelings;
  • You think that a real man should be restrained in emotions;
  • Do not like those who quickly change their mood;
  • You do not want to give birth to children, there is no desire to be a mother;
  • There is no desire to have relations with his family and friends;
  • Appreciate in men independence, independence, poise, calmness;

What Kind of Women do Cancer Man Like?

Men of this sign give their preference to quite nice and quiet women who are able to create a real comfort and warmth in their relationship. For a man born under this sign of the zodiac, the family plays a very important role. So, in the process of choosing a companion of life, they immediately try to try on her the responsible role of the keeper of the home. Cancers are crazy about when their woman begins to take an interest in their life. They madly love romance, so that by arranging a simple candlelight dinner, you will achieve even greater disposition of this man.

His ideal beloved is a gentle, emotional, understanding, sensitive, serious and caring woman with traditional family values. If a woman wants to receive: passionate feelings, surprises, love passions and vivid experiences, then the relationship with Cancer will be threatened. Passion in a romantic relationship, of course, can refresh the feelings, but they should be in moderation. The incessant incandescence of passions is difficult for him to endure, he wants more peace, emotional, emotional, where there is understanding, warmth, caress, tenderness.

They very much appreciate loyalty in a woman, since they consider her to be one of the most important criteria. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are too jealous personalities. A huge scandal can occur only because you do not look at another representative of the stronger sex. From the very beginning of acquaintance with the representative of this sign, a woman should show herself on the good side, namely, not to be vulgar and rude. Such men greatly value the true companions of life who will not demand much from him. Moreover, they need disinterested women who, moreover, love children very much. Remember that such a man can demand from you much more than he can offer you. So, if you really want to be with him, then you must be ready for anything.

How to Understand that a Cancer Man is in Love?

Emotions of the passionate Cancer man are very gentle, subtle, sincere. Especially it will be pleasant to impressionable women who appreciate constant care, attention, sincere warmth. His emotions can be compared to a beautiful song, with the twittering of birds on a summer day, they are pure, without hypocrisy, unselfish. With his emotions, he can slowly creep into the soul of a woman, in her heart and for a long time leave her mark there. In his emotions there are no hidden motives, prudence. They are as pure as a child. In his emotions, he is able to give himself, his heart and soul. Waiting in return for the same sincere attention, understanding and tenderness.

It is peculiar for him to trust a chosen one, that is why he can easily show all his weak points, he does not want to play fictional roles. He, such as he is, will always be like that. It is important that a woman understands this and appreciates, otherwise a man will be offended and shut up in himself. There will be doubts, fears, why open your feelings at all, show emotions to others, if no one appreciates it. Do not forget that it can easily be wounded, offended. To argue and aggressively defend his opinion, he does not know how. But having closed, begins to painfully experience every word, act. Just for him, statements are more suitable, that words can hurt like a sharp knife. Or, that words are so heavy, cold as stones. Predisposition to mental pain and inability to defend, one of his weak qualities of character.

It is important that he felt in the woman a soul mate and revealed emotional. One sincerity in dealing with him is not enough, one must still show cordiality, goodwill, gentleness. Next, we must try to ensure that your connection does not end, but grew into love. Emotional interdependence will help. When you can feel that you can not live without each other and how you need each other. For the beloved, he is capable of many things: he will always be faithful, give her passion, tenderness and romance, surround with unforgettable feelings and emotions, show maximum concern and warmth.

How to Fall in Love with a Cancer Man

Best of all, he feels himself in a friendly, sincere, pleasant atmosphere, where one can relax, worry about nothing and indulge in fantasies, pleasant memories. Many of the men of this sign are housewives, the best and safest place is a cozy house. The most common places where he likes to go: a small cozy cafe, secluded places, ponds and beaches. It’s like a magnet attracts women tender, soft, delicate and friendly. But there are exceptions, when you may be interested in the opposite. They say that opposites attract.

Just do not specifically demonstrate such qualities, they will not lead to anything good. If he chooses such women, the reason for his choice is clearly hidden in his mental, psychological trauma from his childhood. With such a chosen one, he will never be happy. If he chooses it, it is only because he likes the image of the victim, and accordingly he will choose the one that will give him suffering, experiences, torment. It will take a lot of effort to understand that such relations will never become full and truly he will be happy only with a similar woman, with whom there are many things in common, which unites many things.

Sexuality of Cancer Man in Bed

Cancer Man in bed does not attach much importance to the sexual act itself, but to the situation where it occurs. It is desirable that she was cozy, homely. No less important for him tenderness, affection, even more than the very closeness. Affectionate looks, gentle touches, an easy kiss can excite his imagination. It will upset if a woman wants to have sex and ignore his tenderness. A woman who does not hide her natural passion, and a hot temper, he does not like. But if she turns out to be inexperienced in love affairs, she will tie him to herself more.

Man Cancer in Family Relationships

It is not accidental that the symbols of Cancer sign are motherhood, family, coziness and home. Man-Cancer - a smart father and husband, he is an excellent family man, who knows how and adores to create a cosiness in the house. The family of the male Cancer is likely to be traditional and large. He wants to be the main in the family and keep everything under control, in his hands. It is worth knowing that the value of a family in a Cancer man includes his need for intimacy with relatives and the fear of losing them. Therefore, the family for the Cancer man is one of the main treasures in life.

In general, to enter into marriage with him, there will be no problems. He already thinks about him at the beginning of the relationship and represents the chosen one as the future wife. He will quickly make an offer if he sees that the main family is for the chosen one, she wants to become a mother and give birth to his children. No less important are the warm relations with his family and friends, especially with his mother. If he shows uncertainty and does not hurry to make an offer, then in dealing with him more often touch on the topic of family values, it is necessary that he himself wants to create a family with you. To all this, add that it is important for you to feel needed, beloved. But no one will love like children and a beloved husband. Such sentimentality will affect his heart and if he really loves, then he will not long delay with marriage.

Life with a man Cancer in a marriage will be filled with emotions, feelings, tenderness. He likes to spend more time in the family, at home, he is a real homebody. Family problems worry him more than talking with friends, news and gossip. But on the other hand, for his family life, he sometimes lacks realism, especially when the imagination carries into the vast expanses of emotions, feelings, to the detriment of realism. He needs a quiet family life, where he could rest and continue to work for the benefit of the family. True, among the representatives of this sign can meet and unnecessarily emotional persons, who find it difficult to concentrate on the realities of life. And then the woman will have to exercise more practicality, think about herself and about him.

Other representatives of this sign are more practical, slowly go to the goal, paying attention to all the nuances that can help him in the implementation of desires. Everything that he does not, should benefit the family, wife, children. Here he has no equal in care, in help, in support. He does not need to ask for help for a long time, he himself will notice what needs to be done and will offer to help. He will never leave his lover alone, he will try to ensure that she does not need anything and feels comfortable not only in material, but also emotionally.

Relations with a Cancer man in the family will be formed depending on his relationship with the mother, how harmonious they are and whether he was able to show independence. If the influence of the mother is great, then he will constantly compare his wife with his mother. If he is inclined to listen to Mom’s advice in everything, then depending on her attitude towards the bride, he will have a family relationship with his wife either improve or deteriorate. It is the representatives of this zodiac sign that are most affected by the mother’s influence, and she, accordingly, through her son will influence his family, his choice, his children, his wife.

If he is more independent, able to take care of himself, keeps his family, home, his relationship with his mother will be filled with tenderness, warmth, love. In marriage, a magnificent, gentle, kind, caring husband is obtained from him. Able to give himself entirely without a trace, without demanding anything in return. His feelings are deep, constant, they do not have windiness. They will live only for the family, solve all family problems, take care that every member of the family is cozy and comfortable at home. Completely can submit to a partner.

His attitude to the house is traditional and endowed with a great, profound meaning. This is not just a home, where you can eat, sleep, watch TVs. And this is the place where he will feel safe, where there is a calm psychological atmosphere, respect for family values. For him, everything that is connected with the family matters, can store family relics, objects, things that were used in his family, and transfer them by inheritance, as a relic. Here you can also include family jewelry, old books. He is interested in the past, the history of his kind. His ideal is a spacious house near a pond where he can walk along the coast, look at the sunset and be at his own element - water. Often, he can shift a lot of duties around the house, and silently work for the good of the family. He copes well with the education of children, grandchildren, constantly pampers and cares, although sometimes his care becomes excessive, and in response to her receives discontent. Why it offends that his concern is not appreciated.

The best vacation for him is to be alone, when nobody touches him, does not bother where he can retire. To restore his strength, a solitary rest is needed, then he quickly replenishes the lost energy. Especially useful for him on the shore of the reservoir. Have a lot of friends, acquaintances, spend time well, verbiage is not interesting to him. He converges with people with caution, at times he can not trust at once. It takes time to build trust. It is usual to care for friends the same way as for the family. He gives the impression of a good-natured, benevolent, caring person. Although his behavior often depends on emotions.

To food, Cancer is particularly relevant. He likes to eat more in a pleasant, domestic setting, not in a hurry. Because of attachment to my mother, they often prefer the dishes that she cooked. Mom’s food for him is the most delicious, the best, will always stand in the first place. The new dishes get used to a long time. Can be carried away by delicious food, not paying attention, that it is less useful. Sometimes he can get into trouble, a bad mood sweet or get carried away by alcohol to calm down. What ultimately manifests on the face and body in the form of excess weight.

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