Gemini Man in Love

If we talk about how a Gemini man loves, then we can immediately note its rationality and logical behavior. He does not give in to emotions, emotions, prefers easy relationships without obligations. In love affairs, he has no equal - in beautiful words, compliments, just do not delude yourself and thinking that he speaks so one single. His mood is changeable, another one can appear again in time. Nothing for him is eternal.

The circle of interests with him can be so huge that he has no time to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Yes, and his very sign of the zodiac symbolizes the transfer of information. He collects it as a vacuum cleaner, especially, loves to listen to news, what happens in the world, in politics, in other countries. He wants to be aware of all events. God forbid, something to miss. No, this rarely happens to him that he missed something there. In addition, he wants to get as much knowledge as possible, to understand all spheres of life. Showing interest to one question, he can already switch to another question, no less important. Accordingly, it will communicate with you.

All that he says, at times like porridge. He can start telling his beloved woman about scientific facts and discoveries, mixing with anecdotes, adding funny stories from his experience, and ending with the global problems of mankind caused by the wrong political course of superpowers, which affects each of us individually. In general, he can say so much that sometimes it’s easy to get confused and remember what the conversation started at all. And if you add here his habit of jumping from topic to topic, you can completely forget, and why you turned to him, on what general issue came.

Long to be silent for him, death is like. Just give him the opportunity to tell, and if there is no possibility, he will find it. From it turns out an excellent storyteller. And not an enduring debater. He rarely agrees with his opposite views. And will not be silent. Find a lot of arguments in favor of his theory. Despite all the arguments, he will prove his point of view, as truly true and last in all instances. It is difficult for him to admit that he was wrong, he was mistaken. It is easier for him to swallow anyone than to admit that he himself does not really understand what he is arguing about. But of course he likes to prove and can turn the whole conversation so that he will be right.

Often, after listening to his beautiful speeches, women may have an incorrect idea. You might think, well, it’s necessary, how a person perfectly understands everything, how much he knows how intelligent and intelligent he is. So, he lives so right, he will perfectly understand the feelings of a woman, she will understand her well, and in general she will find a way out everywhere. And then just waiting for disappointment, when they realize that he really is a fan of talking. Meanwhile, what he says and does, he can lie a big chasm in which he can insert quite clever words, what needs to be done, one must have something else. But again only in words. To do one thing, but to say something else, it is very peculiar to him. So do not be surprised if he soon completely forgot about the promised promises. And he will find this quite logical explanation, which could so seriously interfere with what he promised so sacredly.

It is impossible to make him refuse to flirt. In any case, the Gemini man will look for an opportunity to talk with other women. And not because he does not have a single one, but because he wants to get more information and, accordingly, to transmit. Well, he can not without information, this must always be remembered. Any restriction in communication is dangerous, because it can destroy the relationship. He wants to be constantly on the move in order to get the maximum of new impressions, to learn more, to see, the whole past no longer has any value. With ease can throw the bad out of your head, switch to more interesting activities, do not burden yourself with feelings. Do not expect that he will be as gentle, sweet as he says in words. It can easily forget, be late, quit. At the first failures, he is able to switch to more accessible occupations. It will not take long to get serious women. He is bored with them.

Calling for a sense of responsibility is useless. He will find everything a logical justification, and if something does not like, then he can immediately stop the relationship. He has the same easy relationship with emotions and feelings. He does not tend to become attached, suffer from love, experience. If he is next to a woman, then only because she likes her presence, with her interesting, convenient. The Gemini man wants to live as he would like, not to depend on anyone. In his case, freedom must be in the absence of restrictions. He will live, talk, act as he would like. Any imposition of opinions, advice, may even take bayonets. It is difficult to push it to action, until it wants and does not understand the expediency of this action. As one of the opportunities to flash with his eloquence, mind, attract enthusiastic views, and nothing more. He does not think about any serious relationship, when he flirts, they simply do not need him. And why, if he likes fleeting adventures, interesting impressions, than serious obligations to each other.

Love Relationships with Gemini Man

Gemini are willing to contact with the fair sex. In order to attract the attention of Gemini men, you need to be easy, interesting and sociable, like himself. From his companion, the Gemini man waits the same as his view of life, the absence of prejudices and complexes. However, a hyper-sociable Gemini man can have several love relationships at once, which can be described as "unserious" and "relationships without obligations." Loving relationships with a man Gemini will be full of surprises, surprises and communication. With him certainly not bored. He is opposed to a calm, measured and monotonous existence.

The fidelity of the classic Gemini man, as a rule, does not differ, he can touch women, change his partner, not allowing the relationship to become too serious. With all this, the Gemini man deep within himself dreams of true love. There is an opinion that Gemini is always looking for its Gemini: while looking through the partner, the Gemini man hopes to meet the one that will make him happy, his second half, which will make him full. And if he meets his half and is not afraid to enter into a truly deep relationship with her, this union will be able to become an alliance for life.

Compatibility with Gemini man in love will be good if:

  • A woman likes to talk a lot;
  • She loves an easy relationship;
  • Does not like to be silent and loves humor;
  • You like intellectual games;
  • Do not be jealous when he will communicate with other women;
  • Does not like too serious men;
  • Not looking for excessive intimacy in a love relationship;

Compatibility with Gemini man in love will be difficult if:

  • Prefers clarity and specifics in relations;
  • Loves quiet, practical men, able to work more than talk;
  • Waits for concrete actions, not beautiful words from a man;
  • Does not tolerate duality, resourcefulness, irresponsibility;
  • Does not like men who talk a lot about anything;
  • Senseless conversations prefers practical deeds;
  • She wants to see next to a serious, collected man;

What Kind of Women do Gemini Man Like?

A man who was born under the sign of Gemini, usually does not give preference to a certain type of female appearance and character, he may be interested in the most diverse ladies, because Gemini lives in research and experiments, as regards the sphere of love relations. The girl should take into account that for men, Gemini is extremely important diversity, a strong and long-term relationship with such a person can arise only on the basis of common intellectual interests, the constant availability of topics for conversation, not indifferent to both partners.

A representative of the fair sex, who likes the person of the sign, will be sure to ask herself which women are suitable for the Gemini. For him, an excellent pair will be a sign Sagittarius, who also adores travel and an easy, bohemian way of life without any special obligations. Quite successful may be an alliance with Aquarius or Libra, since these signs belong to the same air element. But with the women of the Virgo or Pisces constellation, the family life of the Gemini man is likely to develop not in the best way, because the Pisces are somewhat passive, and the Virgo are too harsh and critical, they may seem somewhat cold and less emotional to the Gemini.

When a man of this sign is married, he remains as cheerful and cheerful. Responsibility for the family is unlikely to make the married Gemini guy gloomy and cause to really experience, usually he tries not to take anything too seriously. For a person of this constellation, it is important that in the family he is listened to and discussed by various questions, although after marriage, such a man will most likely not become a homebody, he will have many interests outside his home, but he will still return home More willingly. The Gemini man prefers to live one day, he is constantly in search of new impressions. A beloved woman will need to constantly bring in their relationship freshness, novelty, inventing for the wife changes and surprise him, only then she will be able to save the marriage, although at the cost of considerable effort.

How to Understand that a Gemini Man is in Love?

In his view, love is multifaceted and therefore causes a lot of emotions, though short-lived. He himself sometimes finds it difficult to understand where love began, can confuse her with love and not pay attention that everything has already ended. Nevertheless, he likes talking about love, he is able to arouse sensual emotions in a woman, to arouse her erotic fantasies. Talk about sex is a great pleasure for him. His love can be compared with the wind, the same fast and elusive. He can talk about love, touching the deep sides of the female heart, and then completely forget about what he said, as if he were playing with words.

Most brightly he shows himself in the period of courtship, so many beautiful words and compliments from him can be heard, as from no one else. He is not that generous with words, it is generally difficult for him to remain silent for a long time and not to say what he thinks, feels, feels. True, do not be deceived, that his feelings are as deep as enthusiastic compliments. He is by nature eloquent. And he does not get used to whom this eloquence is used.

Moreover, he loves to flirt, this desire arises from the need to receive admiration for his mind, thinking, the ability to think. After all, it is the mind and the ability to master the word for it is the most important thing. A feeling, well, so they are not permanent with him. Today he thinks so, and tomorrow is different. But in the period of courtship, of course, he will be very eloquent, straight, you can listen. But when the family life begins, the compliments are exhausted, most importantly, he already received. Why women start to doubt the truth of his feelings, and in general were they.

How to Fall in Love with a Gemini Man

To fall in love with a Gemini man can, above all, mind, intellect, erudition. With him one must be sociable, eloquent and witty. Uninterested and secretive women are not interested in him. He needs spiritual contact, he seeks first of all the unity of thought, the unity of views, the world outlook. Only communication should not be about emotions, feelings, such intimate conversations strain him. But the endless discussions about everything new that is happening in the world, he most like. But only without unnecessary details. An in-depth and long discussion of details, nuances, reasons, he does not tolerate.

To awaken his feelings, we must first understand his thoughts, what he cares about, what he thinks about, he has more intellectual experiences than spiritual ones. Everything that concerns real feelings, it takes a back seat. No one will show them, and it’s not natural for them to feel the same feelings for a long time, but this happens until these feelings grow stronger and turn into love. The woman herself will notice them, if they appear, and when they do not exist, he can all translate into a joke. He wants more that events develop in their own way, without thinking about anything serious. In general, his love can come from friendship, and in the event that there is much in common between you, the emphasis should be placed on the similarity of worldviews.

Sexuality of Gemini Man in Bed

The Gemini man in bed does not pay much attention to sex, can quickly satisfy needs, little caring about a woman’s desires. With him it is better to talk first about sex, about sexual fantasies, and then already to embody them in life. It is the chosen woman’s intellect that can excite his passion more than her physiological attractiveness and mystery. He wants diversity, learn something new, the craving for a new impression he never fades.

Man Gemini in Family Relationships

The more younger the Gemini man, the faster he can decide to get married without thinking about the consequences. Fleeting relationships can already be an excuse for him to make relations legitimate. At an older age, he will show more caution, because he has already seen how his friends, his acquaintances live, how quickly love passes and dull, gray everyday life comes to replace it, which he can hardly endure. But not only in the gray days of the problem, but also in the fact that he knows how to live in a family, how scandalous, how love disappears. He can no longer believe in love and think about whether it exists at all.

The Gemini man can get used to living alone and is unlikely to want to exchange his freedom for a golden cage. In this case, it is necessary that he is convinced of the benefits for himself if he formalizes the relations. That this is not a trivial stamp in the passport, but higher, which can bind two loving hearts spiritually, and intellectually. The main thing to change its cynical, distrustful attitude to marriage, on more positive. Give him the opportunity to build the right pattern of family relationships, which he considers most applicable and ideal. And an undoubted advantage will be the similarity of your thoughts, outlook, attitude to life, which will give him true happiness in marriage, when he will always be with his beloved woman.

Family life does not affect his character at all, he will also meet friends, talk a lot, arrange important meetings, leave and come when he sees fit. Can not at all inform about the leaving. It is useless to make claims, blame, he will immediately get out of any situation and tell what important things he was detained and how he rushed and hurried to his beloved and only thought about it all the time. He is a master to talk to anyone, he is not accustomed to this. It will be necessary to accept it, as it is, to reconcile with some of its not very good qualities of character, for example, it may completely forget that it promised that it can often become a cause of conflict.

Among this sign is another type of man, with whom it is difficult to achieve long-term relationships. He likes to fall in love, conquer a woman more. She excites his imagination while inaccessible, not yet him, it gives him pleasure to conquer, fascinate her. But when the result is obtained, it is completely in his power, relations are already formed, then interest in it gradually disappears. And on the horizon there are other more attractive ladies. Attitude to his wife will change radically, he will experience her patience with care, long absence, coldness. But there are also men among this sign, quite seriously related to marriage, able to care for, help, provide a financial and moral support.

It is important for him that the house had more space and fresh air. He does not like to encumber the room with furniture, store old things in the closet. Furniture, in his opinion, should be used for the purpose, and not just stand for beauty. It is desirable that there were many drawers, shelves, where you can sort all the goods. Despite his absent-mindedness and surface, he does not like when his things are shifted, rummaged in books and not put in place. He remembers well where everything was lying before, and he will notice, even if it is slightly moved aside. A distinctive feature of his home is that there will be many sources of information.

He can not rest alone, he will find someone to talk with or find out new information. He also has a craving for beauty. Do not mind visiting a museum, an exhibition, go on an excursion. With pleasure will go a long way to get more new impressions. He can rest, doing his favorite occupation, despite the fact that it can be exhausting. He has many friends and acquaintances, because he can not live without communication. He needs listeners, because the narrator is excellent. Often it can be at the center of the company, telling interesting stories. His desire to tell, will grow even more if he is listened to with great attention.

Eat quickly, often in a hurry to grab what they see as if they are late. The diet regime is rarely adhered to unless the circumstances are of course forced. During the meal, usually talk a lot, they say, the head is constantly packed with ideas, why little concentrate on the process of eating. The lack of cooked dishes does not bother him, he may be content with a small one, for example, drinking tea with a sandwich. Never make a cult with food. Quite tolerably, if you can lightly snack. Standing long at the stove and cooking, frying, stewing, he does not really like. There may be a habit, there is every time that it is nervous.

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