Libra Man in Love

Happy is the woman who loved or loves the man of the Libra sign, she experienced a real happiness of spiritual romantic love. All her life she will be accompanied by the aroma of roses from the first date, the smell of candles and the melody of the first happy night. If we talk about how a man likes Libra, then immediately appears the image of a gallant and courteous gentleman. That’s what the man of Libra wants to appear in love, although he is, and not only in love, but in everyday life.

The Libra man attracts women with his gallantry, cultural behavior. He can beautifully take care of a woman, give not only elegant gifts, but also unforgettable impressions, create a romantic mood and surround with endless attention and adoration. And his attention does not end after the wedding. He is always attentive to his beloved woman, he is able to bring something new into the relationship, to update the feelings.

By the way, one can say that feelings with him do not fade away, they are not afraid of everyday life and gray everyday life. Such a man knows how to add variety to any situation, the situation, to embellish it. He has a pronounced desire for harmony and comfort, for everything beautiful, which at times does not spare money.

He is equally polite with a woman, regardless of her social status, age, or education. Libra always tries to observe the rules of decency and good manners. In communication, usually tactful, educated. He repels everything that violates harmony, because it is very important for him. And the harmony must be both external and internal. Therefore, he avoids disputes, scandals, quarrels. It is easy to be influenced and inspired, always ready to make concessions, just not to create a scandal.

He is not one of those who will fight for leadership in relations, subordinate, command. In everything he tries to find the golden mean. He condescends to the chosen one, he does not have pedantry, strictness. Libra’s man is loving, interesting, erudite. With him you can conduct endless, interesting conversations, get unforgettable impressions and enjoy all the delights of life.

At first glance, the man-Libra seems a real gift of fate. However, sometimes a Libra man may be in a "weak link" relationship, giving the steering wheel to his partner. This is due to the fact that he is still not mature enough to be with her on the same level. The Libra man is inclined to extol his woman, to bow before her, forgetting that he is a man who needs to take a completely different position. The Libra man can flatly refuse to act, make decisions and make coups, preferring to take the position of non-intervention.

A Libra man may show irresponsibility and even some kind of "softness". Not all representatives of the fair sex will like this attitude to the life of their partner. However, those girls who genuinely loved the Libra man, do not despair - with the proper attitude of his woman, such a man can turn into a real stone wall, reliable and stable.

To help Libra reveal the best man’s traits, you need to stop being his mother. It is necessary to move to a distance and let Libra reveal, show her masculine qualities and, if necessary, give him the opportunity to hone truly masculine behavior. The Libra man can not be controlled - on the contrary, give him the freedom to act, show how much he can do when working on himself - and he will fold years for you and your relationship with him, seeing your faith in him.

Love Relationships with Libra Man

One of the most important features of the Libra male is his desire to constantly be in a harmonious romantic relationship. We can say that the whole life of a Libra man is a relationship first with himself, and then with a partner, and Libra is revealed in the latter. The fact that Libra is relationship oriented does not speak of his light-headedness - in all his connections Libra is always honest and open.

Choosing a woman in appearance (all have their weaknesses!), He will pay attention to the wealth of her inner world. He will invest in the relationship completely, forgetting about himself. The Libra man will think about his partner and try to guess her thoughts, striving to make the relationship even better and more harmonious. The Libra man will create a divine halo around his companion, making her feel like a real goddess. His courtship will amaze the imagination, and from embraces and beautiful words and at all will want to melt: in sex he is a master, and knows exactly what a woman wants and exactly how she wants it.

Compatibility with Libra man in love will be good if:

  • Peace and harmony are important to you in life;
  • You like everything elegant and elegant;
  • Love to visit the society, attend events;
  • Like sociable men;
  • Appreciate courtesy and cultural behavior;
  • Do not repel men who care a lot for themselves;
  • Repulsive coarse and impulsive, extravagant men;
  • You want to see a number of a compliant man, so that he willingly agrees;
  • Do not tolerate stubborn pedantic, serious, mean men;

Compatibility with Libra man in love will be difficult if:

  • You want to see next to a confident and determined man;
  • Romance does not cause much interest;
  • Constant compliments and sugary speeches do not impress;
  • You think that a man should be hard, tough;
  • Attract responsible, serious men;
  • In your ideal, a man should be practical, economic;
  • Like when talking more about the case, in essence;

What Kind of Women do Libra Man Like?

Men of this sign have a clear idea of what a woman should be like. They know what kind of behavior a woman should have, and what kind of appearance. Remember that when he meets a woman, he will evaluate it from head to foot. Even the smallest details will not pass him. Proceeding from this, many women believe that it is very difficult to like such a man, but in reality everything is quite the reverse.

In order to please him, a woman should be dressed the way he likes. In addition, she will be forced to adhere to a line of behavior that will undoubtedly help to attract the attention of this man. He likes such women who can dress with taste. Clothes should certainly be stylish and sit on the figure. We need to try to make sure that clothes, shoes and all accessories are selected in the same style. Do not wear bright enough outfits.

If you want to be with this man, you should behave properly and with dignity. In order to understand what exactly you should do, pay special attention to how he behaves himself. The Libra see beside themselves only brave and confident women. If you are timid and not capable of decisive actions, then you can not be with such a man. Remember that it attracts relatively calm women who are confident in themselves, their abilities and clearly know what they want from life.

How to Understand that a Libra Man is in Love?

The behavior of a man in love with Libra is always colored with eloquence, culture and attention. He does not spare money for the chosen one. She wants her to be his half and share his hobbies. He has an active lifestyle. I like to visit cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, places where you can be closer to beauty, all chic, elegant. And of course, he will want to visit such places with his chosen one. He does not tolerate loneliness and sadness, wants to share with his beloved all his thoughts, hobbies, enjoy life, eating all her charms and not denying herself anything. He is deprived of stinginess and frugality, he will not save either himself or his chosen one.

Sometimes he likes to flirt, exercise in his eloquence, flaunt erudition, versatile interests. He needs an audience, a woman’s attention, he wants everyone to like. But he takes his half seriously. Because he needs a strong partnership. The behavior of a man in love with Libra is full of romance and sensuality. He does not hide his emotions, feelings, admiration. He likes when love meetings take place in a beautiful setting, which further enhances his romanticism and impressionability. He may not fall in love at first sight, but he will certainly answer the tenderness and sensuality of the woman he likes. He is tightened romantic relationship, where everything is calm and harmonious, where he can not lose his emotional balance.

How to Fall in Love with a Libra Man

Fall in love with a man Libra in itself is not difficult. He himself is often in a state of love. He can not stand being alone for long, he needs new impressions. And best of all, if it’s a love experience. He is one of those men who immediately pays attention to the appearance of a woman, how much she is well-groomed, attractive. He is attracted to women’s coquetry, flirting, fascinating conversations. He likes female attention, and compliments can touch him to the core.

In order to fall in love with the Libra man in herself, the girl must observe a culture of behavior and tact, avoid vulgarity, rudeness, imperiousness. A woman will need to control her emotions, find something that you can combine, carry away. Male Libra likes cultural behavior, good manners of women. Sometimes he is attracted to confident women, strong, who has the missing qualities. Because he himself is often insecure. But on the other hand, powerful women can alienate him, and especially those who violate his spiritual harmony.

Sexuality of Libra Man in Bed

As already mentioned, the man of Libra seeks a harmonious, beautiful environment, so that nothing disturbs his mental and external harmony. Consequently, he will have the same requirements for intimate relationships. He likes the process of courtship, romance. Sometimes it turns into a love game with eloquent compliments, sensual touches and a fascinating prelude. He likes to talk more about love, not against discussing intimate topics.

He is aroused by the female mind, and the more he becomes interesting, sharp, the more attractive a woman is to him and the more he wants to be with her in bed. In addition, he does not live by instincts, does not look at a woman as a way of satisfying physiological needs, will not attack her with primitive passion. Their planet Venus requires luxury: silk shirts, linens, perfumes, soft light and romantic music. Everything should be gentle, beautiful, sensual. With it you can learn the variety of sensuality and tenderness. Intimate relationships with him are not limited only to bed and sex.

Man Libra in Family Relationships

Usually the Libra man has nothing against marriage. His sign is in itself a symbol of partnership, so it needs a partnership in marriage. If he is serious about a woman, then he can quite quickly decide to get married. Nothing holds him back. Another thing is when he is still unsure of his choice and hesitates in his decision. And it happens often. He is afraid of making a mistake, making the wrong choice. Often in the life of a man, Libra is a few marriages. On the one hand it is easy for him to talk about love, to admire a woman. But there are many such women, worthy of admiration in his field of vision. Accordingly, they also fit the candidacy for a family.

Sometimes his indecision can irritate a woman. It is difficult for him to take the first step. He as his zodiac sign Libra is subject to constant fluctuations. He has, as always, several options for what to do. Only which one to choose, if each of these options is good in itself, but in each of them there are pluses and minuses. What and whom to choose. In this case, the woman will have to instill confidence in him, push him to a decision in his favor. In addition, to push him to the right decision will have throughout his life and relations with him. But he will only be happy if a more confident and determined woman is next. Especially if she convinces him that it is with her that his life will change for the better and become more harmonious.

Living with a Libra man in marriage is usually full of harmony of tranquility. He is alien to find out the relationship, make scandals, tantrums. In addition, such emotional shakes deprive him of inner balance, which can cause him nervousness. In the house, he likes everything to be beautiful, chic, luxurious, as far as funds and finances permit. He likes to decorate the house with beautiful things, to make his home cozy. The desire for beauty in him manifests itself in everything, whether it is table setting, rest or clothing. He can pay a lot of attention to his appearance, he wants to look irreproachable.

True, in everyday life it is not always economic and practical. He does not like to limit himself to domestic problems and may not give them due attention. He wants life to be a holiday, and he avoids everything that can overshadow this holiday. Monotony, boredom repels him. Friends and acquaintances of a man Libra a lot, because he loves to communicate and can not stay at home for a long time without communication. He likes to invite himself. They are important public opinion, can be selective in communication and in the choice of friends. In his relationships with his family, he sometimes lacks warmth. His words like the wind, he said and forgot, he usually does not put emotions and feelings in them. Also, it is difficult for him to impinge on the problems of another person, to understand his emotional state, to show sympathy and support.

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