Pisces Man in Love

The Pisces man in love attracts women with his gentleness, romance, tenderness. He is devoid of conflict, power. In it you will not find such pronounced masculine qualities as rudeness, imperiousness, rigidity. He knows how to subtly feel everything that is happening around him, catch the emotional atmosphere, which allows him to understand well the desires and needs of women.

Sometimes he lacks realism in love. He can create an idealized image, endow him with the desired qualities of character and love him while enough imagination. Not noticing that the imaginary image has nothing to do with reality. Man Pisces in love can fully devote himself to a beloved woman, sometimes he wants to dissolve into a beloved and live only in her interests. It is peculiar for him to sacrifice his desires, for the sake of his beloved.

It is worth noting that Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive sign of the zodiac, he lives more emotions and feelings and perceives everything emotionally. And sometimes it is difficult for him to control the surging emotions, then a storm in the soul arises, as in the ocean. He easily succumbs to all emotional states, sometimes he may experience anxiety, anxiety, uncertainty. But such emotional states do not last long, then they will be replaced by apathy, then calmness and tranquility, and then enthusiasm and enthusiastic attitude to life will follow.

He is quite an open person, despite the inherent mystery, his emotional state is not difficult to solve, especially since he often has a shower for plowing and has a strong need to speak out, share his emotions and images. Moreover, images can also be an integral part of his life, especially if the imagination is very developed, then he will perceive life figuratively.

The soul of Pisces trembles and hurts, finding harmony in a practical cruel world, and thought interprets reality in its own way. Some embody their ideal in paintings, sculptures. Others give themselves to the family and children. Still, others are shocked by unconventional orientation or alcohol. And yet they are adorable, because soft and kind, they know how to dream, empathize, do not offend and will help. In addition, the idealistic Pisces have money, they always think about the roof over their heads for the family and are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

Love of a woman in the life of Pisces man takes no less place than self-realization. The boys of this sign ripen early and fall in love platonic: a high school student, a teacher, an inaccessible girl, and sometimes — unworthy in the hope of saving them with her love. Love comes to them secretly, grows unnoticed, and more often a lover does not dare to open his feelings for a long time, but cherishes his dream alone. Having matured, Pisces man can also be loved on the highest spiritual level, with dreams and verses, with prayers or an easel and a brush in hands. Feelings overwhelm them, Pisces’s speech drives them crazy, they consider their beloved ideal, endure and forgive shortcomings. Their sensuality excites a woman and gives her a real pleasure of spiritual and earthly love.

But there are among the Pisces and men who do not like at all, preferring a variety of sexual pleasures. Or men are "collectors" of women. But even in this case they respect, appreciate and protect the items of their collection. And if Pisces can not make a decision and understand: leave, leave or return, they will quietly depart. They are not conquerors: they will not win you from an opponent or arrange scenes of jealousy, preferring to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your beloved. Your little Pisces will flash with its silver fin and will swim away. And who in this case is happy? Yes, no one. Both are wounded. Love Pisces can be heaven or hell. Do you take risks, girls? Then — forward! Help him conquer you.

Love Relationships with Pisces Man

Man-Pisces is in love, as in the native element. They are created in order to bring love to this world. However, they are not conquerors, unlike, for example, from Leo, they prefer to be chosen. The Pisces man can be a good family man, but much depends on the position of other planets. For them, love is important, they reveal themselves in love. When they understand that the partner takes them as they are, they are ready for inner work on themselves. But it is important for them to develop practicality, since this character is almost completely absent in their character.

And here the astrologer gives all women very important and valuable advice. Any woman should understand that you do not need to try to remake a man. It is necessary to ask yourself the question: why was this man right next to me? Even if your horoscopes are completely incompatible, accept it as it is. Do not break it, nor teach him to live. It will be much more productive to work on yourself and on the nature of your relationship. Believe me, if a man loves, he will work no less! This will be much more fruitful for both partners and will help achieve harmony.

Compatibility with Pisces man in love will be good if:

  • Attract emotional and gentle men;
  • You want romance in a relationships;
  • You like to dream and to represent images;
  • You are repulsed by powerful and aggressive men;
  • There is a desire to show concern and be a leader in relationships;

Compatibility with Pisces man in love will be difficult if:

  • Excessive feelings and sentimentality lead to boredom;
  • No need for romance and tenderness;
  • Impression and emotionality always repelled;
  • You like men with a strong, confident character;
  • Attract rude and arrogant men;

What Kind of Women do Pisces Man Like?

A Pisces man will have to like a rather gentle, weak and very pleasant woman. He must feel that it is he who is the main thing in your relationship, to be in second place and to play a secondary role in relations with your beloved, he will not. Finding a lover for a man of this sign is quite a challenge. He wants to see a strong woman beside him, but at the same time, she should be calm.

The ideal companion of the Pisces man should know and understand perfectly well at what point she will need to play the role of a rather romantic woman, and when, it’s worth including the insatiable "tigress". For Pisces, it is very important not only the presence of romance in relationships, but also their stability.

The main features that an ideal woman of such a man should have been: femininity, self-confidence and one’s own strength, perseverance, sexuality, and also responsiveness. If you really want to conquer the heart of this man forever and make it be always with you, then you will have to go to little tricks. Moreover, his ideal woman is simply obliged to reconcile with his uneasy character.

In any relationship, very much depends on the woman, how much she is able to manipulate men, to show their tenderness, warmth and care. Every man, and Pisces are no exception, pay much attention to the appearance of a woman and how sexy she is.

How to Understand that a Pisces Man is in Love?

To understand that a Pisces man is in love is not difficult. He does not know how to hide his feelings, emotions, his state and eyes can already be seen that a woman is not indifferent to him. He will begin to give her more attention, will not skimp on compliments, affectionate and gentle words.

But such behavior is possible only if the woman has complete mutual understanding and his feelings will be mutual. If there is no mutual understanding, he will not dare to open his feelings, he is secretly in love. Especially if he remarks that his image created by him differs noticeably from reality.

Sometimes he can experience his feelings in himself, imagining life with a woman, but do not dare to confess, open up, not to get rejected. It is difficult for him to part with his images, can store them and live them long enough. But at the same time there is a fear of rejection, ridiculed, misunderstood.

How to Fall in Love with a Pisces Man

You can meet your Pisces at work, in the Internet salon, in a cozy bar, at the university. His clothes may be not striking: he is not very concerned about fashion. You will recognize him through the eyes of the color of the deep lake, which hypnotize you and fascinate you. Be discreet, but persevering in your adoration. Even if he likes you, he does not know how to make an acquaintance or start a relationship with you. Meet his friends, try to get into the circle of his friends. Sociability he does not hold, and the conversation will be tied.

Are you waiting for him to date? Have an excerpt! He can call more than once, before he makes sure that you really want to see him. To fall in love with a Pisces man, you need to get close to him mentally. He loves intimate conversations, where you can talk on emotional topics. It attracts everyone, where there are a lot of emotions and feelings. And it is important for him to feel emotional unity with a woman. And it is better if the relationship with him will overwhelm positive emotions. Because he can take over the mood of a woman, or with whom he communicates. This is how his tendency to be influenced and suggestible.

In addition, he as his element water, has the ability to absorb everything, any word, gesture, situation. And it will be a long time to keep it in memory, especially if it is colored by emotions. In relations, full mutual understanding, support is important to him. It happens that this way can be carried away by the help of a woman, support, sympathize, that she will become accustomed to her and fall in love discreetly. He likes to help, support, sympathize. But I also want to receive the same support and attention in return. He is quite affectionate, especially emotionally.

Sexuality of Pisces Man in Bed

A Pisces man in bed feels well the needs and desires of a woman, he likes everything to be romantic, sensual. He wants to give and receive a lot of tenderness and affection. He feels well the mood of a woman and can satisfy all her requests.

But on the other hand, it is necessary to remember his vulnerability, if in intimate relations there will be rudeness, stiffness, then the interest in them for a Pisces man may be lost. He can not stand stealth, emotional coldness, brutality. And life on a strict schedule can generally cause depression.

Man Pisces in bed likes to indulge in dreams and fantasies, and implement. It is very good if a woman will also support his passion for dreaming and fantasizing, understanding and sharing his images. Thus, intimate relationships will become ideal.

Man Pisces in Family Relationships

As a rule, the Pisces man has nothing against marriage. He likes home comfort and coziness, and most importantly, that the house was calm. Man Pisces is committed to a relaxed home environment. And if the chosen one has a restless character, will violate his rhythm of life, do not match his ideal, then he will not particularly rush with her to the registry office. Conversely, the more a woman suits his ideal beloved, the easier it is to marry him. Therefore it is useful to gently learn about his ideals, so that he does not suspect any dirty trick.

Pisces man in marriage often expresses an aesthetic position, he likes it when everything in the house is beautiful, elegant and evokes certain images. And most importantly, to have your own corner, where you can retire and listen to music, read, drink wine. In home affairs may not be very active, but on the other hand he never refuses to help his beloved, often does not share male and female labor, but loves to help from the heart and everything is done together.

In relationships with friends, he is sincere, open, loves to help, but sometimes he himself without noticing allows others to use his kindness. Why then is even more disappointed. At home, he sometimes wants to be alone, but on the other hand it happens that loneliness also becomes unbearable. Then he can choose friends, acquaintances to communicate without paying attention to the fact that there is little in common. He does not have strict criteria and boundaries for communication, it can, in this way, go away from loneliness. In nutrition and clothing, too, there are no strict criteria. Most of all I like everything with a gentle, mild taste. The same fabrics and clothes, like when it overflows, can pick up clothes under the mood.

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