Sagittarius Man in Love

In the way that the Sagittarius man loves, there is much from the element of fire. Of course, his fire is not as scorching as Aries and Leo, but warm enough, hot. Therefore, the Sagittarius Man in love will manifest his fiery nature - passion, impulsiveness, fervor and impetus to action. After all, the element of fire symbolizes action.

The Sagittarius man attracts the woman with her optimism, energy and positive. He always tries to see the good in everything, never faint and does not fixate on small things. The world in his eyes is full of secrets, mysteries and everything unknown, that he wants to learn, explore and expand the horizons of his knowledge.

He easily goes to the contact, is open to communication, sincere, eloquent and in itself interesting as a person with versatile views on life. With him you can freely talk on different topics, reflect on life and look deeper into the world. Because he has deep views on the universe. On life situations, he looks from different angles, there are abilities for philosophical thinking. Sagittarius man in love attracts all sublime, subtle, romantic. He has no clear boundaries, he is interested in all the unknown. He needs food for thought and thought.

In the relations behaves amicably, there is no excessive severity, adherence to principles, pedantry. In a woman, he notices more good, ignoring the bad. Sometimes it is unnecessarily good-natured and naive. But making mistakes can not always immediately make the right conclusion for yourself, so as not to repeat them again. On the other hand - in many ways he wants to see the meaning. His senseless relationship does not interest him. Especially if there is nothing in common that could connect, unite. For Sagittarius men it is important that the views with the woman in many ways coincide.

Sagittarius behaves as an experimenter and discoverer of a new one. Although it does not mean that he will open something. The result will be, but it is not known what. The Sagittarius boy is intolerant of the restriction of freedom. He wants to know everything, see, feel the diversity of life, so he can travel a lot, live abroad, get close to foreigners. Streltsy quickly come up with different ideas, and their success is often based on an intuitive presentiment. The combination of human intelligence with animal endurance and sexual insatiability is characteristic of this sign.

Its duality is expressed in the astrological symbol: Centaur-shooter. The centaur is a mythical creature with a human head, arms, upper body and the horse’s body. Accordingly, archers can be of two types: devotees, idealistic, who direct their energy to creativity, service to others: Sagittarius chose the right goal, aspired to it and embodied his desires. Other Sagittarius are on philanderer path — shoots in all directions and at random. They can have several connections at the same time and rejoice at every sexual victory. Love for such Sagittarius — sport, adventure, ecstasy.

Love Relationships with Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man knows his own worth. You will understand this right after meeting Sagittarius. However, this does not cause discomfort in the interlocutors, just a man-Sagittarius is very worthy of behaving in society. And, of course, he needs a woman to match. To get Sagittarius in satellites, you need to be interesting, bright, uncommon, fascinated woman. It must be understood, listened to and be able to maintain a conversation at its level.

If the Cupid still struck the heart of Sagittarius, you will certainly feel that now you are under reliable protection and behind a stone wall. As long as you inspire Sagittarius, he will see you as his partner, and he will want to protect you and do everything for your well-being.

Sagittarius will be generous with beautiful tokens, luxurious gifts. A bouquet of hundreds of roses is about him. The Sagittarius man is constant in his connections, but in special cases he can have many "ideological inspirations". And each of the links will have a "special meaning", without which the activity of Sagittarius for him does not matter.

Compatibility with Sagittarius man in love will be good if:

  • Like travel, adventure, reading;
  • There is a craving for surprises and changes;
  • Attracts the game of words and the mind of men;
  • You like romance in relationships and everything sublime;
  • Attract men with a living imagination;
  • It is difficult without communication and new impressions;
  • Repels monotony and boredom;
  • Have a desire for justice;

Compatibility with Sagittarius man in love will be difficult if:

  • You like the peace, calm and measured course of life;
  • Repels vanity, noise and confusion;
  • Do not like men who talk a lot and not on business;
  • Attract serious, practical men;
  • You want to see your husband with you;

What Kind of Women do Sagittarius Man Like?

If you want to not only like to the Sagittarius-man, but also to subdue his heart, then you must have a mass of qualities, among which are: an unforgettable, brilliant smile; temperament; The luxurious world that is within you; Erudition; Naivety. It is not worth it to forbid something, as it can lead to a serious conflict, but you still can not achieve it.

Try to become for him not only a wonderful mistress, but also a friend, mother, counselor and companion. In return for this, he will be able to provide you with support, and you will constantly feel protected. Do not try to understand anything in his life. Try to take your man as he is. Be as patient and reasonable as possible. Try to pretend that you are interested in absolutely everything.

How to Understand that a Sagittarius Man is in Love?

The behavior of the passionate Sagittarius man largely depends on the experience of previous love relationships. If he is positive, he can fall in love, immersed in a whirlwind of love, passion and romance. A man in love with Sagittarius is characterized by enthusiasm, enthusiasm, energy, eloquence and wit. He is able to quickly catch fire, quickly get carried away, and his love relationships are full of activity, action. Because his element of fire means action. He will not sit for long in one place, he needs changes, impressions, development. If relations cease to develop and become monotonous, they may lose meaning and interest.

The Sagittarius man is straightforward in words, thoughts, will not hide what he thinks, behave unnaturally, play with feelings. He immediately says that he has feelings on his soul. With the chosen one, he is sincere and with pleasure shares his thoughts, what he feels, experiences. In another variant, if he has a negative experience of love relationships, then he can be skeptical about them. Disappointed in love, he can lose faith in her. Although on the other hand, he sometimes believes in luck and luck, giving love one more chance.

But the negative experience of the past can interfere with the establishment of relations. He can switch his attention to something else, find hobbies, hobbies, activities, so as not to exhaust himself with sad thoughts. It is not natural for him to wait, to be sad, to worry. He wants to know life in all its splendor and beauty, infinitely expand its horizons. He likes traveling, if not physical, then spiritual, for example, reading and cinema. And he will gladly share with the chosen one all the readings that he managed to find out. Sometimes his speech is like a teacher, he can tell everything in detail, give weighty arguments, justify them with deep views. What gives the impression that he seems to be giving a lecture.

How to Fall in Love with a Sagittarius Man

In order to fall in love with the man of Sagittarius it is necessary to become his like-minded person. He likes it if a woman shares his views, agrees with his opinion, is ready to go with him to fire and water. The more the Sagittarius joins the man, the better.

He is attracted to sociable women, with versatile views, with whom you can endlessly reflect on life, learn new things, share your thoughts. If we find more common pursuits and hobbies, this will further bring the man Sagittarius closer. He is a fascinating nature, he does not sit for long on one place and he wants a woman to share his passions so that she can do her favorite things with her.

The path to his heart begins with friendly communication, where the main thing is to be natural, sincere and interesting. He appreciates sincerity, openness in a woman because he is sincere enough. In the relations, strangeness, mercantile spirit, self-interest is alien to him.

Sexuality of Sagittarius Man in Bed

In bed, the Sagittarius man also adores all the sublime, subtle and it is desirable to have fun without measure. He sometimes has problems with a sense of proportion, which can affect his health. But on the other hand, he wants to get as much as possible and immediately.

He is attracted by the prelude, he likes to stretch the pleasure, creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere. The sincerity and similarity of the views of a woman will further push him toward intimate relationships. He wants feelings to be heated to the limit, and emotions sparkled like flashes of fire. Complexes, conventions, restraint are alien to him. She understands and feels the needs of a woman well. He will never be bored with him.

Man Sagittarius in Family Relationships

Marrying a Sagittarius man is not always easy. On the one hand, he is not against marriage and he needs a woman who shares his views, who understands and knows how to support him. But on the other hand, he is quite amorous. And his love can ignite like a flame of fire, but also quickly and extinguish. It is not always enough for a long time.

Especially if he observes that the relationship is meaningless and there is no continuation, development. He himself knows how to update the relationship, but if this happens only unilaterally or is not satisfied with some qualities in a woman, then the fire of his love gradually goes out. Moreover, he is characterized by idealism and he can be in search of his ideal for a long time. In addition, it attracts all the sublime, therefore, and its ideal is also sublime.

But on the other hand, no matter how he was not striving for all sublime, constant search, home comfort and coziness is not alien to him. Sagittarius marry when they come to the conclusion that an ideal friend does not exist and chooses intellectual communication or tolerance and comfort. He appreciates the woman’s economy, the ability to cook deliciously, keep the house clean and tidy so that there is no chaos.

In marriage, a Sagittarius man sometimes lacks the seriousness of responsibility, especially if he is accustomed to a free and problem-free life, then it will not be very pleasant to shift all family problems onto himself, and sometimes he will try to avoid them. But over the years he learns from his mistakes, becomes wiser, more experienced and more serious. What helps him to maneuver in family problems and many-sided look at the situation.

He prefers a spacious house, in rooms there must also be a lot of space, he likes everything big where there is room. And it is desirable that the window opened a beautiful view of the horizon. The main thing is to feel the spirit of freedom in the house. Rest at it often is connected with intellectual activity, reading, research, dialogue where it is possible to learn a lot of new and interesting information. He is attracted by intellectual activity, where one can ponder or fantasize, dream.

He can have many friends and acquaintances, because he often wants to expand what he has. In addition, he is friendly, curious and always open to communication. He has no strict limits for the selection of friends. Communicate prefer simply, naturally, sincerely, at ease, without superfluous conventions. Loves generalized, imaginative reflections. In clothes prefers convenience and comfort, not attaching special value, how many this thing costs. But if finances allow, he prefers to emphasize his social status. In food, especially not pereborchiv and not whimsical, I want to try a lot, learn, get pleasure and pleasure, can stretch the process of eating to get more pleasures.

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