Scorpio Man in Love

If we talk about how a Scorpio man loves, then we can imagine ice and flame. Because for a Scorpio man in love, extremes are characteristic, and he does not always succeed in choosing the golden mean. It can be cold, impartial and hard as ice. Or maybe passionate, sensual and burning like a flame.

The Scorpio man attracts a woman with his charisma, strength of character. In him there is something magnetic, attractive, that can not leave an indifferent woman. Together with him, she feels secure, confident. And besides, the magnetism of the Scorpion man allows to seduce a woman, there is still something sexual, seductive, coming from the depths of instincts.

Scorpio man in love does not like half-tones, not expressive feelings and emotions. He needs all or nothing. The golden middle of it rarely suits, and calm and silence are sometimes not tolerable. He needs intense emotions and feelings, a passion. He is attracted by the opportunity to plunge into the whirlpool of love, completely immerse himself and dissolve in the beloved. But at the same time he does not want to lose his own self, he wants to have a woman, to know all the senses as deeply as possible.

Sometimes this can go as far as sadism and masochism. Sadism can manifest itself from the desire to dominate, subordinate, demonstrate its power. There is a penchant for everything tough. Usually this manifests itself in physical form, for example, love of harsh intimate pleasures. Or in a psychological form, the desire to control, manipulate, subordinate.

Masochism can often manifest itself in a psychological form in the form of samoyedstva, fears, jealousy. It is peculiar to him to plunge into the depths of his experiences, sufferings, to drink a thicket of suffering to the bottom, to bring himself to such a state, as if he were dying from unbearable mental anguish. But then to transform and come out renewed from the dramatic, emotional situation, to become stronger and more enduring.

The Scorpio man is tough enough, fears and insecurities are alien to him, he may not notice the danger. Sometimes he wants to prove himself, to test himself for endurance, that’s why he sometimes pulls him into risky situations. There is a craving for everything extreme.

And so a Scorpio man in love can show extreme behavior. He can be firm and unshakable, and can become sensual and passionate, hot. He has the ability to elevate his love to the highest degree of spirituality, to make it an ideal. But there is also the ability to destroy everything that created. And the propensity for destruction in his blood is also present.

He can seek to possess a woman, uncompromising control over her life, as well as there is a propensity to possess all material. But on the other hand, he has the opportunity of spiritual rebirth and understand that all earthly perishable and unrepeatable, he will not be taken with him to the next world.

Love Relationships with Scorpio Man

We must admit that women themselves are drawn to Scorpio. They feel the powerful sexual power emanating from him. If he has learned to control his energy, "sacrifices" will always revolve around him. If the classic Scorpio falls in love, he will not show it. A lover Scorpio can wait a long time for a woman to start taking the first steps, he is not inclined to make contact first. He can wind up himself, wait. Romance in the traditional sense, where there is a bath with rose petals, champagne and kisses under the Moon, is given to Scorpio.

It’s difficult to be in love with Scorpio. If Scorpio has agreed to a serious relationship, it means that he feels a kindred spirit in you. In love and relationship, Scorpio will be very jealous, and will be faithful. Scorpio does not choose a couple in a couple with a weak energy, because it is very important to give the partner, just as important to share with her his strong energy. The Scorpio woman should give him care, attention, support so that he can relax next to her. The Chosen One of Scorpio should accept it and love it as it is.

Compatibility with Scorpio man in love will be good if:

  • You like strong and confident men;
  • Always repelled calm and monotony;
  • Attract men with a far from angelic character;
  • Sex plays an important role in life;
  • You want to see alongside a partner with deep feelings;
  • Extremes in behavior do not repel;
  • Respect the risk;
  • You are not repulsed by powerful men;

Compatibility with Scorpio man in love will be difficult if:

  • Sex does not come first in life;
  • You like peace and confidence;
  • Repulsive power men with commander’s character;
  • Do not attract secretive men;
  • You want more openness in relationships;
  • You like the measured course of life, where the main stability and tranquility;

What Kind of Women do Scorpio Man Like?

Such a man certainly likes beautiful women. You must be elegant and carefully monitor your appearance. He will never miss the charming and simply gorgeous representative of the beautiful half of humanity. In a word, he is looking for a woman who will be somewhat similar to him.

In addition, his woman should be judicious. The thing is that Scorpios, almost never listen to someone else’s opinion, so his woman should be able to give him unobtrusive advice that he will certainly take advantage of.

If you want to be close to your favorite Scorpio, you must remember that to achieve this goal you must have a number of qualities that he so appreciates in women. His lady of the heart should not be a feminist. It is imperative that this woman is not only passionate and elegant, but also a real hostess.

It simply must be obedient and flexible. If you really want to be with this man, you must learn to forgive. Moreover, you must be independent and be able to earn money on your own. To achieve the location of this man, you must adhere to all of the above rules and requirements, and then, all you have is the best!

How to Understand that a Scorpio Man is in Love?

The behavior of a Scorpio man in love is largely due, on the one hand, to his attitude towards a woman and on the other hand, at what spiritual level of development he is. At best, he will be: kind, cordial, indulgent, attentive, sincere, generous, loving, reliable and understanding. In the worst case it will be: imperious, vindictive, aggressive, rude, secretive and sarcastic.

It is often difficult to understand what is in his soul, his distinctive quality, like secrecy, does not allow him to penetrate deeply into his soul, to understand his true emotions. He does not like when they climb into the soul. For him, although the inner world of emotions and feelings is important, but most often he does not disclose it to others. And it happens that does not reveal at all, as if defending against possible spiritual turmoil.

Also, he has a tendency to provoke emotions when he lacks them. He knows how to stab in words, and cause strong emotions and feelings. Sometimes he needs them as air, and he can eat the energy of these emotions. There is also the ability to manipulate, push the woman to the desired actions.

How to Fall in Love with a Scorpio Man

On the one hand, the Scorpio man likes seductive, sexy women. He pays attention to the beauty of the female body, he is attracted to seductive forms and he does not mind possessing a woman he likes. But on the other hand, he has a good insight and abilities of a psychologist. Is able to recognize lies, insincerity. He is not particularly attracted by flirting and women’s coquetry. It is important for him that they have deep, serious feelings behind them. A woman can make many demands. He pays attention to how serious she is with her feelings, whether she can be a good mistress, a keeper of the home.

Most of all he is attracted by passionate women who do not hide their emotions and feelings. Cold and impregnable women can cause his interest initially, but often this interest is short. He needs an exchange of feelings and emotions, energy. Therefore, the more energetic and positive a woman communicates with him, the better. Because in the worst case, with a lack of emotions from a woman, he will provoke her to emotional situations. He knows how to stab in words.

It is important for him that the woman completely belonged only to him. He has a sense of ownership and at times to the chosen one can be treated as his property. Fully control it. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready, to the manifestation of his power. The main thing is to find a compromise option in relations, on the one hand there are compromises, and on the other hand do not lose self-esteem. Because if he constantly concede and obey, then he will take it as a weakness and begin to manipulate even more.

Sexuality of Scorpio Man in Bed

A big role for Scorpio is sex. If Scorpio does not want sex - it speaks of a deep internal crisis. Scorpios love sex and enjoy it. They know how to do it and do it well. For Scorpio, sex is the interaction of energies with a partner, this is the apotheosis of love.

In bed, the Scorpio man behaves liberally and passionately. Conditionalities and prejudices are alien to him. He wants to sink into the passion of love. Sometimes she grabs him and pushes him to extremes in behavior. But in any case, he wants a complete mutual return in love. In his youth, Scorpio loves soft light, romantic music and perfume fragrance. Later a bright light, mirrors and a well-groomed clean body.

Does not recognize complexes, restraint, coldness. Sometimes, at best, his intimate relationships will be sensual, filled with tenderness and feelings for the chosen one. In the worst case, he will dominate hard, subordinate and show his commanding character. In addition, Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Sex for him is not in the last place. But in bed, he is subject to extremes.

Man Scorpio in Family Relationships

As a rule, the Scorpio man is often attuned to a serious relationship. If, of course, he was completely convinced of his chosen one, his loyalty, constancy, seriousness. Otherwise, he can only be content with sexual relations and not transfer them into serious ones. In addition, he can suspiciously treat the chosen one, check it, how truly she is sincere, whether there is no calculating or hidden implication in her words. The main thing is to achieve his trust, then he can become more lenient and slightly reveal the secrets of his soul. The sooner he sees in his chosen one an indispensable companion of life, he will feel how much it needs, the easier it is to decide to marry.

In the house of the Scorpio man, life rages and there is no long-term peace. In the family, he often manifests extremes in behavior. He can be gentle and sociable, and then through time to change in the mood and become silent and immersed in himself. In the home environment, too, everything is not always stable and peaceful, he can set everywhere order, demand that the households also adhere to the order, but on the other hand, and can itself violate the very order that created. And he has the urge to create and destroy, change, get rid of everything that has become obsolete and has lost value. He can often start up repairs, rearrangements, changes in the house.

In family relationships, he often shows commanding character, loves persevering to prove, shows perseverance and zeal to express his will, so that everything will be as he wants. Usually he is the leader in the house. The chosen one can be treated as her property, check her communication, correspondence, impose her will.

The wife must be careful, faithful and faithful in everything. Scorpion owners, do not give them reason to doubt. Do not insult: he will remember and take revenge. Remember that Scorpio can have outbreaks of unexpected aggression, when he can rip off evil on you. Do not react violently. In his race for success, he is simply physically and morally exhausted today. Prepare him a better bath. Tomorrow he will forget his troubles and will be grateful to you. Do not hide evil from him.

When the house is too calm, it becomes boring, it can provoke, emotionally inflame the situation in the house, in order to experience more passions. But on the other hand, he can remain faithful and loyal to life. He does not have many friends, he chooses exactly the most reliable, proven ones.

In rest can also exhibit extremes, then he may want to stay in the company of friends, then retire and immerse himself in his inner world of emotions and feelings. In food, he is not particularly picky. Sometimes you like that the food was saturated, taste, there is a tendency to everything sharp. He does not like to stay at home for a long time, there is a craving for everything extreme, where one can show oneself for endurance and strength. In general, family life is not at all boring and not monotonous.

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