Taurus Man in Love

When a Taurus man loves, it is peculiar to him to exercise - discretion, calmness and common sense. For life he looks realistic, down to earth. However, despite some restraint of feelings, emotions, it does not prevent him from getting carried away by the sensual aspects of love and behaving like a true gourmet in a love relationship.

Even if he likes a woman, he will not immediately rush into the attack to conquer it. He used to act slowly, slowly and deliberately. He wants to look at her first, get to know her better. He has a purely judicious and pragmatic approach to love. He does not like unjustified risks, everything should be thought out, calculated.

He is able to captivate a woman’s heart with charm, tenderness, sensuality, understanding. Intuitively understand women’s desires, what you want and whether it is possible to further develop relationships. He likes to be in a women’s society, but more attention will be paid to sexual, sensual women. From him emanates calmness and reliability, which also attracts a woman’s heart. With a beloved he will be sentimental, romantic, sensual. He is able to give her emotional and material stability, he will not even think about it, that they do not like her.

His character is practical, hardworking. He knows how to earn money, knows how to earn money. Is able to surround the chosen one with luxury, so that she does not need anything. Or at least will actively seek this. For Taurus men, stability is important in everything - in work, at home, in relationships. If at work and there can be difficulties, and you can endure the inconvenience. That in a relationship with a loved one should be all stable and serious. He will be happy if the chosen one can create an atmosphere of calm and silence at home, without scandals, shocks, stress. Here you can still remember the saying - happiness loves silence. It’s very suitable for him.

As Taurus becomes attached to a woman, his suspicion and desire will increase, so that she will communicate less with other men. He will want all her attention to belong to him alone. Can be afraid of losing, of suspecting sympathy for another. This is especially true when he is not confident in himself, notices that there are better than he, and his lover can get carried away with better than he. Hence the unconscious fear that jealousy may lose. Can behave like an owner.

The head of the family should be only him, accordingly he will perform the men’s work, solve important questions, the woman should obey him unconditionally and obey. He can get angry if you criticize him, doubt his actions, point out the mistakes he has made. If a woman constantly grumbles, preaches, criticizes him, then the end of relations, the end of harmony, will come. To such persons he experiences a range of negative feelings, up to hatred and rejection. Therefore, it is better not to speak directly about his mistakes, but rather to do it in a mild form. For example, ask them to check, solve, think again. Let him understand that he was mistaken.

Taurus man wants a woman to admire him, approve of his actions, desires. Orders, prohibitions, pressure will have negative consequences, as if you showed a red rag to a bull. He is only calm and taciturn for the time being, it is better not to tease him and not provoke him to extremes. To resolve disputes with him, the art of diplomacy will be required. He needs understanding, support and calm relations. The Taurus man wants to feel that he is appreciated, loved, cherished by him. Only then will harmonious relations be possible with him. If a woman can accept him as he is, then he will open her soul, share her thoughts, feelings.

Love Relationships with Taurus Man

Taurus man does not let everyone in his life. For him to open up to someone new - this is a real risk, coupled with the probability of failure. He is seriously going to get acquainted, can choose and look for a long time, because for him to let a new person into his life - this is stress. If you liked the Taurus man, and you are thinking about how to pave the way to his heart, start small - take the first step. Hint to him that he really fascinated you, make a bet on his personal qualities, and this will not leave him indifferent.

Courting of the enamored Taurus classic - flowers, gifts, trips to the movies, talks, walks in the park. He likes places where he will be closer to nature, because his element is earth. Caring for a woman, he usually does not spare money for gifts. But the intensity of gifts will depend on its specific purpose. Here you can blame him for some prudence, but on the other hand, he wants everything that he invested to bring tangible results. This is the psychology of all the earth signs of the zodiac.

Do not expect from Taurus sharp transitions from words to deeds: it’s not about them. If you want to find an approach to the male Taurus, give him time. It is difficult for him to give sharp changes, he must "mature" to the fullest. Do not push or hurry him at all: believe me, he understands everything, he just needs to adjust and adjust himself to the fact that soon a cool wind of change will break into his stable world. As soon as he feels that his time has come, he will do everything he can, and until then, be patient.

Compatibility with Taurus man in love will be good if:

  • Dreaming of a calm, measured life;
  • Economical about money;
  • Strive for a serious permanent relationship;
  • Harmonious intimate relationships are important;
  • You can be loyal, faithful, constant;
  • Do not repel the jealousy of a man and his attitude towards you as an owner;
  • Do not like hot-tempered and impulsive men;
  • You know how to cook well and tasty;
  • Like when a man is always around, feel his presence;

Compatibility with Taurus man in love will be difficult if:

  • You do not like monotony, calm and measured life without impressions;
  • You do not like to do household chores - to wash, iron, cook, clean;
  • You can hardly call a homegirl;
  • You love complete freedom in life, in love and action, without restrictions;
  • You hate when you have to report, explain, justify yourself;
  • Boring with the housemates men;
  • You can not stand stubbornness when it’s hard to say anything, let alone to prove;

What Kind of Women do Taurus Man Like?

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are too picky if it is not about a girl for one night. What should be the companion of the male Taurus? Next to her woman Taurus should feel even more solid. The companion of Taurus should become a real adornment of his life; Beautiful, sexy woman, a faithful and unchanging girlfriend who will always be with him, because for him it is very important. Contenders of a jealous man-Taurus does not tolerate: his woman belongs only to him. However, given that Taurus is a zealous owner and jealous, the level of his own fidelity is under big question. Naturally, it depends directly on the person himself, but for the most part male Taurus are polygamous.

Given that the representative of this sign of the zodiac is practical enough and thorough, then to choose his wife, he will approach very seriously. He chooses long enough, but, qualitatively. He wants his women to combine the qualities of an excellent mistress and ideal mistress. No less significant role is played by the sexuality of his chosen one. For Taurus, it is also important that his chosen one is not only good-looking, but also smart. He prefers rather kind women, gentle and caring, who have a calm and restraint. At the same time, she should not be passive, since the very representative of the Taurus sign is not very energetic. Only having all of the above qualities, a woman can conquer a Taurus man.

How to Understand that a Taurus Man is in Love?

He wants to find the perfect love that can withstand the blows of fate and can withstand the test of time. Emotions and feelings are deep, serious, he does not like everything superficial and frivolous. Quickly attached to the beloved. Feelings are born gradually. He does not know how to quickly get along with people, he needs time. But if the feelings ripen slowly, then the desire for intimacy can arise without feelings.

To physical love is idealistic, often there is a desire to drown in pleasure, I want to give myself completely to a partner, but also that she completely gave himself to him. What does not always happen in reality. And why then comes disappointment and the idealistic perception of the world is replaced by the usual cynical attitude to life.

In this case, he will be afraid of new disappointments, and women will only be considered as an opportunity for intimate relationships and nothing more. If he is so looking at life, then it will be difficult for a woman to convince herself of the sincerity of her feelings. He reluctantly changes his mind, but noticing that after a certain time has come, that love and attitudes towards him have not changed, he will reconsider his views.

How to Fall in Love with a Taurus Man

If sympathy arises, the Taurus man will not want to waste time on empty conversations. On the date he looks realistic, immediately will think about re-meeting, her conditions. Can insist on intimacy. A woman should only agree to a date, if she is seriously interested in him. With closeness, you need to wait until he does not lose interest quickly. In a relationship, it is better not to show feelings at once, to behave with restraint, to make so that feelings, desires awaken in him.

Fall in love with the Taurus man will not work if the woman will show unpredictability or extravagance, lightheadedness or superficiality, impulsiveness or hysteria, secrecy or imperiousness. He will get tired of an overly active woman. But also bored from being too calm. Despite the fact that he himself can show prudence, he does not like calculating women, mercenary, who need only money. He is not greedy, but wants a woman to be economical about money. He also does not like when his favorite flirts and flirts with others.

He needs time to analyze his feelings. It is possible to push him to action if he constantly experiences a real need for the presence of a woman nearby. Then his affection will grow quickly, and new appointments will await with impatience. It is necessary to become the main in his life, when all thoughts are only about the chosen one, he begins to fall seriously in love.

It must be borne in mind that he must constantly see, hear, feel, touch his beloved. Only in this way will he become stronger. Especially if you say that when you met him, you had a desire to live, you began to look at the world differently and your emotional connection turns into spiritual, that you always dreamed of such stable relationships, of reliable men like him.

Sexuality of Taurus Man in Bed

Usually a Taurus man in bed has great sexual needs. Sex for him is the path to happiness. With him will get an intense sex life. If a woman avoids physical intimacy, finds excuses and pretexts for refusal, he will be seriously offended and angry. It is ideal for women who dream of a rainy partner. Intimate relationships for the male Taurus are an indicator of their own attractiveness. Even household issues worry him a little less than the beauty, sexuality and grooming of his companion.

Man Taurus in Family Relationships

Taurus is a very family sign, such people are focused on stability within their own cell of society. For a male Taurus, marriage is a certain indicator of solidity, of one’s own maturity. A strong family is a definite indicator of status, a way to demonstrate to the world its worth. However, do not think that Taurus is being drawn all the time. Of course, Taurus can love and love deeply. Venus leads him to deep and real feelings, and having met his love, Taurus will fall in love - and the whole world will know about it.

He thinks about a possible marriage from the very first dates. Will look closely, observe the behavior of the girl, think how select the chosen one for the role of wife. He hopes that the relationship will end in a strong marriage, where divorce and misunderstanding are excluded. During the meetings, he can arrange checks, he wants to know all its aspects of character, to see what is hidden. It is equally important for him to know that the chosen one does not need his money, but he himself. Regardless of his financial situation, he will like it when a woman earns good money or, at least, is able to earn money. He wants to exclude all possible risks, because he does not like to take risks.

Important for him the qualities that he wants to see from his future wife - it’s economy and practicality, loyalty and loyalty, thrift and economy, as well as the ability to cook deliciously. If his wife has all these qualities, then he will make a proposal. For the sake of a serious, responsible and reliable woman, he is ready to turn a blind eye to many misunderstandings, to indulge her whims, to trust her in many ways. His wife will be forgiven really a lot, but only if in her actions, words there is no malicious intent. He is such a man Taurus in love…

Relationships with a Taurus man in a marriage are suitable for women who are not afraid of peace, monotony and monotony. He is predictable in behavior, actions, thoughts, his behavior is easy to predict. Monotony, routine does not frighten him at all, but rather gives pleasure, because that’s how he gets the calmness he needs. He likes to do everything according to the schedule he has set and he adheres to it with pleasure. For example, early in the morning he will go to work. Upon returning home, he sits in his favorite chair with a newspaper, can take a nap. He is a homely man, loves spending all the evenings at home with his wife. For meetings with friends, too, time is allocated, usually to drink beer, play board games.

The Taurus man wants to have his own spacious house so that the earth is nearby. Particular attention is paid to the kitchen, the refrigerator will never be empty. If there is a possibility, he will spend a lot of money to make his house as comfortable and cozy as possible. He prefers a lush, rich environment. Things get quality, valuable, often such things can pass from generation to generation. He prefers every corner of the house to use with advantage, so that there is no emptiness left. In general, he hopes only for his own strengths, abilities and abilities, he will not wait for anyone’s help, but he will try to create an earthly paradise and live in it. In his house will necessarily be things made by himself. He likes to make, repair, find practical application for any thing. No less interesting to him are works of art, paintings, figurines.

He likes classical clothes, he tries to stick to the golden mean in his choice. In the wardrobe there will be clothes exactly as much as necessary, nothing superfluous. Everything should be used for its intended purpose. Clothes choose carefully, for a long time and treat it carefully, so many may think that he again bought a new thing. There is an interest in expensive things, but in this way he does not seek to show his worth, and the choice is primarily made for quality. As well as follows a practical earthly sign, he does not like to talk much, but better to do, the same goes for eating. It should be a lot and necessarily delicious. And instead of talking about food, it’s better to absorb it. Often, food becomes his main predilection, the desire to eat a lot and eat well can appear at different times, which may result in overweight.

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