Virgo Man in Love

To understand how a Virgo man loves, one can recall his element of earth, nature with its inherent firmness, strength and serenity. Because a man Virgo in love behaves on the ground, where firmness of principles, striving for a lasting relationship and a calm and serene atmosphere in the house are clearly manifested.

A Virgo man can attract a woman by his discretion. To him flashes of impulsiveness, quick temper and uncontrollable behavior are alien. The approach to relations is realistic. He has analytical abilities. Often at the first meeting already, one can conceive how much a woman is suitable for him as a wife and a good housewife.

Virgo is an earthly sign, and therefore behaves rationally. It’s unlikely you’ll notice him at the club. On it are discreet clothes, there is no fiery looking look, calf delight in flirting and excitement in dances. A Virgo man does not have the talent to do anything - he rarely is the conqueror of women’s hearts. Most likely, you appreciated it at work or in a small company. Perhaps you learned from friends that he likes you? Anyway, you have a date. And what? There may not even be kisses. Rather, the conversation, the maximum that he can say: "I like you."

Often, he has his ideal of a chosen one, and he can spend a lot of time to find him. He pays a lot of attention to details, little things that others would not notice. But on the other hand, he, thus, strives for a stable and stable relationship and wants to calculate everything in order to protect himself from possible separation and disagreement in the relationship.

He does not get carried away by female flirting and coquetry, nor seduced by eloquence and flattery. But on the other hand, he is not a special lover to conquer a woman, then to part with it. If you start relationships, they must be serious. He has his firm principles, which he remains true all his life and it is desirable that a woman share his views on life.

Love of a Virgo man is earthly, calm, stable. And it is based on responsibility and a sense of duty to the family. He does not have uncontrollable emotions and passions. He appreciates more calmness, stability and a measured course of life. For some, this way of life may seem boring and monotonous. But here there is another side of the coin, that in this way you can create a calm and stable environment where everyone is engaged in useful work for the benefit of the family.

Love Relationships with Virgo Man

For men born under the Virgo sign it is not easy to start a relationship with the fair sex. If a man-Virgo is in love, he feels real discomfort. He is hurt by feelings that confuse him, he refuses them in an attempt to get rid of the pain - and there is a conflict. Therefore, the approach to the male Deva is difficult to find. The companion of the Virgo should possess not only outstanding external data, but also an extraordinary intellectual baggage. In addition, she should not be too emotional and unrestrained - Virgo can easily scare away. In a word, in order to get close to Virgo, you need to show that you are very similar to him, so that he feels himself with you on an equal footing. And, of course, be feminine sensual, mysterious and intriguing.

Remember that Virgo is not the person who will shower you with rose petals about and without it. He will express his feelings differently: useful gifts, suggestions to help in a difficult situation, the desire to constantly be around and protect against the vicissitudes of fate. Certainly, in a relationship with a Virgo man you will feel like behind a stone wall: he will not give reasons for jealousy, but will do everything for your well-being. Gently hint to him about what you would like, and Virgo will do everything possible to please you. Do not try to change the male Virgo. Accept his approach to life, and if you are not comfortable with it, just leave him alone.

Compatibility with Virgo man in love will be good if:

  • Do not scare routine and monotonous life;
  • Do not repel domestic cares, troubles;
  • Repels chaos and disorder;
  • Looking for a reliable and loyal man;
  • Like responsible and serious men;
  • Attract practical and hardworking men;
  • Family values come first for you;

Compatibility with Virgo man in love will be difficult if:

  • Computability and materialism always repelled;
  • You like creative disorder;
  • It’s hard to live by the hour, according to schedule;
  • You like unexpected surprises and impressions;
  • Want more communication;
  • Not enough tenderness, affection, sincerity;
  • It is difficult to tolerate criticism and criticism;

What Kind of Women do Virgo Man Like?

On the basis of what features are inherent in men of this sign, you can easily determine what women like a man-Virgo. First of all, he is interested in those representatives of the weak half of humanity who are intelligent and educated. At a time when most other men are terribly afraid of even talking to intelligent women, then the intellectually developed representative of this sign quite the contrary, appreciates the breadth of knowledge and sensible conversation of her chosen one.

A woman who will be with such a man must necessarily be well-groomed and look neat. Virgo will be fascinated by an elegant person who looks refined. If you prefer a classic style in clothes, then it will easily conquer the heart of your man.

In addition, a woman must be prudent. A Virgo man loves very much when his woman behaves wisely, in other words, has good behavior. If you awake strongly impulsive and commit rash acts, then you can forget that such a man will be next to you.

If you really want to have this man next to you, then in addition to all of the above, you must be an organized personality that you can rely on and trust at any time. In addition, you must be a bright personality and have a good upbringing, which will appeal to the Virgo man.

How to Understand that a Virgo Man is in Love?

The behavior of a Virgo man largely depends on how serious he is about a woman. If he is interested in a serious relationship, he will show more attention and participation in her life, help solve practical questions. Because he himself is quite a practical person. As for emotions, then from it you should not expect any exalted emotions, eloquence. In his understanding, love should be expressed not in eloquence and fantasies, in insane actions. And in practical matters. He immediately notices what needs to be done, how and what to help and will not rant, but will do it.

In gifts, he can be economical and prefers to give more quality things that can be used with advantage. He wants everything to be of benefit and quality. In the relationship, he converges slowly, slowly, he needs time to fully trust the chosen one. And during this period of time it is difficult to understand what emotions he is experiencing. They are under the control of logic.

Sometimes a Virgo man in love can be critical, and not everyone can stand it. But on the other hand, its criticality does not carry malicious intent. He is not going to humiliate anyone, offend. Thus, he only wants everything to be better, because he himself tends to ideal in many aspects of life.

The truth is, in the worst case, his criticism is endless, because it has become so much a habit that he can no longer live without it. And then he criticizes everything that in his opinion is not properly done. Especially if he has pedantry developed. And he himself without noticing can destroy the relationship.

How to Fall in Love with a Virgo Man

Fall in love with a Virgo man is difficult. He initially draws attention to how natural a woman behaves. Sometimes he is already from the first minutes of acquaintance can be configured for anything worse or skeptical about the words of a woman, evaluate it with a critical look. He can not be seduced by eloquence, sexually, unless in extreme cases, if he is lonely and has no one to spend the night with. In most cases, he makes serious demands on the woman. And the more he has with her, the better.

In a woman for him the main thing is fidelity, reliability, poise, practicality, economic and responsibility. It is also useful to know that he can be moved, what his interests are, what he likes most. It is necessary to avoid actions that can irritate him, act on his nerves.

With him you can not be frivolous, irresponsible, frivolous, vulgar, sloppy or uncollected. He pays attention to how consistent a woman is and consistent in her words, preferences. After all, he needs a permanent relationship. He can not stand in a relationship - chaos and uncertainty. He likes that everything is decomposed, sorted, even if it concerns feelings in a relationship.

Sexuality of Virgo Man in Bed

The Virgo man does not place an intimate relationship at the heart of the matter. For him, great importance is played by interpersonal communication, the level of mutual understanding between partners. Nevertheless, harmony is important for him in sex, so he will be a diligent lover. You can even say that in sex, he will be able to reveal all the sensuality of his nature, which he does not allow to escape out in ordinary life. If a man-Virgo is in love, his sexual "enthusiasm" increases in proportion to the power of emotions, but even in this case the sensual side of love will still remain for him in second place.

However, even in bed, a Virgo man can pay attention to a lot of small things, making it difficult for him to relax and it’s hard for him to feel pleasure. He is not peculiar softness and tenderness. Intimate relations with him are often monotonous, the approach to intimate pleasures is traditional. Among the Virgos men there are a lot of bachelors, because they can do without sexual life and be content with work alone. Among the men, Dev is a lot of workaholics, people who are used to taking on a lot of obligations, work hard and sharpen their skills. And then there is no special interest in intimate life.

He does not succumb to emotions, minute weaknesses, dubious pleasures. Negatively refers to love passions and all that can shake his stability and peace of mind. At best, he will be able to liberate himself, get rid of complexes and he will be a loving and caring husband. In the worst case scenario, one can show coldness, restraint, insensitivity. It happens that his intimate life is also distributed. He loves everything in moderation, and live by his own rules.

He treats sex as a normal physiological need, without giving much importance to sensuality, tenderness, caresses. In many cases, sex for him is not paramount in life. But on the other hand, it is important, a strong and harmonious connection. Sometimes he himself does not understand that real harmony in relationships, including intimate ones, without bright emotions and sincere feelings can not be built.

Man Virgo in Family Relationships

Everything related to the family and family values for men always comes first. He is not one of those who will avoid marriage, lead a light, non-serious relationship. But on the other hand, for marriage, he needs full confidence in the chosen one. And with his skepticism and criticality, it is difficult to achieve trust and confidence, and sometimes it takes a lot for this time.

He can live alone for a long time, keep no one close to him, never reveal true feelings to anyone and find more salvation from loneliness in his work. Although loneliness does not frighten him at all. Therefore, to marry a Virgo man, girl will have to demonstrate their best qualities of character. Find out what he most appreciates in a woman. But too ideal is also not worth it, because this behavior for him will be suspicious. After all, there are no completely ideal people.

Virgo in marriage usually enter after a long courtship, subjecting the beloved to many trials, and then fall in love with her forever. Virgins in marriage require that their partners and children live disciplined. In the family everything is assigned the exact time and place, everything should be in a "virgin" order, but they also give themselves all away. After all, such a man chose you to serve you. He perfectly provides for the family and will be faithful. Provided that the wife is attentive to him and friendly, becomes a wonderful family man.

The Virgo man in marriage devotes much time to the family. Usually he has an organized family life, established household issues, easily and quickly coping with practical problems. Since nature has practicality and hard work. Is able to do repairs, repair, repair, understands technical issues.

Likes when the house is perfectly clean, tidy, every thing lies in its place. He will not tolerate chaos and disorder. Especially if pedantry is developed, then it is possible for the household to learn what and how to do, criticize about wrong actions. In the worst case, it can be grumpy and dissatisfied, constantly notice shortcomings, miscalculations of others. At best, he will calmly tackle practical issues. In most cases, there is an innate craving for cleanliness, accuracy.

In food, it can be picky, it’s important that it’s all good in everything. If it’s food, then it should be necessarily healthy. If you choose a vacation, then it should be comfortable and economical, calculated to the smallest detail. For everything, so as not to take a Virgo man, he prefers to calculate any details and trivialities. Also, he may have inflated needs for his own appearance and clothes. Everything should be clean, tidy and perfect.

As for friends, usually they have little. Communication prefers more in essence, in a case where you can discuss something specific. It is difficult for him to talk about abstract things. The same applies to feelings and emotions. It is difficult for him to understand what the other has to do with souls, he considers the motives of actions purely from a materialistic point of view.

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