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As with many of the other zodiac signs, the inner make-up of Libra natives bears a close similarity to the related symbol, in this case, the scales. Libras are beings that are very much concerned with fairness, justice, and most of all peace. They really do seem to live by the motto “can’t we all just get along” more than any other sign. Libras, like the other air signs, are also known for their high degree of sociability and love of intellectual pursuits, music, and the arts. They are definitely considered to be one of the most easy-going, agreeable signs.

However, Libras also have a bad reputation for being wishy-washy individuals that avoid taking a stand, often out of fear of offending someone. Many Librans also have a tendency to want to be all things to all people, which can be a recipe for disaster. They must take care that this desire to please doesn’t turn into a tendency toward dishonesty in order to avoid rocking the boat. When it comes to love match astrology, Libras do best when matched with fellow air signs, but also get along well with complimentary fire signs.

Libra Best Love Matches

Generally speaking, Libra seeks balance in any kind of relationship. It should be equal, with equal commitment and equal feelings for one another. That may seem rather utopian, but it happens that Libra accomplishes it, by holding on to the goal and finding the solutions to realize it.

Libra’s love is devoted and faithful, but also kind of calculated. It’s a contract of sorts, where the partner has to respect every clause, or the deal is off. That’s particularly hard because Libra takes most of these rules for granted and neglects to express them clearly - until they are broken.

Libra wants a relationship with fixed structure and routines. Some find it boring, others sense that it’s reassuring. In any case, Libra commits to a partner for life - as long as they agree on what that life should be like.

Aquarius: Both Aquarius and Libra love socializing, talking, and being around people. Their social life as a couple will be rich, full, and rewarding. They will also enjoy pursuing and sharing their individual ideas and pursuits with each other. Libra’s natural diplomacy also helps to counteract Aquarius’s natural stubborn streak, and together, these two will find it easy to reach a compromise when rough patches arise.

Gemini: When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Gemini and Libra together make for one of those ideal unions. They are perfectly suited for each other intellectually, sexually, and socially. Both value variety and enjoy a wide range of interests. Neither is overly jealous, but both Libra and Gemini are full of passion when it comes to everything they do. This will be a harmonious union guaranteed to last and last.

Sagittarius: Charming Libra and fiery Sagittarius can be assured that they will never be bored with one another. Libra knows how to keep things interesting for adventure-loving Sagittarius, while Sagittarius with its strong love of intellectualism will be more than able to provide Libra with the mental stimulation it craves. As long as Sagittarius does not allow its love for independence to interfere with Libra’s need for a stable, reliable partner, this union has the makings of a partnership built to last.

Libra Worst Love Matches

Pisces: This is a match that tends to start off on a good foot, as both Libra and Pisces are sentimental, sensitive signs who focus on the happiness of others. However, Pisces is not like Libra when it comes to being able to get along with everyone and anyone. Libra’s love of variety will eventually seem like flightiness to Pisces, while Pisces’s tendency to sulk and brood when hurt or upset, as well as their need to be taken care of, will begin to irritate Libra, and possibly even activate a roaming eye.

Cancer: These two have very different needs when it comes to their relationship with one another. Cancer requires a connection on a deep emotional level while Libra is in search of an intellectual one. Cancer’s moodiness will also wear on the nerves of fun-loving Libra while Libra’s seeming flightiness will clash with Cancer’s strong need for security. Cancer will also have a tendency to become overly critical, causing Libra to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Taurus: Although these two share a great love for art, music, and the finer things in life, that is where the similarities end. Taurus will be looking to plan ahead so as to lay a firm foundation for a secure life together, but this will only seem like stuffiness to Libra. Libra’s natural fickleness and seeming wishy-washiness will truly irritate Taurus and interfere with its strong need for security. Both lack the patience with one another to properly learn to get along on a long-term basis.

Libra Wild Cards Relationships

Libra: The strong point of this pairing is in the mutual love of beauty, art, and harmony. Two Libras together will want nothing more than to get along together and live their lives as peacefully as possible. However, there can often be a problem with unresolved conflicts. Neither Libra will want to rock the boat, meaning important issues can go longer than they ought to before they are properly dealt with.

Aries: This is a pairing that often starts out with a very strong, completely undeniable mutual attraction. These two are quite compatible in the bedroom, as both place a similar level of importance on sex. Their union is likely to be a stimulating one on many levels. However, Aries must take care not to stifle Libra by being too demanding. Libra must similarly make sure to remember to give Aries plenty of the praise and adoration it requires.

Seeing the Beauty in Life

While others might see a rusted piece of metal, Librans see a potential sculpture trapped inside the scrap, or a repurposed, functional piece of furniture. It isn’t that they see the world through rose-colored glasses - far from it. They’re aware of the harshness of the real world, but they choose to focus on the beautiful side instead of the "ugly" one.

Librans don’t like conflict or anything that upsets the balance of perfect harmony. They aren’t materialistic people, but they enjoy the sensual beauty found in exquisite and expensive objects. Tactile pleasure is just as enjoyable to them as visual beauty. It’s no wonder that Librans can be found dabbling in the fine arts. Music, painting, sculpture, dance and drama are all necessary foods for their survival.

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