Pisces in Love

If you are a Pisces gestures are very important to you: the red rose, the walk in the moonlight, the guitar serenade by the balcony. You are a sentimental romantic who is always on the look out for an enchanting night with a soul mate. Although you are usually right with your intuition, when you are in love you are incredibly gullible, surprisingly dependent, and much more demanding than you think you are. You are ruled by your emotions, but you are also generous, erotic, warm, supportive and gentle.

Ruled by mystical Neptune, Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. You have the stuff of romance flowing through your very veins. From the moment you heard your first fairy tale you were caught up in the magic of those princesses locked in towers and princes rescuing them. Somehow, you have never quite rid yourself of the notion that there is a special someone for you, a soul-mate, someone who will go through fire and water to claim you. And if anyone can find their soul-mate, you can. The trouble is you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find him.

In your quest for the Holy Grail, perfect love, you can go through many disastrous love affairs and possibly a marriage or two. And you suffer a lot. You give your all to the man you’re in love with; you trust him and abandon friends, jobs, ambitions, and a few principles too, in order to keep him. Caught up in the hormonal rush of lust, you lose all sense of perspective and convince yourself that this is HIM - you have a repeat prescription for rose-coloured specs. It may take years before you realize that you made a mistake.

There are several routes out of the maze of illusion, betrayal and rejection - one of them is to turn your watery nature into ice, thus living a celibate existence and channelling your loving energy into other pursuits; another is to martyr yourself to a troubled and unfulfilling marriage, pining and withering on the vine. Many celestial Fish opt for either of these two courses. But there is a third way. By accepting that all human beings are flawed, and that we only truly find the heaven in another person once we have exited this earthly realm is a good start. No one person can make our lives for us: we must do that ourselves, but we may find someone who can share the journey with us. In working with the reality of a relationship and tossing out the dream factor you could find that you do indeed have a prince of a guy. And if anyone can find him, you can.

Fall in Love with Pisces

When you fall for Pisces, be romantic. Pisces wants to be carried away, but not like Tarzan-and-Jane. Being a little aggresive may work in the beginning (Pisces can be passive), but on the long-term it does not get you very far. Pisces would like to see that the meaning of love is the congregation of soul mates, two companions against the flow of the everyday world. Pisces also likes sentimental gifts, candle-light dinners, valantine cards: the whole caboodle. What they dislike is good advice… No matter how you formulate it, Pisces considers it as criticism, so don’t.

Are you emotionally drained and physically worn out by signs such as the critical Virgo or the self-absorbed Libra or a commitment phobic Aquarius? If so, you might want to try a gentle compassionate and genuine Pisces. Pisceans are willing to listen to all of your horrifying problems that others will have nothing to do with. They are willing to offer generous amounts of empathy and support. If you’re sick or injured, Pisces will be your in-home nurse and take great care of you. However, they expect you to reciprocate with the hot compresses and grandma’s chicken soup.

Pisces are the least critical and judgmental sign in the zodiac. Let’s say you’re considering a boob job or liposuction on those love handles guys. A Pisces will not judge you for your vanity; in fact they will pretend that they didn’t notice your imperfections and reassure you that your insecurities are false. They are very tolerant and accepting.

The atypical personality of a Pisces is somewhat hard to pin down. This is due to the fact that they adapt to the moods and characteristics of others. They are chameleons and can do a complete transformation depending upon their environment. Do not misinterpret this as an identity crisis. They simply are manifesting the personality trait they need to relate to you.

Pisces in Love

How to Attract Pisces

1. It is very important for a Pisces to see your ethereal and sensitive qualities.

2. Appear caring and compassionate, but still be wickedly sexy. They must feel that you are a hot commodity, but that your spiritual side is strong and balanced. Present yourself with the heart and soul of Florence Nightingale and the body of a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel. Bottom line. Convince them that your heart is made of gold and they will forgive you for a lot of social and physical flaws.

3. Impress them with your genuine interest in how they are doing. Are you hungry? Are you comfortable? Pisces love attention.

4. Pisceans are animal lovers. Talk to them and show them pictures of your pets and they will be putty in your hands. Never act annoyed by a barking dog or cat hair on your black suit.

5. Another good way to interest a Pisces is to mention an Ethiopian child that you recently adopted or an animal cause that you regularly contribute to.

6. Suggest a romantic evening at home. Pisces tend to be homebodies and enjoy warm, comfortable surroundings.

Perfect Date for Pisces

Pisces love lakes, rivers, beaches boat trips and any water sport. They also love museums, art galleries, antique stores, concerts and the theatre. A mile hike with the dog is always a good suggestion.

Perfect Gift for Pisces

Pisces love anything they can enjoy at home. CDs, Videos, Movies, Candles, Oil Lamps, Incense, Bath Oils, Massage Oils and a nice pair of warm cashmere socks (Piceans are ruled by the feet) so any gift involving the foot is greatly appreciated.

What to talk to Pisces

Pisces are very in tune to the vibrations and atmosphere of their surroundings. Mention that you are aware of the vibes in the room and ask “are the vibes strange” or “can you feel strange energy here?” By asking these questions the Piscean will know that you are aware of your intuitive and sensitive side. Talking about astrology, meditating and alternative healing are always of interest. Discuss the meaning of dreams.

Most Pisces hate to admit it, but they always enjoy some good gossip. Talk about what celebrity is sleeping with whom. And of course you can never go wrong talking about pets. A little warning: a little warning, above all never act disinterested in them or what they might have to say. They have the most fragile egos in the entire zodiac. This means Pisces need constant reassurance and interest on your part.

Pisces in Bed

Pisces are very intuitive. They feel everything they need to feel sexually attractive-compliments are a must. Compliment them on their enchanting eyes or tell them how great their hair looks. They might act shy at first but will distinctly hear and remember what you said. They are very attracted to strength in their partners. This is due to the fact that they often lack it. Pisceans like a mixture of a controlled, gentle and caring heart, with a strong powerful exterior.

Pisces are not likely to make the first move on your first encounter. It might be up to you. You might want to suggest going back to your place for a nightcap. Once of the most important things a Pisces likes to feel is comfortable. Once they are truly content, there is an easy progression from sensual to sexual then passionate lovemaking.

Providing Pisces with warmth and comfort, makes them feel desirable. Create a warm, comfortable atmosphere to prevent them from feeling like a cold fish,because believe us, they will act in just that way. Pisces are absolute devotees and even experts on the act of cuddling. Want to arouse your Pisces? Practice cuddling. If you fail the cuddle test, you are likely to be kicked out of bed. Practice, practice, practice. Cuddling is of the utmost importance to a Pisces.

Remember, Pisces are a fish out of water, so use this to your advantage. Indulge in some Planet Eve bath oils and salts. By using these products, we guarantee to bring out the most virtual and most sensual sign of this fish. Surprise them with a candle lit bath and a glass of their favorite champagne. Anything is possible in a bathtub.

Beware: Pisces tend to take periodic sexual vacations. Don’t take this personally. Because they live in their heads, at times they would rather lay around and dream about sex, rather than actually do it. They can be very cold for a while. Don’t worry, the tide will eventually turn in your favor.

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