Cancer in Relationships

Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Cancer personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Cancer relationships. Cancers are very sensitive and caring people. Prone to giving their all, they typically rush headlong into commitment. Less likely than other signs to bail when the going gets tough, Cancers are very loyal and determined to work things out.

Cancers are champions of their loved ones and will fiercely protect and defend them. Known for their sensitivity, Cancers can be very sentimental when things are going well, yet if things get difficult their feelings get very hurt quickly. They are careful with themselves and may not easily show their vulnerabilities when first beginning a relationship. Yet when handled with care and respect they blossom, giving devotion and loyalty for life.

Cancer Relationship

Sentimental in the extreme, Cancers are likely to notice the little things and keep track of things better than other signs. Cancers are often labeled "pack rats" for the simple reason that their deep rooted memories link them to external things and they feel better when surrounded with specific things kept "just so". This can be remembered handily by their lovers, and showing respect to a Cancer’s belongings will make them love you all the more.

Respect and devotion is very important to Cancers. They are typically not outlandish or crude at all. Their love style is one of steady quietness that is very appealing in the long term. They make excellent parents as well, bringing their own brand of sensitive parenting to the mix which likely enhances their partners ways.

Cancers usually enjoy nurturing their loved ones, and one way this often manifests is via homemaking and cooking. Many Cancers take pleasure in providing for and caring for each other, whether materially, financially, emotionally or via daily acts such as cooking. Be careful not to take this for granted however! An appreciated Cancer is a happy Cancer.

Easy to talk to, Cancers are very empathetic and their sensitivity makes them very alluring and easy to love. You will want to protect your Cancer from the big bad world and they will appreciate the gesture of protectiveness. Likewise they are also very protective of their loved ones and can easily be misunderstood in motive. They simply want their loved one to be okay and are willing to shift their own life around dramatically to ensure the well-being of the relationship.

Cancer and Aries Relationship

They both have definite opinions and if by chance their overall values are different, particularly on a political or spiritual issue, there is likely to be continual tension in the relationship. Cancer is sensitive and needs their companion to provide comfort, compassion and understanding. Aries have been known to lack the compassion, and can act before they think leaving a trail of emotional hurt in their path.

If they realized this fact they could retreat and do damage control, but Aries quickly forgets as they are already on to the next challenge that takes their attention. Often they are unaware of the damage their rash actions have caused. This can lead Cancer to stew and brood, reliving the exchange in their mind intensifying the hurt each time. If this connection works it can be dynamic, but if it does not work it will be over before it begins. Cancer will pull the shutters down and walk away leaving Aries wondering what happened.

Cancer and Taurus Relationship

Of course, it is inevitable in all relationships simply because we are all individuals that bliss will at some point be interrupted, this is unavoidable in life. And when they do hit a bump in the road to love, you can bet there will be the silent treatment between these two, and will break the ice? As Cancer is closely attuned to the energy of the ever-changing Moon, Cancer’s astrological ruler, they are prone to moodiness. Taurus is generally more even tempered, unless of course, they have a reason they feel justifies them not to be.

The nurturing Cancer can turn into iceman or maiden in an instant and pull the shutters down, and if Taurus feels justified, they can dig their hooves in and are able to sit it out for what seems like an eternity. If the invisible curtain of silence goes up and the chill sets in, there’s no telling how long they will go without speaking. In the end, as the emotional Moon energy changes, Cancer will find a way to not give in, but to melt the icicles.

Cancer and Gemini Relationship

These two live in parallel worlds. Gemini touches lightly and moves on, and if Cancer gets attached to something they never let go. Gemini may feel stifled by the crab’s possessiveness while Cancer feels insecure and threatened by the Gemini reluctance to commit. Not to say that Gemini is incapable of commitment, but the twins’ need for freedom is as legendary as the crab’s need for security. Gemini needs to talk – a lot – which may hit the Cancer crab shell like a brick wall.

Cancer can be maddeningly close-lipped and private, their acute sensitivity causing them to withdraw. Gemini must use their hearts to understand their moon ruled partner, even clever Gemini won’t solve that mystery using the mind alone. Cancer won’t always be able to sense what Gemini feels and distance can grow between them. When Cancer does choose to communicate in words, Gemini better focus their attention to receive them. Cancer needs Gemini to sit still for a while and really listen.

Cancer is generally very responsible with money, preferring safety over risky ventures. Gemini needs to experience all that is new, to explore and learn as much as possible, and the thrill of a purchase can outweigh the value of saving money, as far as they’re concerned. These two can find it hard to connect on the same wavelength for very long; differences in their essential natures may prove too conflicting to overcome.

Cancer and Cancer Relationship

Being ruled by the moon, Cancer is moody and changeable. Two crabs together can be way too much sensitivity for any relationship to cope with. A potential for some pretty heavy dysfunction exists if – instead of mutual support with self-awareness – they allow themselves to plunge into emotional turmoil when confronted with each other’s inevitable moods or crabby remarks. Guard against over-reacting to slights, or imagining offenses when none exists. An area of likely conflict is money.

If this union is to work, boundaries with cash and who pays for what need to be established early on. The cocoon of safety and privacy these two create, while protecting their vulnerability, can become limiting if enough outside stimulation is not brought into the relationship. To grow together, they must guard against becoming too insulated. Being a cardinal sign, Cancer is a natural leader, and can be bossy, even if they may not express it outright (though they often will.) Let your natural sensitivity help steer clear of any power struggles that may arise when both of you wants to captain the ship at the same time.

Cancer and Leo Relationship

Leo holds nothing back, while Cancer’s world is greatly internalized, and without compatible elements elsewhere in their charts fundamental conflicts in their essential natures can prove difficult to overcome. Leo can be extremely self-centered and can eclipse Cancer, dominating the relationship, which can cause Cancer to withdraw, feel diminished and grow melancholy. Leo is too busy and optimistic to notice Cancer’s moods. Water and fire can extinguish each other.

Cancer has the power to dampen a lion’s spirit and Leo can wither a crab’s heart and soul, reducing them both to what could be a destructive level. Cancer can put out the solar fire with a steady rain of brooding silence, sulking and emotional drama. If Leo is too self-involved to express sufficient sensitivity and understanding, Cancer can retreat into deep sadness and introversion. Finance may be an area of concern. Leo’s largess may strike Cancer as indulgent extravagance, while the Cancer frugality seems stingy to Leo. Cancer can be bossy, while Leo can be stubborn. These two have their work cut out for them, to make the relationship work.

Cancer and Virgo Relationship

Virgo may wound their acutely sensitive Cancer partner with a critical remark that the Crab does not let go of long after Virgo has forgotten it. A Cancer in protection mode may reject Virgo’s gestures of caring, making Virgo feel rejected and unappreciated. Cancer can descend into a dark emotional abyss that has the potential to overwhelm Virgo’s nerves and sensitivity to an extent that drags both of them down even further. The Virgo fix-it nature can really grate on Cancers sensitivity.

Admittedly, when Virgo is critical they are only trying to help Cancer be a better person, but too much nitpicking and not enough encouragement can quickly wear out Virgo’s welcome. If the Crab dishes out some of the criticism that Virgo serves up, the Virgin’s delicate self -esteem can really take a nose dive. Cancers can be more emotionally needy than they let on, with a potential for possessiveness that interferes with Virgo’s need for freedom.

Cancer and Libra Relationship

Libra loves to socialize - Cancer prefers to stay home. Libra requires a flow of social interactions, while privacy is important to Cancer, who prefers to be by themselves or with their mate, not the large number of friends and associates that Libra collects. Cancer can be extremely possessive and feel threatened by Libra’s need to get out and relate to others, making them crabby, moody, or sullen. This can really disturb the fundamental Libra goal of peace and harmony, causing Libra to seek equilibrium in an airy detachment that creates further distance.

Libra may find the careful crab stingy while Cancer sees Libra as extravagant and careless. Libra can find the watery world of their gentle crab simply too overwhelming and heavy. As an air sign, Libra experiences life primarily through the realm of thought, while water sign Cancer exists in the world of emotion. Libra may just not get what makes Cancer tick, and Cancer may grow frustrated or hurt by Libra’s apparent disregard for their feelings. Both may feel unappreciated or unable to really be themselves.

Cancer and Scorpio Relationship

Both have long memories – they never forget a thing. Their challenge is to learn to leave past hurts behind, forgive and forget, and move on. There is too much good happening in this relationship to let a squabble here and there interfere. Scorpio can be too controlling for Cancer, and the crab can carelessly snap at Scorpio. Cancer mustn’t smother Scorpio with too much mothering, they need to allow Scorpio some private space without feeling threatened. Scorpio must remember how tender hearted Cancer really is – the Scorpion sting could wound Cancer more than Scorpio could imagine. Both can withdraw into silence if they are hurt, causing a painful stand-off.

Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship

Sagittarius can be brutally honest. In truth, they may just not think through what they say – it just comes out. Hurtful remarks, even if unintended, can be a deal breaker for Cancer, who feels things so intensely. This can cause many upsets, tears and trauma in the relationship. Once the centaur realizes what effect their actions have had on the crab, they try to smooth it over but without luck. When Cancer feels their trust has been betrayed, they hold on and don’t open up again easily, if at all.

A fire sign, Sagittarius burns strong and fast, and can feel extinguished by the heavy waters of subjective, emotional involvement that is home to Cancer. Likewise, Cancer can feel the life sucked out of them by Sag’s constant buzz of activity. They require calm, soothing and more subtle environments. Sag needs their freedom; their spirits are restless and they must answer the call. And they love to flirt – it’s part of the adventure and thirst for life.

Cancer needs security of all kinds, emotional above all, and can be pretty possessive and jealous. The centaur’s reluctance to commit and their need for space spells obvious trouble. Similar dynamics play out with finances. Sagittarius may strike Cancer as careless and immature with money, while Sag may resist the Cancer frugality as stingy and unnecessary.

Cancer and Capricorn Relationship

Capricorn can be very controlling, and while Cancer can roll with that up to a point, they’ll balk if Cap gets taken over by their cold, stern shadow side. Though appreciative and in need of the nurturing Cancer provides, Cap will have no patience with emotional smothering. Capricorn and Cancer both can slip into some pretty depressive moods and can pull each other down even more – something to watch out for. Capricorn can wound Cancer without realizing, if their domineering, military style gets out of hand, and Cancer will have a hard time forgetting the hurt.

Being ruled by the moon and Saturn means that emotion vs. logic, soft vs. hard, cyclical moodiness vs. predictable control will be continuously pitted against each other to some degree in this relationship. Because these two are actually different sides of the same coin, they can make that work very well, but inevitable friction cannot be entirely avoided. Mutual appreciation and awareness of their different motivations is key. Cancer and the moon rule the home, and Saturn and Capricorn rule work and career, so balance between these areas may be something this couple must work to achieve.

Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

Cancer needs to connect, emotional security is of paramount importance to the crab, and they can be very possessive. Aquarius seeks freedom above all - they are by nature somewhat detached and can be painfully aloof. The mothering way that a typical Cancer cares and shares is way too much affection for Aquarius who sees it as possessiveness and borderline obsession. Cancer’s acute sensitivity is bound to take Aquarius’ need to ‘do their own thing’ personally, when it is not meant that way all.

Aquarius has a way of pulling down the shutters when they want to be alone that can cause Cancer to withdraw into their protective shell so that both partners are effectively removed from each other. Cancer life lessons involve trusting the depth of their emotional experience; their very purpose in life is to feel. Aquarius seeks to break the bonds of imposed values - their very purpose is to express their individual call. One seeks to hold on, one seeks to let go. With supportive elements elsewhere in their charts, these two may make a go of it, but they have their work cut out for them.

Cancer and Pisces Relationship

The Crab and the Fishes’ worlds are so closely aligned that they can get lost together. It’s such a comfortable and safe existence that taking action can be challenging. Somebody has to manage the practical necessities of life, and whichever among them this responsibility falls to can resent what feels like an unfair burden. Cancer is ruled by the moon and easily succumbs to moods and brooding which can swamp Pisces and drag them both down into the depths. The Fish may get frustrated by the intense subjectivity of their Cancer partners, wondering why the Crab doesn’t see the bigger picture.

Red flag alert: the Cancer crab shell sometimes causes them to withdraw, which can wound Pisces more than Cancer realizes. Cancer must learn to trust; the boundaries they use to protect themselves may prove more than even compassionate Pisces can bear. The Fish have their own insecurities, remember. Foreseeable difficulties: Pisces procrastination can cause Cancer to get impatient. Cancer can be also be somewhat demanding, which rubs the fish’s scales up the wrong way.

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