Capricorn in Relationships

Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Capricorn personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Capricorn relationships. Capricorns are known for their determined ambition.

They make good partners for someone whose goals are of long range material stability. Although Capricorns can sometimes be called materialistic, this need derives from their deep rooted need of stability and their own responsible need to ensure stability for themselves and their loved ones (offspring).

Capricorn Relationship

Unlike many signs, Capricorns aren’t likely to fall hard and fast, usually preferring to fall into "friendship" first. Once friendship is established and they are more comfortable, then if/when physical attraction exists, things progress from there. Capricorns make friends slowly and can be seen as somewhat aloof to those not in their inner circle, which of course can pique serious interest in the challenge this presents. Securing their affections may be a slow process but it is just a generic form of getting to know you and feeling comfortable which they need.

Once they are interested and at ease, they are steadfast in their need to have a relationship. Capricorns can be stubborn and this serves them well as they generally succeed in attaining what they want. Slow and steady is their way in the romance department.

Generally speaking, Capricorns can be very loyal to their loved ones. They at times have inferiority complexes which can make them prone to feeling "less than", leaving them open to attentions from other parties if they feel neglected at home. Trust is very important to Capricorns. Because they can tend towards pessimism, having a partner they can depend on is of immense value to them. They appreciate a steady, responsible partner.

Likely to be playful when intimate, Capricorns can be counted on to enjoy the fun side of sex. Capricorns are very serious minded about their future and security. This makes their choice of mate a serious consideration for them. They are less likely to quickly give in and break up when the going gets tough, as once they’ve invested time and effort in a relationship they feel morally compelled to stick with it.

If the connection is a true one, your Capricorn will loyally help you to make a life together. Devoted parents, they are known to think ahead and appreciate the stability that having long term plans offers. Because they are careful about their self-image, they are less likely to enjoy talking things out on the spot. It is prudent to not put your Capricorn on the spot, but gently nudge them when something is on your mind.

Capricorns usually don’t like surprises, so if you can give yourself some time when something arises that you need to discuss with your Capricorn, you would be better served. Capricorns prefer to think things out on their own before openly discussing them and committing to a decision. If you can be patient on this matter, their trust in you and your relationship will enable them to open up quicker with time, (hopefully).

Capricorn and Aries Relationship

If not careful, these two can get in to a real power struggle, and if this does occur in the dynamic of their relationship neither of them is going to want to back down. They both think they are right and can bother become self righteous with their attitude. In the end if a compromise is not agreed upon the goat will disregard the ram and steadily move forward with their own plans in a methodical manner.

The ram can become distracted and head off in a different direction. All will be well for a while until the situation occurs again, and if not dealt with, serious crakes in the relationship foundations can occur. These two can be polarized in their outlooks - Aries likes to be forever optimistic, while Capricorn will look on the side of caution. This is actually a good balance, but whether they can appreciate that, is another thing.

Capricorn and Taurus Relationship

As much as these two hum magnificently together, as with all relationships they too have their challenges, which can be worked out over time as they live, compromise and fit within each other’s lives. Of course Capricorn, in their cardinal sign take charge manner, will try to take the upper hand and control, which is what they are used to doing, but here starts the power struggle, as fixed sign Taurus, although can give and take to a certain degree, is not about to be bossed around.

Part of the attraction they have for each other is they are both strong characters and leaders in their own right, and as such, control factors can come into play. Once they allocate who’s responsible for what, these problems will cease to exist, and this is something that can be accomplished over time. These two like to work, and if not careful life can enter dullsville. However, they do realize there is a time and place for everything, and together they set their schedules accordingly. Taurus can be possessive; however, once Capricorn makes a commitment, it is unlikely they will ever give Taurus a reason to feel insecure.

Capricorn and Gemini Relationship

Capricorn takes over and will try to organize Gemini. Gemini is unpredictable and likes to go with the flow, while Capricorn tends to fill every waking minute with some urgent tasks that supposedly needs doing. This can be a great source of irritation to Gemini. The twin’s lack of purpose and ambition doesn’t resonate at all with Capricorn, who doesn’t go for flighty light-weights. Capricorn is by nature extremely control oriented - of themselves, their environment and of others.

Gemini resists imposed limitations and will escape like Houdini if Capricorn gets too regimental and domineering. Gemini seeks the new, while Capricorn celebrates past achievements. Status means little to Gemini, and though they are not adverse to celebrity, traditional status quo honors that mean so much to Capricorn usually hold no such appeal for the butterfly of the zodiac.

Capricorn likes to nail things down, to know what’s coming next and why. Gemini positively refuses to be nailed down and they, themselves usually don’t know what’s coming next for them! Capricorn is all about responsibility while Gemini is all about freedom. The conflicts are not minor, and it’s possible these two may appreciate each other for a time and realize their fundamental natures are simply too different to make a relationship work.

Capricorn and Cancer Relationship

Capricorn can be very controlling, and while Cancer can roll with that up to a point, they’ll balk if Cap gets taken over by their cold, stern shadow side. Though appreciative and in need of the nurturing Cancer provides, Cap will have no patience with emotional smothering. Capricorn and Cancer both can slip into some pretty depressive moods and can pull each other down even more – something to watch out for. Capricorn can wound Cancer without realizing, if their domineering, military style gets out of hand, and Cancer will have a hard time forgetting the hurt.

Being ruled by the moon and Saturn means that emotion vs. logic, soft vs. hard, cyclical moodiness vs. predictable control will be continuously pitted against each other to some degree in this relationship. Because these two are actually different sides of the same coin, they can make that work very well, but inevitable friction cannot be entirely avoided. Mutual appreciation and awareness of their different motivations is key. Cancer and the moon rule the home, and Saturn and Capricorn rule work and career, so balance between these areas may be something this couple must work to achieve.

Capricorn and Leo Relationship

Capricorn is all about building security for the future, and steadily moves towards their goals. No matter what it takes and how long it takes Capricorn never losses focus, they are building a future for tomorrow and keep their eye on the end result. Leo’s attention is on today, the impact they make here and now will take care of what happens tomorrow. Capricorn is a cardinal strategic action sign who likes to be in control and automatically takes control.

Leo is a fixed sign, and although they are open to learning from Capricorn, if they think they have something useful to impart, they are not going to be controlled, quite the opposite, they are known to be bossy and take charge themselves, so this is a recipe for friction on a day-to-day bases, which can result in a partnership, personal or professional, to be over almost before it starts. When Capricorn is challenged they can be cold and selfish and Leo, who is normally warm and generous, if they feel confronted can be arrogant and conceited, not a good recipe for a partnership.

Capricorn and Virgo Relationship

As these two both have a strong work ethic and strong sense of responsibility, being disciplined to block out time for togetherness with no interruptions can be difficult. Elevating each other to number one, above their work is also a constant challenge, because there also seems to be someone else who needs or wants their attention. Both can succumb to depression, burn out or pessimism, letting the burdens of the world overwhelm them. They are wise to remember this tendency and do all they can to help their partner lighten up and see the glass half full – these two can be too serious for their own good, at times.

When Virgo is happy and healthy they create order in their environment; they are famous ‘neat freaks.’ When they’re depressed, however, they can neglect necessary chores, leading to chaos – which of course drags them down further. Capricorn may have difficulty understanding how Virgo could let things get out of control, showing little compassion for Virgo’s internal struggle. Capricorn can be extremely controlling, and with Virgo’s need to please and be of true service, these two must be careful to maintain a balance of power in the relationship.

Capricorn and Libra Relationship

For Libra and Capricorn, mixing business and social events can be challenging. Libran loves to socialize, and can fit more than one event in the calendar on the same time slot rather than miss out on something that is sure to be fabulous. Capricorns highest priority is business, and can always fit another meeting or task in their schedule, and unless the socializing is an event that they can meet someone useful for business they will probably decline.

Going to the latest film preview or art exhibition is not necessarily on top of their list, even though, in a perfect world with a few more hours in each day, they would love to attend. With their highest priorities being polarized, it makes it difficult to spend quality time together, which leaves Libra to socialize and fraternize on their own, which can lead them into temptation, and infidelity is not something Capricorn will stand for. They both have a valid argument for doing what they do, but in the end they don’t get the support and understanding they both need.

If one partner is more dominating it can crumble, which in this case, Capricorn will try and dominate and Libra will let them if it suits them, but at times Libra will want to take time to think things through, and Capricorn is not one to sit around and wait while someone sifts through the process of weighing up the pros and cons. Another area of frustration is in Capricorns eyes, Libra can be disparaging or disapproving in the way they are constantly trying to give helpful hints as to how they feel Capricorn could do something differently.

To Capricorn it is a subtle way of control, and as Capricorn is the master of control they would know a controlling act when they see one, but of course Libra, is offended at the suggestion they have been anything but helpful. If things go wrong, it can really not got well, and do an about turn with Capricorn brooding and snarly, and Libra surly and ornery.

Capricorn and Scorpio Relationship

Dreams, goals and wishes will be a hot topic when these two signs get together. However, their path to greatness will take different journeys. Scorpio may find Capricorn too controlling, too rational or limited while Capricorn may find Scorpio to be indulgent or gullible. Scorpio may feel hurt or disappointed when they desire to share some of their passionate interests with Capricorn that the sea-goat simply isn’t interested in.

Capricorn can find Scorpio’s emotional intensity overwhelming or unnecessary, while Scorpio can run into Capricorn’s wall of rationality and wonder if there’s any soul behind it! Both these two can get into some pretty dark moods, and their ‘shadow sides’ can be pretty harsh. Scorpio will sting in retaliation, either with words or silence, and Capricorn can go stone cold. These two must remember to express their affection, respect and appreciation often.

Capricorn can be very controlling and bossy, and Scorpio can be very stubborn. Scorpio doesn’t take well to orders or being treated as an underling. Scorpio acts from instinct while Capricorn acts from logic, causing additional power struggles. Because they are both so controlling and serious, it’s possible for this couple to fall into a rut, letting routine take over the magic of the relationship. Mix it up from time to time.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Relationship

Capricorn aims for the end result, always having his or her attention on the outcome and even though Sagittarius is a visionary who can see the end result, they love the journey. They can walk opposing paths in opposite directions, and even though they may like and respect each other, it can be difficult for them to connect long enough to start and continue an intimate relationship. Capricorn has their feet firmly on the ground, and Sagittarius is in flight onto the next grand adventure.

They both have an appreciation for learning and knowledge, however, for different causes. Capricorn seeks knowledge for what they can achieve to enhance the value of their future life and to gain security and power. Sagittarians capacity to gain knowledge is on a higher more philosophical level and their interests are often in the world of the unexplained, and Capricorn is more likely to want to see everything in black and white before they have an acceptance of matters.

When it concerns love, Sagittarian’s lighthearted flirtatious manner can leave Capricorn unsure as to their level of commitment, and rightly so. For Capricorn, love is serious matter and when they find their one and only true love they want it to be a forever affair, while making a commitment forever to someone is not so much on top of the wish list for Sagittarius.

Capricorn and Capricorn Relationship

All work and no play can make Capricorn a dull couple. They do appreciate each other’s desire and need to be ambitious, but there is more to life than work. When Capricorns get on a roll they do not like to break the flow, and this is when they can neglect everything else in their life except for the very thing that has their attention at the time. The positive here is that they understand each other, and also realize their need to every now and again, or maybe even often, to shut the world out, which another sun sign may have trouble accepting.

One of the biggest challenges in the Capricorn duo is their tendency to get into those dark and gloomy moods, the Capricorn blues. Capricorn can fall pretty deep into a depressive doom and gloom state, and with two Caps, who’s goes to get them out, although, miraculously Capricorn does get themselves out of these Saturnine moods as quickly as they get in them.

Capricorns by nature are serious and sensible. All this seriousness can result in them missing out on a whole lot of fun and lightheartedness that is greatly needed to release stress and tension, but chances are with their personal charts, one of them will have a placement that will complement the other, that’s how the magic of the world works!

Capricorn and Aquarius Relationship

Capricorn loves rules, regulations, procedures and systems, and Aquarian loves to break all of them. Capricorn is a traditionalist, and Aquarian doesn’t take anything as set in stone and prefers to make their own rules, within the boundaries of the law, of course. In this sense, having an opposite value system can cause tension, which can make it very difficult to live in each other’s world, but noting is insurmountable. The goat can show the water bearer how to be serious about life and the journey to take to achieve a successful outcome.

Aquarian shows Capricorn how to take a chill pill and have an indecent amount of fun, which is extremely good for Capricorn, as this is something they don’t allow themselves to do often and it can have an amazing healing affect on them to let go and live a little (or a lot). To live with abandonment is not in the Capricorn rule book and if Aquarius can tempt them to do so, the relationship has a chance, if not, then it will probably die of natural causes. Capricorns have their own schedule and as Aquarian prefers not to live so rigidly, it can be difficult for their calendars and moods to sync.

Aquarian can also appear to be aloof as they need a certain amount of alone time, and Capricorn, as with many other sun signs, can take this personally. On the commitment level, Aquarius will commit, but sometimes they can enter a commitment with a feeling of being trapped, and when this happens, it is not a good scene for either signs. Aquarius doesn’t know how to extract themselves and Capricorn will keep trying to make it work, so it is important for both of these signs to feel an undeniable connection before entering into a serious relationship.

Capricorn and Pisces Relationship

Trust to follow and lead on both sides is needed. These signs need to give something up to unite. The Sea-Goat can be very controlling, which makes fluid Pisces tense up and go looking for an escape route. In turn, Pisces needs to get more real about life and give Capricorn some straight answers, rather than be elusive. Pisces must take care not to offend Cap’s pride, and if they give Capricorn reason to suspect infidelity, the Fishes are in for a painful wake-up call.

Capricorn can succumb to periods of Saturnine gloom, and Pisces may take it personally or end up playing a martyr role, trying to fix the problem. Pisces loves Capricorn ambition, but if Cap focuses on worldly goals at the expense of the relationship, they could forfeit what may be the love of their life. When Capricorn can learn to let go and enjoy being out of control, and as scary as this may seem, it can make this connection possible.

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