Sagittarius in Relationships

Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Sagittarius personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Sagittarius relationships. A Sagittarius in love is a sight to behold. Aggressively fun, this sign usually moves full speed ahead once they have their love target "locked". They enjoy a challenge and especially are attracted to confident outgoing partners.

A Sagittarian’s real for life is quite contagious. Their curiosity about life is enticing and they view relationships as adventures to be enjoyed to the fullest. Expect to be spoiled by your intense Sagittarius and get ready for a roller-coaster experience.

Sagittarius Relationship

Sagittarians are sometimes famous for being slow to commit in a relationship. They can easily become lifelong "bachelors/bachelorettes", which of course is an enticing challenge in and of itself. This exuberant sign that is larger than life can be quite a prize and as such sometimes some effort is required to secure their affections and capture their heart.

Sagittarians are usually over achievers and very ambitious, this will translate into their being very attracted to successful people. If you can love your Sagittarius for their achievements and show them how proud you are of them, they will love you for life.

Sagittarius values education and enjoys having a partner who is cultured and sophisticated. Loving a Sagittarius can be the experience of a lifetime, as they will shower you with affection and can be very intense in the beginning of a relationship. The flip side is that a partner must be able to hold their attention as Sagittarian’s intensity means they could tire easily if neglected or ignored.

When in a relationship, they are likely to always be up for a vacation to unknown territories and will do their part to keep things interesting. They enjoy change and adventure and are always keen to mix things up. Socially, expect to be surrounded by the Sagittarian’s friends, likely friends they’ve had for life. When their partner embraces their lifestyle and friends, Sagittarians really blossom and open up, thus creating an enduring bond of shared friendships and histories.

Sagittarius lovers can be very intense and attentive, generously planning special things just to please their beloved. They dream of big futures and openly discuss plans of the future. It is very easy to fall head over heels for a Sagittarius as their openness over what exactly they see you and them doing in the future can be a refreshing change from other sign’s privacy issues. This openness comes only once they are fully sure of their feelings and the relationship itself. Until then, they are sexily elusive and keep you guessing.

Sagittarius and Aries Relationship

It can be a challenge to coincide your busy schedules. These two need to schedule time in their day planners just to get together and be prepared to shut the rest of the world out so they can reconnect and catch up with their respective trials and successes. As both these signs are natural extroverts, there is also concern that one is going to outshine the other.

Aries forceful manner doesn’t work on Sagittarius and the Sagittarian philosophical manner can be totally lost on Aries as they are on to the next best thing and don’t sit long enough to reflect and ponder on life itself, like deep thinking Sagittarius does. The potential for a battle of ego is also possible here as both signs will always believe they are right and the other is wrong.

Sagittarius and Taurus Relationship

Too many compromises for comfort. With Sag running off like a free spirit with little notice or explanation, Taurus finds it difficult to settle into a routine. Taurus takes it as a lack of respect and Sag feels that Taurus is controlling. Simply put, they have different values and lifestyle needs. Sagittarius can be extremely blunt, awkward and unintentionally hurtful in their speech. They often seem to blurt out whatever’s in their head without any sense of how it affects others. Taurus is strong but very sensitive, and hurtful remarks can both wound their soft underbelly while arousing a temper that Sag may have no idea was even in there.

Some hellacious firestorms can result when a Taurus and Sagittarius lock horns. Taurus can be jealous – they will pamper and protect their beloved but tend toward possessiveness. Sagittarius can be extremely flirtatious and will often resist commitment when they’re younger. Sag simply will not be burdened with a heavy chain, even in a committed marriage, which is often after the centaur has had a few extra years to roam free. These two may have some pretty different ideas about where their relationship is headed. Taurus may be playing the long game, while Sagittarius is playing the field.

Sagittarius and Gemini Relationship

Understanding how their genius minds fit together. Sagittarians are futurists while Gemini’s are more concerned about what’s happening in the here and now. Once they can understand and appreciate these differences they can fit together perfectly. Their opposite, complimentary qualities manifest in several ways: Gemini’s intellect and verbal genius contrasts with Sag’s blunt directness. Gemini, ruled by trickster Mercury, can bend the truth or maneuver around it, if necessary, while Sag holds Truth to be sacrosanct.

Gemini is a master of subtlety and sophistication and they’re elusive when they choose to be. They wear many hats and refuse to be pinned down. With Sagittarius, ‘what you see is what you get,’ and the ideals of Principle and Honesty reign supreme. Lies don’t cut it with Sag at all, and Gemini may find Sag’s all or nothing idealism tiresome or unnecessarily limiting.

Their mutual speed and enthusiasm work great on short term projects, but they’ll need more grounded influences in the rest of their charts if they want to create something together that requires long term, concentrated focus. Also, these two burn so bright and so fast that without enough water or earth elsewhere in their charts, their relationship can get a bit frantic. Activity for its own sake can lead to burn out and alienation from their true selves. A bit of quiet time is necessary for everyone, now and again.

Sagittarius and Cancer Relationship

Sagittarius can be brutally honest. In truth, they may just not think through what they say – it just comes out. Hurtful remarks, even if unintended, can be a deal breaker for Cancer, who feels things so intensely. This can cause many upsets, tears and trauma in the relationship. Once the centaur realizes what effect their actions have had on the crab, they try to smooth it over but without luck.

When Cancer feels their trust has been betrayed, they hold on and don’t open up again easily, if at all. A fire sign, Sagittarius burns strong and fast, and can feel extinguished by the heavy waters of subjective, emotional involvement that is home to Cancer. Likewise, Cancer can feel the life sucked out of them by Sag’s constant buzz of activity. They require calm, soothing and more subtle environments. Sag needs their freedom; their spirits are restless and they must answer the call.

And they love to flirt – it’s part of the adventure and thirst for life. Cancer needs security of all kinds, emotional above all, and can be pretty possessive and jealous. The centaur’s reluctance to commit and their need for space spells obvious trouble. Similar dynamics play out with finances. Sagittarius may strike Cancer as careless and immature with money, while Sag may resist the Cancer frugality as stingy and unnecessary.

Sagittarius and Leo Relationship

Leo assumes the leadership position, which isn’t always a problem, but Sagittarius is loath to take orders from anyone and they’ll instinctively rebel if Leo tries to dictate or impose their will too strongly. Sag can be extremely undiplomatic - blunt, is more like it – they often speak without thinking it through. Their brand of truth-telling may include some criticisms or insults that wound Leo’s pride, hurting the big cat more than Sag has any idea.

Sagittarius won’t bow down to anyone, even their mate, and Leo may find Sag’s independence offending and alienating. Leo may not easily accept Sag’s need to pursue their own thing, whether it’s studies or journeys apart from their partner - they’re not rejecting Leo, they just need space and personal freedom to be themselves. Leo needs to feel adored – that they’re all important to their mate. If they feel neglected, they’ll pout and snarl and if it persists, look elsewhere.

Leo will not suffer indignity for long, and Sag will not be dominated, so compromise and mutual respect is essential. Sagittarius loves to flirt and can resist commitment, and Leo is notoriously jealous. With supportive placements elsewhere in their charts, these challenges can be overcome fairly easily, but care should be taken lest they spoil what could be a fantastic relationship.

Sagittarius and Virgo Relationship

Sagittarians have a strong mind and like to do what they want, when they want and how they want, but Virgo has other ideas. In Virgo’s mind, there is a lot about Sag that can be improved or ‘fixed’. Virgo respects intelligence above all else, and while the Sagittarian mind is sharp, their tendency to speak without thinking or act without planning appropriately is a huge turn off for Virgo, who can lose respect for Sag, causing serious problems.

Conversely, Sag may find Virgo’s concerns petty or nit-picking and disregard Virgo’s advice as unnecessary and cumbersome, feeling the Virgo to be a drag on their speed. Virgo may feel Sag lacks direction or maturity, and get frustrated by their need for constant activity, causing them to lose interest.

Sagittarians are famous for their truthfulness, which Virgo appreciates, but when Sag blurts out the first thing that pops into their head, with the excuse, “Well, it’s true!” Virgo can be both hurt and disgusted by Sag’s lack of sensitivity and awareness. Sag may see such a response as a neurotic over reaction, or not even realize they have hurt or offended Virgo at all, until it’s too late.

Sagittarius and Libra Relationship

Sag can be unintentionally hurtful, their brand of truth telling often seems to lack any sense of how their remarks may wound the other person, and if Sagittarius values the precious love of tender hearted Libra - who cannot imagine being so insensitive – they’ll make a strong effort to think before speaking. Libra is the sign of relatedness – they are built for partnership and may want a commitment before Sag is ready. The centaur is a free roaming creature and may resist commitment until they are older.

Individual chart dynamics will play into this, but these two can be happy partners without a formal commitment, if Libra can roll with that until Sag catches up. Libra weighs any and all decisions and choices heavily, and may also take their sweet time deciding what direction to take with the relationship. Libra should remember to give Sag their space, not every waking moment needs to be spent together. Sag can flirt up a storm, and Libra may get hurt and jealous if Sag doesn’t honor Libra with the respect they deserve. Both these signs are party lovers and the two of them together can veer into over indulgence if they don’t keep an eye out.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Relationship

Danger – Sagittarius idealizes ‘Honesty and Principle’ and Scorpio has the need to guard their secrets. Trust and loyalty are big issues. No matter how much they’re confronted, it may never change. Scorpio sees shades of grey where Sag tends to see black and white. Scorpio’s inner power is to not reveal everything, and Sag won’t rest easily if they think something is hidden. Their fundamental rhythms and frequencies may be incompatible.

Sag tends to burn hot and fast – they’re creatures of movement and don’t take to being tied down. Scorpio experiences life more internally, and the constant buzz of activity that Sag engages in may grate on them. Scorpio is a deep feeling creature, and Sag can unintentionally run roughshod over their feelings with careless remarks or lack of emotional awareness.

Red Flag: Scorpio can be very jealous, and Sagittarius can be very flirtatious. A Sag in serious quest of a Scorpio love should be aware that Scorpio plays for high stakes. Sagittarius may feel frustrated by Scorpio’s insistence on analyzing everything and making such a big deal - it’s all such a drag on the centaur’s speed. Scorpio may dismiss Sagittarius as too flighty and not take them seriously, even if they admire their sheer zest for life.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Relationship

These two are so high speed they may fly right by each other as they pursue whatever urgent quest beckons at the moment. Getting their respective frequencies in sync may take practice. Once they are, they want to take care not to over-indulge in ‘good times.’ Sag loves to party, and for Jupiter, ‘more is more.’ Sagittarius can be pretty cantankerous at times, arguing for their opinions with a righteous conviction that can become dogmatic. When they lock horns, sparks are sure to fly!

Their sense of humor and innate honesty and fairness will serve them well when one or both get on their high horse or they ‘take it to the mattresses’ to duke it out. Speaking of honesty - deception is not likely with these two, being so wedded to Principle and Truth - but if it occurs, there will be hell to pay. As forgiving as Sagittarius is, lying or cheating is a likely deal- breaker.

One of them may want a commitment before the other is ready to settle down, and patience is not Sag’s strong suit. But give it time. Also, Sagittarius loves to flirt. And while not a sign especially prone to jealousy, they are fiery and passionate, so it’s best not to push that limit too far! Depending on other chart factors, Sag can be pretty loose with their cash. Jupiter gives a feeling of entitlement and they’re free spirits to begin with, so at least one of them should keep an eye on the checkbook.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Relationship

Capricorn aims for the end result, always having his or her attention on the outcome and even though Sagittarius is a visionary who can see the end result, they love the journey. They can walk opposing paths in opposite directions, and even though they may like and respect each other, it can be difficult for them to connect long enough to start and continue an intimate relationship. Capricorn has their feet firmly on the ground, and Sagittarius is in flight onto the next grand adventure.

They both have an appreciation for learning and knowledge, however, for different causes. Capricorn seeks knowledge for what they can achieve to enhance the value of their future life and to gain security and power. Sagittarians capacity to gain knowledge is on a higher more philosophical level and their interests are often in the world of the unexplained, and Capricorn is more likely to want to see everything in black and white before they have an acceptance of matters.

When it concerns love, Sagittarian’s lighthearted flirtatious manner can leave Capricorn unsure as to their level of commitment, and rightly so. For Capricorn, love is serious matter and when they find their one and only true love they want it to be a forever affair, while making a commitment forever to someone is not so much on top of the wish list for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Relationship

Strong opinions can clash momentarily, but once the steam is out of a situation it is cast aside with both being able to move on. Fortunately, Sagittarius has the ability to forgive and forget, saving Aquarius the difficult task of apologizing, which, as a fixed sign, doesn’t come easily. Sagittarius can be blunt, but then again so can Aquarius, so even their challenges can be positive.

They may not have much experience being on the receiving end of such disarming directness, however, but unless there’s a significant breach of trust or disregard for each other’s sensitivities, any fire-storms that arise will quickly burn out. Aquarius can be pretty controlling and stubborn, and Sagittarius is independent above all, and regardless of how much they love their partner, Sag will rebel if the water-bearer seeks to impose their will too strongly.

Sag may strike Aquarius as a bit flakey or unreliable at times, the centaur’s spontaneity can play out in some pretty immature ways sometimes, which can turn Aquarius off. And Aquarius can turn very cold and distant when they’re angry, which may hurt and confuse Sagittarius, who may not understand what they did to deserve the silent treatment.

Sagittarius and Pisces Relationship

Sagittarius can neglect Pisces, which leaves them with a pieced heart that shrouds them in sadness. Being apart for too long can cause unrest in the relationship, and with Sag’s desire to travel, Pisces can miss them terribly. There’s a dynamic of friction built into this relationship and even with much in common, their respective natures can rub each other in very uncomfortable ways. Sagittarius may feel bogged down and impatient with Pisces natural rhythm.

The Fishes aren’t built to be constantly on the go and besides, what’s the hurry? Pisces can seem just too heavy for the Centaur after a while; the Archer likes to travel light. Pisces perceptions run deep, and to them, Sag can seem to skim along the surface, which disappoints and turns the Fishes off. Pisces, being the zodiac’s most sensitive sign, is easily wounded by the Sagittarius need to tell the truth, no matter how cautious they are. The Centaur may not even realize what they are saying, they simply don’t think before speaking sometimes, but this doesn’t fly with Pisces, who cannot imagine being so immune to another’s sensitivities.

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