Taurus in Relationships

Partners of different zodiac signs bring out slightly different facets of the Taurus personality. Some elements however are fairly common to all Taurus relationships. Taurus is a sexy and sensual sign, known for cautiously considering their life decisions, before charging full force into them once sure of what they want. This Jekyll and Hyde aspect can confuse partners until they become familiar with the unique Taurus style.

If you have just met your Taurus then it may be a slower paced courtship than other signs at first. The foundation will take time to set. They usually take their time declaring their love, and the need to make sure of their feelings and the other person is quite strong. This is a good thing, as it ensures a high level of integrity. When your Taurus tells you that they want to commit, you can rest assured that they mean it.

Taurus Relationship

Be prepared for a slow steady journey to intimacy as well. Not likely to just have casual one night stands, Taurus is quite traditional in seeking and maintaining intimate relationships, preferring to be in a committed union versus dating randomly and frequently. They are devoted and fiercely loyal to their partners. The flip side is that if they are betrayed, the level of hurt is very high and they are unlikely to forgive and forget easily.

In contrast to the above, if you have been friends with your Taurus for some time then you may be shocked at how fast they want to move forward. If they have already decided that they want you, then disregard everything about them being cautious! A confident Taurus is as bold as most people can handle!

Prone to sentimentality and a love of tradition, Taurus will want to know your background and will listen intently to stories of your childhood experiences. Likewise, if you show intent interest in their personal story it will make you stand out to them. Taurus love anything that reminds them of good memories of the past and are known to collect things from a favorite era of their lives.

Family and tradition loving, Taurus enjoy quality time spent at home. A romantic evening in, even if just over a simple meal will score big points with your Taurus. Likewise once in a relationship, Taurus are big on making their own traditions with their loved one. You will enjoy many holidays making your own traditions while still incorporating your and your Taurus’ family into the mix.

Family is very important to Taurus as is financial stability. They are of course linked and this results in Taurus being quite good with finances and saving for rainy days. They are careful with their money which makes them a stable partner. They will value a partner who shows consideration and common sense in this area.

Commitment is very important for a Taurus in love, they prefer to work things out if at all possible. Many a time you will find that there are no clean breaks with a Taurus, as when time is invested in a relationship by them, they will try hard not to just give up. This can be very good long term, or not depending on how compatible you are. Sometimes there are several "break ups" before the final one and in the interim you have the chance to win them back. Be practical and gentle with your loyal Taurus and you will have a stable devoted partner for life.

Taurus and Aries Relationship

These two signs move at different paces. Aries are action orientated and have a fast paced energy; they want it and they want it now. Taurus on the other hand likes to think through the possible outcomes and different scenarios before they act and believe Aries rash actions are reckless and foolhardy. Aries has no time for Taurus’ steady reliable ways and feel they are wasting their life away. Even if they do overcome this difference and learn to see how they complement each other, it may work, that is until there is a difference of opinion.

Aries are determined to get their own way and if Taurus feels strongly about an area of life or Aries has threatened to unravel one of Taurus’ deep seated values, Taurus will stubbornly say, ’No’ and there will be a stale mate. Who will win in the end? No one and that is precisely the problem with the Aries-Taurus connection. When two headstrong, slightly obstinate signs connect, confrontations can be frequent and emotionally and physically draining.

Taurus and Taurus Relationship

With all that reliable, solid and settling-down energy, there is a risk of life becoming too routine and moving into a state of boredom, with them each forgetting what it was that attracted them to each other in the first place. If they start to take each other for granted, then slowly but surely they will start to lose the magic.

Keeping this in mind, the Taurus lovers may never move out of their comfort zone to be challenged to grow, and this is where the trouble starts, because even though Taurus does not readily embrace change, they will recognize after a while that they are stagnating and this can lead to a deep seated level of dread and dissatisfaction of life itself - they can feel stuck and not know how to move forward. Like all relationships, this one will need work and attention to keep the love vibe alight.

However, when they do want something, their determination will kick in, it’s just that sometimes, this can take a while to eventuate. When there is a difference of opinion with Taurus, and when it relates to their core life values, neither of them will back down, and the concept of compromise will be miles away with neither of them wanting to make the first move to pass the olive branch.

Taurus and Gemini Relationship

Gemini’s unpredictability can be very unsettling for a Taurus. At first, the bull can find the never ending chatter of Gemini’s knowledge fascinating, but after a while, it can become irritating. Taurus will eventually turn a deaf ear to the chatter, and not respond, which can be the start of distance between them, and inevitable, they will come to realize that although they like each other as people, the question is, do they really have enough in common?

Gemini likes to be spontaneous and is versatile, where Taurus is down to earth and prefers to have everything planned out and know what they are doing, not only today but next week, and even next year. These two can tire of each other quickly, and although there may not be any great arguments, they can drift apart simply because they have different values in life. One of Taurus’ biggest concerns in life is to have stability, particularly on the domestic scene and with their home, and Gemini just does not attach the same level of importance to material things and this alone can set up a huge level of incompatibility between them.

Neither is right or wrong, just different. Caution: Gemini can be pretty slippery and with trickster Mercury ruling those brilliant minds, they can be evasive or downright deceptive, which Taurus has zero tolerance for. A Gemini game of hide and seek with the truth is a red flag that will stir an angry bull to charge with a fury that can frighten Gemini out of their quick wits and send them flying for good.

Taurus and Cancer Relationship

Of course, it is inevitable in all relationships simply because we are all individuals that bliss will at some point be interrupted, this is unavoidable in life. And when they do hit a bump in the road to love, you can bet there will be the silent treatment between these two, and will break the ice? As Cancer is closely attuned to the energy of the ever-changing Moon, Cancer’s astrological ruler, they are prone to moodiness. Taurus is generally more even tempered, unless of course, they have a reason they feel justifies them not to be.

The nurturing Cancer can turn into iceman or maiden in an instant and pull the shutters down, and if Taurus feels justified, they can dig their hooves in and are able to sit it out for what seems like an eternity. If the invisible curtain of silence goes up and the chill sets in, there’s no telling how long they will go without speaking. In the end, as the emotional Moon energy changes, Cancer will find a way to not give in, but to melt the icicles.

Taurus and Leo Relationship

The question is who’s going to make the decisions? When it comes down to it, Leo and Taurus basically want the same things out of life, but who’s going to be the boss? As strong sun signs, one of them has to step aside to allow the other to lead. When they both want to be nurtured and looked after emotionally, and both see their role as taking control, then someone is going to end up being disappointed. Leo can be extremely bossy and will make certain assumptions as they will feel they should automatically step in to the leadership role.

They don’t always feel it necessary to let other people know what they are thinking or planning in advance. They can sort out the game plan all by themselves and let others know after the event what is happening, and with this attitude, Taurus can really get their nose put out of joint. Taurus on the other hand, may not act as quickly as Leo, but that doesn’t mean they are not as determined to reach their goals and do it their way. When push comes to shove and a power play occurs between these two, there can be a stalemate, which does not make this an easy combination to live with.

Taurus and Virgo Relationship

They both want their own way, and problems can exist in how these two can view life. Taurus is a Fixed sign, and once they set their mind on something they have difficulty being flexible and changing how they feel. Virgo is Mutable, and although they are more flexible, when they feel they know best (which is often) they can be relentless in presenting their argument to Taurus, which can inevitable wear them down, but Taurus will not forget that they give Virgo a win and will file the information away to even up the score at a later date.

Taurus is far less concerned about the trivial matters of life, and as a perfectionist Virgo will go the extra mile to make sure something is exact, and they will go to this amount of trouble and energy sometimes just to make a point, all of which can be lost on the bull. They both have strong opinions, which can cause trouble in paradise, but in the end they appreciate each other for their opinions and wouldn’t have it any other way - what they do not want is a wimpy yes man or woman in their life, life is to have substance, and a great deal of it, and this includes the people they spend their life with.

Taurus and Libra Relationship

Leaving issues to fester into larger concerns can be a problem with these two signs. Neither of them wants to have a confrontation and will side step issues rather than deal with them head on when they occur. They do not want to go into battle over petty issues, and this attitude can lend itself to ignoring the larger issues as well, which can result in small issues building into huge nightmares that can end up exploding.

Taurus will eventually step up and say something, however, often it will be when one more thing happens, which can be a minor incident, like the straw that broke the camel’s back, and when Taurus does let off steam, all hell can break out, you do not want to be in the firing line of Taurus’ last straw. This, of course, totally unsettles Libra who hates disharmony, and can’t operate well when there is even a little unrest, yet alone a Taurus hurricane heading towards them.

As Libra will not know exactly how to handle all this distress, it sends Taurus into an acute space of silence, and communications between them shut down. Fortunately, time heals all, the Libra charm opens the gates of reconciliation and with Taurus’ need to restore love and regain their level of self-worth, and they can work to get back to where they were - love birds happily nesting.

Taurus and Scorpio Relationship

Both signs can be very tight-lipped, keeping silent when communication is essential, and both can be very suspicious. Scorpio may feel intensely frustrated by the Bull’s out of hand rejection of subjects that Scorpio finds fascinating and important. Taurus can feel just as frustrated by Scorpio’s insistence on dwelling on things that Taurus can’t relate to, as well as their judgment of the Bull’s preference for simple basics. Both may find the other’s stubborn fixity infuriating, even if they recognize this quality in themselves.

The Scorpio sting can seriously wound tender hearted Taurus, which Taurus may never forget or completely forgive. Though slow to anger, a bull on a rampage can be almost as devastating, and as a water sign, Scorpio registers all emotions intensely. Both parties may simply cut the other one off if they feel the other has crossed the line. If these two are not aligned, they’re enemies. There is no middle ground here. Passion will not be lacking, but they are both powerful beings and until they can learn the art of compromise and compassion, this union will be nothing short of challenging. Not for the weak at heart.

Taurus and Sagittarius Relationship

Too many compromises for comfort. With Sag running off like a free spirit with little notice or explanation, Taurus finds it difficult to settle into a routine. Taurus takes it as a lack of respect and Sag feels that Taurus is controlling. Simply put, they have different values and lifestyle needs. Sagittarius can be extremely blunt, awkward and unintentionally hurtful in their speech. They often seem to blurt out whatever’s in their head without any sense of how it affects others.

Taurus is strong but very sensitive, and hurtful remarks can both wound their soft underbelly while arousing a temper that Sag may have no idea was even in there. Some hellacious firestorms can result when a Taurus and Sagittarius lock horns. Taurus can be jealous - they will pamper and protect their beloved but tend toward possessiveness. Sagittarius can be extremely flirtatious and will often resist commitment when they’re younger.

Sag simply will not be burdened with a heavy chain, even in a committed marriage, which is often after the centaur has had a few extra years to roam free. These two may have some pretty different ideas about where their relationship is headed. Taurus may be playing the long game, while Sagittarius is playing the field.

Taurus and Capricorn Relationship

As much as these two hum magnificently together, as with all relationships they too have their challenges, which can be worked out over time as they live, compromise and fit within each other’s lives. Of course Capricorn, in their cardinal sign take charge manner, will try to take the upper hand and control, which is what they are used to doing, but here starts the power struggle, as fixed sign Taurus, although can give and take to a certain degree, is not about to be bossed around.

Part of the attraction they have for each other is they are both strong characters and leaders in their own right, and as such, control factors can come into play. Once they allocate who’s responsible for what, these problems will cease to exist, and this is something that can be accomplished over time. These two like to work, and if not careful life can enter dullsville. However, they do realize there is a time and place for everything, and together they set their schedules accordingly. Taurus can be possessive; however, once Capricorn makes a commitment, it is unlikely they will ever give Taurus a reason to feel insecure.

Taurus and Aquarius Relationship

Taurus is gloriously sensual - they want romance, touch, emotional and physical expression and everything that goes along with it. Aquarius operates much more on a mental level, and they may not receive or give the kind of physical expression that’s so fundamental to a Taurus in love. Aquarius requires intellectual exchange and a lightness of spirit that Taurus may find off putting or unable to provide. Taurus can be possessive, and Aquarius seeks freedom - trouble ahead in that department is virtually assured, so both parties must make a concerted effort to expand their comfort zones if intimate commitment is desired.

Both signs can be excruciatingly tight-lipped, but for very different reasons. Taurus utilizes silence as a means to achieve the inner serenity they seek. Like music, silence for a Taurus is basic, instinctual, earthly beauty. Aquarius goes silent when they’re too detached to relate - it is a shadow expression of their mental focus, and can be very hurtful to Taurus, who is at heart very tender, regardless of occasional, outward displays. Speaking of which, both signs can have quite a temper, and both have strong opinions, so alternating bouts of chilly silence and white hot shouting matches may be in the forecast.

Taurus doesn’t play around - love is an art they take seriously and they save it for the lucky chosen. Aquarius is everyone’s friend, and may approach romance with a decidedly different attitude. Taurus may want a commitment that Aquarius cannot agree to. These two may find each other frustrating and confusing.

Taurus and Pisces Relationship

Taurus can get frustrated by Pisces lack of commitment. Pisces are dreamers and can get lost in his or her thoughts, and to Taurus, this can be seen as being irresponsible. Because Taurus is so grounded in the real world, he or she may not understand the source of the Pisces turmoil, which can lead to frustration and set the Taurus temper off. The Bull is not easily angered, but once they are, the Fishes’ profound sensitivity can be shattered by a Taurus outburst.

Taurus needs to have a level of security around them and Pisces may lean on them a little too much sometimes. Taurus seeks peace and likes to keep things simple and often gets annoyed by the complex and sometimes confusing issues their Pisces partner feels burdened with. This, in turn, makes Pisces feel misunderstood and alone. Also, Pisces needs to be careful of smothering the bull. When Taurus says, "No, thanks," they mean it.

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