Sagittarius in Love

If you are a Sagittarius you are attached to your freedom, long for adventure and you do not like to be tied to one’s apron strings. It speaks for itself that relationships not always go by easily. When you are challenged by a relationship, you get intrigued and excited. You love unpredictability.

Like a speeding arrow from your Archer’s quiver, you enter the game of love, your only thought to conquer the man you’ve fallen for and to beat the competition. All the fire signs, of which you are the third, tend to make a battle-ground of their love life - ardour first, everything else, including conscience and certainly wisdom, second. Where you differ from your fire sign sisters is that you are a sprinter in the love stakes, not a marathon runner, in fact you can be quite capricious and difficult to pin down. Yes, you fall madly in love but you can fall out again with surprising speed. Men are attracted to your vivaciousness, your humour, your get up and go, and your enterprise - if anyone has a solution, you do, if anyone needs help, you’re there for them. You appear endlessly optimistic and confident on the surface, but you do get hurt, and rather often. Why?

Well, deep down you are terrified of commitment: you are a free spirit, and even though you need love and support just like anyone else, you are equally fearful of being trapped in the tedium of marriage, your horizons shrinking as the years go by. You are eternally young, always looking for the next ’big thing’, the next adventure: you do not take easily to the responsibilities and ties of marriage, even though your biological clock ticks as loudly as every other child-bearing woman’s. You are non-judgemental and very liberal in your views about fidelity and marriage: after the initial sting of betrayal, you will forgive and forget; likewise, if some other woman isn’t looking after her man, you’ll have no compunction in taking him away. A little more consideration about where your actions will take you and how they may affect someone else would go a considerable way to speeding your course to happy-ever-afterness. Nevertheless, you have one of the biggest hearts in the zodiac, and someone usually finds it and keeps it.

Fall in Love with Sagittarius

When you want to entrap a Sagittarius, do not rush into things. Fierce romantic gestures make the Sagittarians curl up. Instead, be strong, light-footed and spontaneous. Impulsive trips work in your advantage. Do not forget that the Sagittarius is a free spirit who takes pleasure in the unexpected. So, make sure that your passport remains valid. Be prepared to be daring. And do not go too fast; most Sagittarians have a frantic fear for commitments. They should be able to relax in a relationship.

Seek and ye shall find…should be the mantra for those born under sun sign Sagittarius. They are thrill seekers in every sense of the word. They love a good time and will go everywhere and anywhere to find one. If you are looking for that partner who’s thrives on adventure and has a lust for life to match your own then look no further. You may have met your soul mate. If you are someone who loves their independence, this fire sign values their independence and a partner who shares this love.

Sagittariuans are also known as the truth seekers of the Zodiac. They cannot tolerate dishonesty in others. The glass is always half full in their minds. Noted for their positive thinking they can surely be found reading self improvement/help books and will attend seminars that emulate positive thinking. Very impulsive by nature they can be sitting at home one minute then off to airport in the next. This is what makes them so much fun…their great adventurous spirit and sex drive to match is what is so captivating about them. Get ready for a walk on the wild side…

Sagittarius in Love

How to Attract Sagittarius

1. Be positive and tell them you firmly believe in positive affirmations. When driving in your car, pop in your affirmation tape. This will truly impress them.

2. They love to travel so get out your photo albums and reminisce about your trip to the Wine Country or the camel ride you took in Egypt. They are gypsies and love nothing better than a trip…especially one that is not planned.

3. Be spontaneous and ready for anything. If they suggest driving to Palm Springs one evening when you were just getting ready for bed, DO NOT say no. Rise to the occasion and throw on your backpack and be ready to roll. They hate boring, stick-in-the-mud types who have to plan everything. Being a bore will only make them bolt for someone who has the adventuresome streak in them.

4. If you speak another language, be sure they find out somehow. They love highly intelligent, evolved beings. This will signify that you are worldly and show an interest in other cultures. A foreign language would be music to their ears….

5. The planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, rules Sagittarius. So, it is no coincidence that they like a partner who thinks big…like themselves. Present yourself as a motivated, ambitious individual who is going places.

6. Talk about the latest cause that you are volunteering your time to. They are always up for a good cause. Because they are a bit on the flighty side, those causes may change from day to day. Find out what they are into and jump on the bandwagon. A surefire aphrodisiac.

Perfect Date for Sagittarius

A spiritual bookshop, yoga class, sky diving, Las Vegas, or if feeling extremely adventurous a hike up Mount Whitney. An independent artsy film, or documentary on Tibet would be excellent. A public demonstration or lecture on saving the Planet is also ideal.

Perfect Gift for Sagittarius

Books on travel, new luggage, a tent, camera, ski equipment, a piece of foreign art, hiking gear or any type of sporting equipment. Dinner at an exotic, foreign restaurant.

What to talk to Sagittarius

Travel, politics, the latest popular cause or self-improvement book. The environment or your thoughts on global warming. Tell them about the set of positive thinking tapes you bought or the seminar you just attended.

Sagittarius in Bed

Rule #1….never appear wimpy and weak. Come on hot and strong from day one. They are a fire sign and like immediate action. No pussy footing around with this hot number. If you snooze…you lose. They are very impulsive and respect impulsive behavior in others. Unlike Virgos who plan everything, Sagittarians want to go for it and not waste time.

They have tendencies towards one-night stands as they have no inhibitions or sexual agenda. The direct approach is recommended. Your first attempt at seduction should be via lust. They respect lust so let them know how strong you lust after them. Tell them you can’t wait and need to be with them NOW! Even go as far as to say you cannot even wait to get back their house. Pull the car over and have at it. You can be almost sure that they will be on the same page.

Another aggressive approach is to just take them. Grab your hot Sagittarius by the hand or wherever you see it and just lead them into the bedroom and say you are not taking no for an answer. If you don’t see any signs of discouragement just proceed. Although another sun sign might experience this as a form of sexual harassment, a Sagittarius sees it as foreplay. Be sure that you have not just come home from another in a series of mountain hikes because they are known to have the stamina of Tarzan/Jane.

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