Scorpio in Love

If you are a Scorpio you are intense, dedicated and fascinated by love-play. Romance is somewhat mythical to you, you want great passion, sexually and otherwise, and you often fall back to obsession. Because you radiate sex appeal and have such an attractive personality, people easily fall under your spell. You expect love (and sex) to transform you, and that is what usually happens.

Do you know a Scorpio who hasn’t a tale to tell of passion and heartbreak? I don’t. Your sign is all about the glorious highs and deathly lows of the great love affair. You were born to love, live to suffer yet to rise again, like the proverbial phoenix, out of the ashes of each painful lesson in love. There is something deeper and more compelling about you than other women, something that goes beyond physical appearance and charm: you have genuine sexual magnetism, which men cannot resist. Yet like all females who thrive on passion and are driven to extremes, your ardour can draw you into the most inappropriate and mutually-destructive liaisons. Fortunately, like the scorpion itself, you are tough and not only survive the most fatal attraction but always live to exact the sweetest retribution. Oh, that Scorpio sting in the tail...

What, of course, would make the path to love and happiness a whole lot straighter and smoother would be to make a choice with your head as opposed to your heart. But then, that would be to deny yourself those sojourns in the troughs of pain and despair, which somehow replenish you. Then there’s overcoming your jealousy and possessiveness. You were not born with the live-and-let-live gene, but, with practice you can acquire the appearance of giving a partner his space and you can conquer the desire to put him through a third-degree each time he’s late for dinner. It is true to say that of all the signs Scorpios are their own worst enemies: creating unnecessary conflict and suffering agonies over hurts, real and imagined, but let’s not forget that the making-up more than makes up for all the aggro. Indeed, you have the capacity to continue living the grande passion well into the geriatric years!

Fall in Love with Scorpio

When you are in love with a Scorpio, you need romance: listen to sensual jazz or Gershwin. Look at a solar eclipse together. When you meet your object of affection on your own domain, use the home advantage: play games, give clues, flirt and withdraw. Scorpians will love it. Be mysterious, suggestive, manipulative and a tiny bit aggressive, while being emotionally available at the same time. Establish eye contact. Let the Scorpio know how fascinating and complex he/she is.

Those eyes. …intoxicating is the only word to describe the energy that a Scorpio generates. Should you take another step closer or head for the hills? If your previous relationships have been lacking in the sex/lust department look no farther. You may have just met that scandalous partner you have always dreamed of. We all have a dark side that we keep hidden from the world. Scorpios represent all that is provocative and mysterious. Be forewarned as you could easily be sucked into that cesspool of erotica. Scorpios are not to be mistaken for being superficial. They are very serious and should not be taken lightly. If you are looking for a sexually explosive relationship look no farther as a ‘ Scorpio can captivate you for an eternity.

Scorpio in Love

How to Attract Scorpio

1. Scorpios are drawn to darkness and mystery so a recommended tactic is to be “shrouded in mystery”. If they start asking you details of your life, smile and tell them you would need to get to know them better before discussing your past. They will be putty in your hands. Start wearing sunglasses at night. Wear black.

2. Be vampy…if you are a female trying to attract a Scorpio male. If you are a male after a female Scorpio it would be recommended to start a 3-day growth of beard and start wearing musky after shave.

3. Learn to stare. Scorpios love to stare so stare back. Practice in the mirror—stare intensely. Be bold and daring. They need to feel like they are captivating you with their air of wickedness.

4. Present yourself as a powerful being. Power is very intriguing and seductive to a Scorpio. They love individuals who exude power. Whether it is in your line of business (you’re the boss) or how you dominate other people, be sure to let them know in a subtle way. For example you might say, “I control the advertising budget for Disney…the – numbers are astronomical”. And leave it at that. If they ask you what you do for a living just say “A little of everything”. This may allude that you are involved in some shady operation.

5. Be scandalous. Talk about some secret sexual fantasy that you’ve always wanted to try but only dream about. Maybe some Kama Sutra technique. It will keep them thinking” about you.

Perfect Date for Scorpio

Dinner in a dark and private restaurant. A Horror movie (Blair Witch Project), power lunches, your favorite astrologer (Tim Munsen), a tarot card reading, a trip to the handwriting analyst or a haunted house. You might to take them to your favorite strip or a sleazy underground nightclub. The bedroom would be your best bet.

Perfect Gift for Scorpio

Sexy lingerie, Kama Sutra products, aroma therapy massage oils, tarot cards, books on astrology, books on the occult. Tickets to an underground sex show, a vibrator or if you are feeling really generous, tickets to Egypt to visit the pyramids.

What to talk to Scorpio

Any subject that has to do with power. Politics, investments, your wealthy and powerful friends. They love talking about anything that has to do with the occult, psychic phenomena, Carl Jung, or any past live experiences you may have had.

Scorpio in Bed

After all is said and done getting a Scorpio into the bedroom is not a difficult task. However, you must remember that sex for a Scorpio can turn into a power play. This obsession and love of power also figures into the sexual arena. They can use sex as a tool so beware. They can go from nun to pom star in a matter of seconds. They may even withhold sex because it’s just another little “carrot” they can dangle over your head. It’s a well kept secret that some Scorpios think about sex more than they actually do it.

You need to get their attention so try to not try to get them into bed right away. Give them a mental picture of what and how you want to “do them”. You might even go so far as to whisper it in their ear while eating dinner with their parents. Without having to “go there” you will have given them an idea of how scandalous and wicked you really are. Yet you are holding out on them which will forever leave an imprint on their mind.

Another tactic that is in the same ballpark is to embark on a sexual fantasy. Tell them your deepest darkest sexual fantasy. Encourage them to share their dark secrets with you. You might want to this over the telephone as you will be able to exercise willpower should the atmosphere become to heated. The love total freedom for themselves but can instantly spiral down into a jealous tantrum should you express sexual interest in another. One final piece of advice….always promise them sex on the edge. You’ll have their undivided attention.

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