Leo Soulmate

If your partner is a Leo, it’s all about the drama. Leo people are generous and warm-hearted, but showy and sometimes domineering. They need partners who enjoy the social whirl and who want to better themselves. Leo could be your soulmate if you’re ambitious and if you don’t mind arrogance.

Ah, the king of the jungle, in this the human, city jungle! Leo prowls his/her turf with the certainty of a born leader. Since Leo’s sign falls in the middle of the zodiacal calendar and, in North America at least, the hottest time of the year, it is obvious that Leo is ruled by the sun. Sitting at the center of any social, romantic or work-related situation the sun-as-center-of-the-universe is certainly true in this lion’s case. Aside from being at the center of everything Leo’s lovers stretch across a vast divide since the point of the Leo strength is to bring happiness to all members of the zodiac’s path.

If you have ever dated a Leo, or if you have even ever simply bedded down with one, you will know a few things for certain: 1) They are the life of the party, 2) they will buy a round of drinks and then regale you with colorful stories, and finally if haven’t already noticed, they are hunting you. They will take aim and take you down, which means that they are highly driven and sufficiently motivated, and if you get in their cross hairs there is little chance of escape. But the great thing is that you don’t mind, because they allow you to bask in the glow of their aura, which bespeaks of a greatness that even the most uninitiated of us can’t ignore.

Leo Soul Mate

Your Leo lover is frank, and the what-you-see-is-what-you-get edict is usually in place. This means that they expect to be followed, and that when it comes to relationships they like to be in the driver seat. In much the same way as in a social situation, in a relationship a Leo will fight for dominance and then if he/she can’t establish their desired power dynamic (power being very important to the Leo) they will simply bow out, rather than let themselves exist in what they feel is a lesser relationship.

Clearly this can cause some discontent in any situation, and certainly is one of the biggest drawbacks to dating a Leo, since no one wants to feel as if they are working for their boyfriend/girlfriend, and usually the beginning of a completely untenable situation.

This desire for control also means that unforeseen change can be something that sticks in your lion’s jaw and can make him/her very irritable. Make sure to cushion any bad news or difficult let downs, with a gentle forthrightness and then let the Leo slink away to lick his/her wounds in private. Do not under any circumstances make a Leo’s hurt or failure public since it will be an unforgivable offence in their eyes.

You Leo will always abide by the maxim “to thine own self be true!” The will usually take responsibility for their own actions and expect you to do the same. This can mean that even if you didn’t mean to do it, don’t say it.

If you are dating a Leo, or interested in one, it is valuable to note that despite all the posturing and chest puffing, that when a Leo loves you, it is true. Leo’s can be very good-natured and if they take a liking to you they will put everything they have into it. It is at this point that they are most vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. So do use their love against them or you may find yourself on the sticky side of some very uncomfortable flypaper.

One of the largest romantic drawbacks of the obsession with position and power is that it often means that Leo’s are relegated to casual sexual relationships. They tend to be unwilling to settle down since the sun that burns so deeply in them, allows them to feel the great warmth of “spreading the love” so to speak. They can become wrapped up in the performance and find it hard to settle down. Relationships also require a “give and take” type relationship, which relies on a relinquishing of power, so that harmony can be achieved. This can go against the very core nature of the Leo’s personality.

Let Leo’s age and this tendency will become less and less prevalent, as they realize that getting what they want inevitably requires compromise. And seriously let’s be honest, we all love the sun, but if you have ever been to the desert you know how, without the protection of shade, sun can be a real scorcher.

Leo and Aries Soul Connection: In-Tune

This is a passionate connection! In the bedroom, there is love, lust and romance all of which keeps the union connected on a psychical and spiritual level. Aries and Leo have a mutual respect and admiration for each other, which over time, translates to trust with both parties feeling they can depend on the other. As such they are more open to accommodating each other’s differences and recognize the blessings rather than the compromise inevitable in any relationship.

They are both proud signs with commanding personalities and will assist each other to walk the path of success. These two live life in the fast lane and have similar call to action responses. When a job needs to get done, they understand and make allowances for each other when plans are changed to accommodate their responsibilities. They move at the same fast pace and are their energies are in step. Once they sort out who is responsible for what in their lives, the areas of life that they complement each other they can co-exist magnificently.

There is a level of understanding between these two signs that passes between them as knowingness. It’s like a secret code between them that nobody else understands. They are both free spirits who strive to make a difference in the world and as long as they continue to work as a team unit all is good with this star-connection.

Leo and Taurus Soul Connection: Mutual Attraction

It is possible for the bull and the lion to have fun and spoil each other, however, they are both fixed signs so they do need to be a little flexible with each other and with life itself to truly enjoy what each other brings to the relationship. Leo can find Taurus as a stable and emotional rock they can depend on through the inevitable challenging and hard times.

Leo loves to take the credit for just about anything and everything and Taurus as a general rule is not that interested in being in the public spotlight. Rather than a grandiose display of recognition and all the fanfare Leo loves to attract and bask under, Taurus would prefer to be appreciated with cold hard cash, which is all ok with Leo too as the pursuit of money is something these two signs have in common.

They could simply be passing souls and even though there is a mutual attraction between the bull and the lion, when it concerns them connecting for what they both may hope to be forever lasting love bliss, that’s another thing altogether. Leo clearly likes to be the leader, and although Taurus may take a back seat every now and again and play a passive role, and only if they are being looked after on all levels, emotionally and financially, they will play along. But make no mistake, Taurus doesn’t like to be told what to do, hence longevity for these two does not come without its problems.

Leo and Gemini Soul Connection: Uncertain

As fire and air signs, these two blend harmoniously on an elemental level. Both are active, expressive and dramatic signs, and their mutual appreciation and ease with each other can feel invigorating. They feel an intuitive understanding of the other, each silently wishing they had a little more of the other’s special character traits, but would never admit it. Gemini captivates Leo with their sharp intelligence, charm and playful whimsy, while Leo captures Gemini’s attention with their charisma, talent and sunny attitude.

Just as Mercury, ruler of Gemini, speeds around Leo’s ruler - the Sun - the lion will command center stage in this relationship. Usually Gemini is fine with that, and they’ll find that if they can make someone else the focus of their attention, their highly strung nerves will relax a little. The twins’ astute perception helps them see the lion’s need for attention and praise, which they can express with a combination of wit and sincerity. Leo provides some strength and consistency that Gemini needs, and if Gemini doesn’t feel too constrained or controlled by the powerful Leo will, they’ll appreciate it and benefit.

Leo may play a bit of a parental role to Gemini, and assuming a healthy foundation supports the relationship, this can feel good to both of them. Leo is generous and enjoys lavishing whatever they can on the object of their affection, and Gemini is perfectly suited to express the appreciation the Lion needs so deeply.

This couple can share creative endeavors of all kinds, the more expressive, playful and dramatic the better. Physical activities and cultural pursuits are other likely pleasures they will share. Though potential conflicts definitely exist, with supportive elements in their charts, they blend energy and enthusiasm with aspiration and intellect to create a fulfilling relationship.

Much depends on other placements between these two, but there’s a good balance and essential compatibility. Gemini is creative but prefers to be behind the scenes. Leo is also creative and strives to be up front and center stage. With supportive placements, this relationship can soar. The difficulties lie with Leo’s need for fiery passion and commitment and Gemini’s mental orientation and need for freedom.

Leo and Cancer Soul Connection: Compromise

These two are as different as night and day, but with compatible elements in the rest of their charts, they can complement each other in ways that satisfy them both. Leo commands the central role — all revolves around the sun, its ruling planet. Cancer reflects Leo’s solar light with the nuance and mystery of its ruling planet, the moon. Leo appreciates the Cancer intuition and sensitivity and will purr with delight when Cancer sets a romantic mood and cooks their favorite meal.

Deep feeling Cancer will thrill with pride to share Leo’s kingdom and relish the security that a generous, lion-hearted partner provides. The lion knows how to shine, how to celebrate life, and can help Cancer let go of some of their emotional baggage - assuming the lion has earned their trust. Cancer knows how to nurture and support their leading man or woman, and Leo loves to be pampered. For this match to work Leo must be sensitive to their water sign partner, not scorching them with the fires of vanity or ego domination.

Cancer must guard against brooding or letting their subjective emotional states drag them down and out of the solar orbit. The crab involved with a Leo needs to lighten up, let go a little and enjoy the sunshine. The proud Lion must appreciate the quiet subtlety of moonlight, learning to see beneath the surface of their Cancer partner’s watery, inner world.

Both are highly imaginative, dramatic and creative and they genuinely respect each other’s talents. They have a lot to learn from each other, but they’re also miles apart. Leo loves to entertain and socialize, and Cancer’s moon ruled moods means they need time to be alone. With Leo, it’s more the merrier.

Give and take is needed. Leo likes to be in charge and organize everything and Cancer definitely has a mind of their own. Leos may seem like the boss but Cancer’s power is not to be underestimated. If supportive placements elsewhere in their charts ease the friction between their Sun signs, this union can work. However, tolerance, understanding, mutual respect and sincere reverence for each other’s differences are needed.

Leo and Leo Soul Connection: Devoted

The Royal Society Of Mutual Adoration. Leo deserves a partner fit for a queen/king, and the charisma, dignity, creative power and radiance they both exude is catnip neither can resist. These two are fiercely loyal and courageously protective of each other, and can match the need for grand romance they both require. They’ll enjoy lavishing each other with lion hearted generosity and their warm, enthusiastic spirits make this a high energy, fiery union.

Leo is a playful sign, and when neither seeks to hog the spotlight for themselves alone, they can be fun loving best friends as well as ardent lovers. They’ll need to learn some valuable lessons in shared power, however, as both are naturally dominant and will inevitably vie for supremacy or the lion’s share of attention on occasion. Can two stars of equal magnitude make it together? Yes, they can - if they are big enough to laugh at their own egos a little bit and not invest too heavily in the inevitable dramas that are sure to arise from time to time. “It’s not all about you!” is a humorous mantra they may want to tape to the refrigerator.

The devotion and exquisite care these two are capable of, however, can inspire even vain and proud Leo to make each other the centers of their universe. They are natural artists, performers and leaders, and can share a passion or creative partnership in any of the arts, social movements or politics. They are great providers and offer not only security of a financial nature but also love and comfort of an emotional nature. As long as trust isn’t broken, this is a solid match.

Friendship is important to Leo and it’s this part of the relationship that helps to endure everything else. On the rare occasions when the going gets tough, they have the fact that they actually like each other to fall back on. A solid bond that shines like gold.

Leo and Virgo Soul Connection: Tolerance

This can be a very supportive and fulfilling relationship, and with complimentary placements elsewhere in this couple’s charts these two can find each other both fascinating and inspiring. The dynamic here is Leo taking center stage with Virgo in the wings. When they blend Leo’s grandiose ideas with Virgo’s practical way of putting them into action, their strengths and differences can stabilize their relationship and inspire respect and admiration from the other. However, this earth and fire combination will go through trials and errors to get to this point.

In this relationship, Leo is advised to activate the more their playful and creative, lion- hearted qualities that make the Lion so loveable. Virgo recognizes and loves the special talents, power and charisma their Leo partner commands, but is not impressed with a ‘legend in their own mind’ narcissism which can manifest as a Leonine ‘shadow.’ The more Leo works for applause or attention, the more disinterested a Virgo may become. There is a natural affinity and yin/yang balance between these two, however, so that with mutual goals and enough self- awareness, a partnership between them can be extremely creative and mutually enriching.

Leo can be captivated by the sheer quality of the Virgo essence; it represents a kind of ideal that enchants Leo and inspires them in ways they may not fully understand. Virgo is naturally flattered and affirmed by the attention and care they receive from Leo, and will go far to make sure they live up to the Lion’s expectations. Leo helps Virgo lighten up and celebrate life, while the Virgin will help to ground and channel the Lion’s fiery spirit.

For this union to work there needs to be more understanding of each other and true, mutual respect. Lions consider themselves royalty and Virgo is nobody’s servant, so there is likely to be a battle of the wills in this relationship, which may not last the distance of time. With other chart placements that blend well, however, a unique mix of creative spark and intelligence can make this a powerful relationship that each finds rewarding.

Leo and Libra Soul Connection: Dynamic Duo

Together, they’re a showstopper sight! Ruled by the Sun and Venus, these two share a radiant, positive approach to life, a highly developed aesthetic sense and a taste for luxury. Libra has charm, poise and an instinctual need to please others, which matches Leo’s style perfectly. Leo needs to feel adored and important, and in return are fiercely loyal and will lavish their love interest with all the riches of their kingdom. Both signs are romantic, socially oriented, fun loving and expressive, and share fundamental values.

Libra, the lover and peace-maker, fights for justice and courageous Leo feels drawn to protect the weak and helpless. When they are in tune they can conquer anything. Leo commands center stage (it’s only natural) and Libra graciously and diplomatically honors their monarch, knowing just the right combination of praise and affirmation to convince Leo that they are, in fact, in charge. Libra will agree with most things Leo commands and then gently, subtly, lovingly and sweetly suggest and cajole the Lion onto a course more in line with their own desires, often times.

Big hearted Leo usually doesn’t mind, if they notice at all – that’s how powerful Libra’s spell can be! Libra is Cardinal in quality, they get things started. Leo is a fixed sign, they keep the ball rolling. Both signs are natural leaders, but conflicts won’t often arise, as their energies blend so well. These two communicate extremely well and can create a powerful, joyous and harmonious union that includes true friendship, professional collaboration and intimate partnerships.

They dazzle as a couple and enjoy a truly special rapport. They are socially oriented and love to entertain, and between them, they can network their way to success. A fulfilling relationship on every level.

Leo and Scorpio Soul Connection: Fireworks

A tenacious couple – both are powerful and passionate, with charisma and ambition to spare. If they can work together, it’s a dynamite match. Both signs are fixed in quality (translation: stubborn) and an inherent friction exists between them. But with supportive contacts elsewhere in their charts, this relationship can be enduring and fulfilling. Mutual respect is assured.

Leo feels drawn to the emotional depth, sensitivity and intensity smoldering beneath the cool Scorpio exterior. Scorpio can fall easy prey to the aura of majesty surrounding Leo, and they’ll be captivated by the lion’s creative talent, charm and style. Leo lights up a room, their lion-hearted spirits spread sunshine that warms Scorpio to their core. Both have a dramatic, romantic nature and a committed relationship between these two will be fiercely loyal and devoted.

Both have strong egos with a tendency to dominate, and power struggles can arise. Most of the tension between them will dissipate with a common goal, and as both are strong willed and ambitious, they can work extremely well together to create almost anything. Water sign Scorpio will feel a need to guard their quiet inner world of psychic and emotional sensitivity from time to time, as Leo’s fire burns hot and steady – too much fire can drain a water sign of life. Likewise, Scorpio’s emotionality and introspection can put a damper on the fiery Leo spirit, so the lion will feel a need to reboot their shine from time to time.

Much depends upon compatible factors elsewhere between them. Power struggles of some sort are guaranteed with this combination, yet they can form an intensely powerful and loving union. If they bring a third element into the mix in the form of a creative intention that is dear to them both, this match can burn bright. Care must be taken, however, as fireworks from time to time are inevitable.

Leo and Sagittarius Soul Connection: Magnificent

A dynamic pair with loads of presence; these two make a real statement when they walk into a room! Ruled by the life giving Sun and fortunate Jupiter, both of these two fire signs radiate positive, expansive and high energy vibes. They’ll find each other exciting and inspiring, and are naturally attracted by each other’s charisma, up-beat charm and physical presence. Their essential compatibility supports a harmonious rhythm; both Leo and Sag are outgoing and ambitious, and will enjoy being active in the outdoors, exploring cultural pursuits or the social scene.

They share a sense of social responsibility, Sag seeking Truth and Justice and Leo courageously defending the needy and protecting the helpless. They both know how to enjoy life – their enthusiasm is contagious. Leo is drawn to Sag’s special blend of wildness and wisdom – Sagittarius can be funny, friendly, philosophical, and emit a powerful animal magnetism all at the same time.

Though it’s hard to tame the free Sagittarius spirit, Leo’s graceful dignity, talent and languid, feline sensuality are enough to captivate the fast moving centaur and command their full attention like few others can. Though some potential conflicts exist, these two have the capacity to bring out the best in each other and can rise to heights of happiness and exhilaration.

This is a compatible combo - they fit like a glove. Their fiery natures may spawn some energetic competition, but they can both emerge winners when they realize the potential gold medal this relationship represents.

Leo and Capricorn Soul Connection: Imbalanced

Leo loves an audience, and Capricorn loves power, so along the way on this love journey these two can find they do have something in common, that is if they can keep the balance of adoration and power under control, which is a delicate balance. Capricorn is far more patient than Leo can ever hope to be, and will steadily help Leo achieve their goals with careful and strategic planning, if Leo lets them. Leo is born to be on center stage and for the most part, Capricorn is willing to let Leo take the kudos and praise they need.

Capricorn will sit in the background, but not the back stalls, as they do require some level of recognition for their part in a successful partnership. If Capricorn holds the balance of power and pulls the strings behind the scenes, and Leo is star, then everyone is happy. The lion is strategic as well, but will go after their goals at a faster and riskier pace than Capricorn, which can cause tension. But all things aside; these two do have a certain respect and fascination of each other.

They realize they are very different, however, they both have a high opinion of themselves and this can be almost a reflection of each other they see in themselves. They both aim to live the high life, and are natural leaders. If they give each other a chance to get to know the other, they will realize although they have a lot of different character points, they do in fact complement each other in more ways than first thought.

Even though there is lot that doesn’t click with these two signs, a high level of public recognition generally does work for both, and a partnership can work if they have the same or similar goals, but not competing for the same spotlight. However, it may not be enough glue to hold them together as an ongoing relationship. Hopefully, they can meet in the middle.

Leo and Aquarius Soul Connection: Inspiring

Opposite poles of the same axis, these two complement each other on an elemental level and can join forces to generate a powerhouse of creative force in the world. Both signs are strong minded, high energy, outgoing and independent. Both express fierce individuality with a glorious, willful abandon, but in decidedly opposite ways. They recognize in each other qualities they lack, themselves, which is part of their magnetic attraction.

They find each other exciting and inspiring, and respect each other’s brilliance and talents. Fiery Leo comes from the heart – their sheer power of personality radiates with the warmth, exuberance and celebration of self of a playful, expressive child. Aquarius comes from the mind – they express their visionary genius through an insistence on individual freedom and humanitarian evolution.

Aquarius defiantly breaks cultural restrictions; they reject convention and will go their own way without much concern for the opinion of others. Leo’s power operates on a more personal level; they need attention and an admiring audience. Aquarius needs the warmth, playful, sunny positivity that Leo embodies. Leo needs the transcendent vision of Aquarius to help balance their focus on self.

The cool head of the water-bearer perfectly complements the warm heart of Leo. Aquarius comes up with cutting edge ideas; Leo grasps their ingenuity and turns them into reality. With Leo’s initiative, and Aquarius’ far reaching mind, they can make an awesome couple. Both these signs are magnanimous, and readily express their generosity with each other and the world. As different as night and day, their considerable differences can cause problems, but their mutual respect, friendship and magnetic connection are often enough to overcome whatever obstacles they encounter.

This is a magnetic union, and every day in every way, there is enough going on to keep them eternally interested in each other. However, when they do disagree on something, anything, they can both dig their heels in with no one being willing to give.

Leo and Pisces Soul Connection: Romantic

Pisces and Leo are both extremely romantic as well as dramatic, and together these two radiate the glamorous aura of a ‘power couple.’ Each being naturally creative, exploring the arts and all kinds of creative expression can be a source great mutual satisfaction. The belief they have in each other generates strength for them both and can go a long way in securing this union. Pisces brings an enchanted allure to which Leo ardently responds, thinking this may be the ideal mate to share their kingdom.

The Fishes find refuge in the Lion’s generous heart and courageous spirit. They are naturally drawn to the solar power, warmth and authority the Lion commands. Leo is enriched by the Pisces sincerity, depth and insight – not to mention the Fishes’ appreciation for their royal partner! Both being affectionate is an attraction factor, and as long as Pisces doesn’t mind being the more subservient, leaving Leo to be king or queen of his-her domain, life should remain calm and harmonious. This relationship has good possibilities.

There’s a mutual respect for individual qualities, and if they could sit around all day being romantic that would be great, but in the real world, there are some fundamental problems to deal with on an ongoing basis. If things go wrong, Leo can dramatically sulk and brood while Pisces retreats or cries. Knowing the potential pit-falls, if both Leo and Pisces are reasonably mature and committed to work at their relationship, this can be a powerful union.

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