Taurus in Love

If you are a Taurus you are possesive, loyal and not always as gentle as you wish to be. You need physical contact, emotional and financial security and domestic comfort. As soon as you find someone who shares your sensuality and fundamental values, you are satisfied. Just being together, without having to do anything is enough for you. It is going to get difficult if your partner maintains another pace. You will fiercely resist. You are immovable. Learn how to go with the flow.

Consider the bull for a moment - there is the one that grazes peacefully, picture-perfect, in the pasture then there is the other, moving ferociously towards the object of its intent, impervious to any obstacle, and really rather dangerous. They’re both you, of course, but fortunately the raging bull within hardly ever gets an outing: in the main you are the most patient and contented of creatures.

Taurus is truly the earth-goddess of the zodiac - sensuous and monogamous, happy when your sexual needs are fulfilled and stoical when they’re not. But like all goddesses, you have your diva moments - usually when someone has moved the goal-posts in a relationship, changed his mind and given you reason to doubt his fidelity. You, of all the signs, believe in possession - no, not the poltergeist kind, but life-long ownership of those you love. And therein lies your biggest problem. While it may take you time to give your heart to someone, once you have it’s a commitment without an escape clause. And although you are loving and long-suffering you have a tendency to suffocate your partners, which can drive them away.

That old cliché if you want something you must first give it wings and send it on its way was tailor-maid for you. Very few living things thrive in captivity, so by giving your lover room to breathe, he’ll freely give you all the love, loyalty and security you need. You may have to practice the technique of saying: “Be out as long as you like, Darling,” and, “ My goodness, hasn’t time flown, is it only a week since we spoke?” but once you get it, your man will be putty in your very capable, reliable, tactile, soft and tender hands. In fact he’ll never ever want to leave them.

Fall in Love with Taurus

Stay close, be patient and avoid discussions. Give them a chance to feel at ease. Safety is essential for him/her. Offer him/her a safe shelter, give generous food, gentle touches, lazy afternoons, good wine and quiet walks in the forest. He/she reacts to scent and fabric, so wear silk, velvet, cashmere, tweed: anything that feels comfortable. You will find your Taurus then.

If you are have been “put through the wringer” in terms of your love life here is a breath of fresh air to consider. Taureans, ruled by Venus, the planet of love are reliable, loyal and somewhat predictable in their relationships. You will not be “thrown out with the bathwater” should someone else come into his or her lives. They value their relationships like their money-which they watch with prudence.

The bull, which is the symbol of Taurus, is steadfast in their ways in terms of their love lives. Taureans make ideal companions, especially if you are worried about having to constantly entertain. They are basically homebodies and enjoy an evening snuggling on the couch, drinking a favorite bottle of Merlot as much as they would enjoy a backstage pass, limo, Hollywood evening with the Rolling Stones. You can take them anywhere and they are content in just being in your company.

Taurus is the first Earth sign in the Zodiac. And Earthy they are. They are usually a “beautiful” lot with great skin, tall long legs, however their love of cuisine tends to make them a bit chunky at different times in their lives. If you can get over love handles or are a breast man consider a Taurus. They are a practical, down to earth, get down to business sign. If you desire consistency and loyalty, this could be the love of your life.

Taurus in Love

How to Attract Taurus

1. One of the most important issues with a Taurus is what moral fiber a potential mate is made of. What are their values? To get your Taurus interested, find out what their values are and mirror them. They are not believers in the “opposites attract” theme. They will feel very relieved and actually comforted to know that you share the same tastes and beliefs.

2. Being that Taurus is an earth sign, it is very unlikely that they will be impressed by a flashy car or are friends with any famous celebrities. They will be more concerned that you hold down a stable job and have good investments for your future.

3. If you have to brag about something, make it your family lineage. They are very interested in pedigrees. Whatever you do NEVER says anything negative about your parents. Tell them about that house you are thinking of purchasing from your great aunt Betty and how it has been in your family for generations. They will absolutely love it. They are true believers in genetics. Who they are going to mate with, will depend upon whether or not they feel you are a ” genetic celebrity”.

4. Keep your refrigerator stocked with their favorite snacks. A way to their sex organs is definitely through their stomachs. Don’t even dream of seducing a Taurus on an empty stomach. It is inconceivable for them to think of having sex without having a fabulous meal or snack beforehand. Keeping their stomachs full will ensure you that they will be back for frequent visits.

5. Do not under any circumstances; speak too highly of gambling. In fact, if you partake in this “sport”, keep it under wraps. They shy away from anything or anyone that is not “stable” and “reliable”.

Perfect Date for Taurus

All and any date with a Taurus must include dining out. Perhaps an art gallery and lunch in the gallery restaurant or a drive out to the beach and lunch at an outdoor café. Also being that they are outdoor lovers, a camping trip or if this is someone extra special, a ski trip. Even a hike in the woods and a picnic lunch under a beautiful oak tree would suffice. Remember they are “earthy” and love to be close to nature.

Perfect Gift for Taurus

Pictures in old Antique, or Gothic frames. Books on safe investments, kitchenware, Godiva chocolates, or tickets to the opera. Candles, a leather organizer or for that extra special Taurean in your life, a Montblanc pen for the office.

What to talk to Taurus

Traditional values, your family… even better their family. Talk about dining out and the latest cool restaurant opening you attended. Describe the entrée until they break down and want to go there immediately. History, the latest foolproof safe investment you made for your retirement, the last camping trip you were on. Talk about the latest project at work that you organized. They love all the encompasses “order”.

Taurus in Bed

By now you must have gotten the picture…they love food. Therefore you must try your seduction using food as the bait. Invite them over to your house for a home cooked meal. Just be sure they are not waiting hours for the meal. A hungry Taurus is like facing a grouchy bull. Feed them immediately and they are putty in your hands. If you are not into going all out with a dinner at, suggest an after dinner drink and desert at your place after an outing. Just don’t let them know you intend to be the desert as they are very cautious and do not like surprises…they need to know what they are getting into. Taureans find nudity intoxicating…they love flesh. They need to check you out before they get involved, but don’t worry if you don’t have the greatest body on the planet, they just like bodies. An erotic strip tease or isn’t going to get your Taurean as hot as being confronted with naked flesh. How do you find a way to get naked simultaneously is the challenge here? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Maybe after a hike in the woods with your Taurean, suggest a dip in a hot tub. Wearing a swimsuit is pretty close to wearing nothing.
  2. Taureans love to be teased. After a soak in the Jacuzzi, ask them to rub lotion on your back, let them know how bad your lower back is hurting. Keep suggesting that they rub lower and lower. Then we’ll leave the rest is up to you.
  3. A sure way to get your natural Taurean off is skinny-dipping in a secluded pond or lake. So what if you forgot your swimsuit. Being naked and being surrounded by nature at the same time would be tantalizing to a Taurus.

Taureans are ruled by the neck. This is the one part of the body that often gets neglected. Especially the back of the neck. Lightly touch and kiss the Taureans neck and they will be jello.

Food can be very erotic to a Taurus. Most Taureans love food. Dining can be a sensual experience in itself. The possibilities can be endless when it comes to combining food with sex. Just think of how creative one can be with fruit.

Fresh berries and cream dripping from their body should be slowly teased and licked clean. The sweet nectar from a succulent peach convieniently flowing down your neck is a sure way to entice your Taurus.

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