Virgo in Love

If you are a Virgo you are understanding, easy at talk and, in spite of your pristine zodiac symbol, very sexy. But your idealistic values are unrealistically high, and ordinary souls are tried and found wanting. As soon as someone finally passes the test, you are warm, devoted, dedicated and helpful.

Goodness know why word has it that Virgos are the staunch realists of the zodiac - the sign that is to romance what chalk is to cheese - but ignorance breeds many falsehoods. In truth Ms Virgo yearns to be swept away by love and passion and longs to find her soul-mate. However, since her logical mind informs her that this probably won’t happen - at least in this lifetime - she makes an awful lot of noise about love being the holy grail of the seriously misguided. (She really doesn’t mean it and she’s hoping against hope that one day she’ll be proved wrong.)

You and your opposite sign, the mystical and dreamy Fish, have more in common than you may think. The main difference is that while Ms Pisces dives into love and allows herself to be totally submerged by the experience, Virgo stands on the edge of those deep waters, analysing the pros and cons, until she convinces herself that her wetsuit will protect her. At some point, usually after several painful excursions into love, you realize that you cannot seal yourself off from hurt because it is the handmaid of love.

For some reason, perhaps because you can’t resist lost causes, your sign picks up more than its share of life’s dependents and misfits as partners, men who use and abuse you. This doesn’t have to be a life-long pattern, of course, but the trend towards sacrificing yourself through a relationship needs to be faced and understood, so that you will attract a sane, loving and supportive mate. Part of the problem revolves around self-esteem, or the lack of it, and as soon as you get the idea that you deserve to be loved, like magic, it happens.

Forget all that nonsense about Virgo being the librarian and the caretaker of the zodiac - you are a sensuous, resourceful and fascinating creature. Now, repeat after me: I am desirable. I am a wild thing. I deserve the best.

Fall in Love with Virgo

To entrap a Virgo, admire his/her intelligence, deliver the goods, play word games and flatter his/her keen mind. Between the sheets He/she can be red-hot, but the Virgo is also addicted to control. So, it is best to avoid messy emotions. And do not forget that they are always concerned about just behavior and correct impressions, so no public affection please…

They are so perfect….so well-groomed, so organized. Those impeccable manners are enough to send Emily Post into orbit. And even worse… they’re so modest, nice and thoughtful on top of it all. How can one measure up to this flawless perfection? If you are seeking that proper lady or gentleman, look no further. Virgo’s are know for their genuine, helpful and practical natures. If you have just come out of a whirlwind romance with an Aries or Libra, this could be the next love of your life.

A Virgo mate can provide a safe haven for you. They are “creatures of habit” well known for their predictability and dependability. If you ever want to explore the “domestic” side of life, they can lead you in the right direction. The benefits are amazing. For example they will encourage you to take care of your health by getting you on that exercise regime that you let fall to the wayside. They are extremely fastidious when it comes to their physical appearance. Most Virgos are often lean and youthful with glowing skin and thin waistlines.

One of the most attractive attributes of a Virgo is their great smile. When a Virgo smiles their inner boy or girl comes shining through and lights up the room. Don’t expect a wild magic carpet ride with your Virgo. They are not spontaneous by nature but like to plan their adventures. So don’t even bother buckling your seatbelts…just enjoy this smooth ride.

Virgo in Love

How to Attract Virgo

1. First and foremost they must trust you. By nature they are loyal and steadfast and expect the same from their partners. Impress upon them you are responsible and true to your word. If you show your terrible temper or unpredictable mood swings they will bolt. If you are going to throw boulders into the smooth stream of their life’s you can be sure to never hear from them again. They must get a sense of consistency and dependability. If you say you are going to do something for god sake FOLLOW THROUGH!. This will build their trust in you and show them how you honor their feelings.

2. NEVER be untidy or have personal hygiene issues (bad smell). They love orderliness and cleanliness to a fault at times. Be sure you are always well-groomed, bathed and that your clothes are dry cleaned and pressed. A Virgo can detect a smell or stain from across the room with their “Mr./ Mrs. Clean radar”. Virgos have organized, tidy lives and would like someone who will fit into this precision and order.

3. “Time is the most valuable gift you can give to a person”. A Virgo’s time is very important to them as they do not waste it away on idle chit chat. If you are scheduled to go on an outing BE ON TIME. Punctuality is a quality to be admired in the mind of a Virgo. If you are going to be late be sure to give them plenty of notice as this can be a serious issue with them. Once again, they need to be reassured that you are responsible and sensitive to their feelings.

4. Virgos have a very honorable work-ethic. Talk about your loyalty to your present employer and the dedication you have to the business you are in. Talk about your 60 hour work weeks and the projects you bring home on the weekends to meet your deadlines. Somehow emphasize how your work benefits others on the planet. For example, if you are a garbage man tell them your are in “the recycling” industry. They admire you as they are into improving the environment.

If you can’t think of a way to present your current occupation as one that benefits humanity, complain about the frustations you feel because you could actually help others if those in power would only allow you to do what needs to be done to accomplish this. They will most likely be able to identify with you should they be in the same boat.

5. Do not create or be the cause of a “mess” in any way, shape or form. Remember the key slogan that drives them. Cleanliness is godliness. Impose on them how even more organized their lives will be by having you in it. The best way to get this across is action. Don’t invite them to your house unless you can “eat off the floors”. Seeing your living conditions and how you conduct your live in an orderly fashion will further convince them that you could be “the one”.

6. Ostentatiousness is a sure way to turn off a Virgo. Don’t waste your time trying to impress them with an expensive dinner for the sake of “showing off”. They absolutely despise phoniness and pretension. Be yourself and be genuine. Those qualities are very honorable and go a long way with a Virgo.

Perfect Date for Virgo

Museums, a walk in the park, scenic restaurants by the ocean or in the mountains, a weekend at a health spa, botanical gardens, amusement parks, hiking in the woods, or a good movie. You might want to suggest they pick their favorite restaurant as they are very fussy in terms of what they put into their stomachs. Virgos are ruled by the “stomach” so it might be best to let them decide where to dine as it might spare you a lot of unnecessary blame and drama should they get food poisoning.

Perfect Gift for Virgo

Since they are obsessed with their health and tend to be major hypochondriacs at times a juice extractor or a book containing homeopathic remedies would be ideal. Organic herbs, loofahs, back brushes, perfume free-no animal testing detergents or cosmetics, dried flowers and candles make great gifts. Scarves, beautiful linens (preferably 300 thread count), a Montblanc pen or bottle of good champagne (Vintage Krug or Chateau d’yquieum) would surely please even the most finicky Virgo.

What to talk to Virgo

Health and fitness. What the “hot” gym is in town. Where you can get the best organic and natural products. Talk about what you are doing to make the world a better place. You might want to mention that you are a “big brother” or “big sister” to an underprivileged child. Talk about the years you spent donating your time in the Peace Corps. They love to talk about their work so that subject will always save you from any embarrassing silences.

Virgo in Bed

First and foremost do not use any kinky shock tactics or stun them in any way during the seduction. You will lose them. They will feel threatened instead of excited. You must move slowly and absolutely no pouncing. All of your hard work to get them to this stage will be in vain as they will retreat into their prudish and prissy mode. No exhibitionist behavior, i.e. suggesting a romp in the back-seat of your car or in a phone booth. Patience is a virtue you will want to possess when dealing with getting a Virgo into the sack.

Jumping them in the parking lot will not do. They need to consider what they are about to do and maybe even sleep on it and then consider it again before actually going for it. Don’t expect them to be overcome with raw lust. It is just not in their nature to sleep around so they will be very careful in the beginning. You might want to try the Honesty Seduction. Since they are moral and honest people, appeal to their appreciation of “being direct”. Confess that you are attracted to them and acknowledge their sexual appeal. This will help to increase their “sexual self esteem” which is important for a potential Virgo lover.

Be sure to confess in a public place or somewhere they feel “safe”. Once the confession has been made you might want to retreat for a couple of days to let it sink in. Return to the scene of the crime acting like the perfect gentleman/lady that you are and test the waters. Dive in if the temperature is right. If the confession doesn’t work go to plan #2.

Seduce innocently. Virgos are often guilt ridden by nature–especially regarding sex. Try easing them along very slowly taking small baby steps. You need to get them in a situation where it does not appear like you are seducing them. For example after a great meal at their restaurant of choice invite them back to your place for coffee…not a nightcap as that may alert them to your plan. Invite them to come sit on the couch with you and maybe offer to rub their neck or loosen their tie. Admire their soft skin as you are slowly unbuttoning their shirt to rub those sore and tired muscles…you get the picture…:)

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