Aquarius Woman in Love

To understand how an Aquarius woman loves, imagine her native element the air. He is elusive, now here, and a minute later somewhere far away. Now it is warm, affectionate, and after a while it is already cold or disappears altogether, as if it were not there. Aquarius is unpredictable air. So the woman Aquarius in love is changeable, changeable, it is unstable, and sometimes completely unpredictable. It is difficult to guess what to expect further from it.

Probably one of the most unpredictable signs of the entire horoscope. She is sexually liberated! Women Aquarius in love is very romantic, friendly, sensitive and generous. At the same time, they can be cool, independent and highly intelligent. The approach to men is very simple: "You are a man, so we go to bed."

These women because of their romantic, idealized idea of true love can weave reality and fantasy, they can get in the way. Communicating with these women, you may think that you once saw it. If you need a cheerful, witty, intelligent woman, Aquarius woman is ideal for this, you will never be bored with her.

Love Relationships with Aquarius Woman

Woman Aquarius attracts a man with his sociability, openness, democratic views. She is so nice and kindly able to communicate, which sometimes gives an impression of her sincere sympathy and interest. True, there is of course interest. She is interested in everything, new, unusual, she needs new information, food for thought. But as for sympathy, her courtesy does not express this one hundred percent. She only has good manners and is able to listen to the interlocutor, sometimes answering him what he wanted to hear. But she can keep her opinion to herself.

In addition, she likes to flirt, catch the rapturous looks of men and stand out for her unusual behavior in character and manners. And the opinion of others around her may be completely indifferent. In relations, she tries not to let anyone close to her. Her communication is more windy, and interests often change very quickly. And she can promise, but there is no guarantee that the promised will be done. She can forget about it altogether.

Sometimes it seems that she is always on her own. On the one hand, she needs a company, friends, fellowship, and on the other hand she remains true to her ideals, she wants to show independence and as if by herself. Everything that concerns feelings and emotions is difficult for her to understand, since she treats life rationally. And to accept your feelings is difficult, because it is so possible to lose independence and freedom, which is very important for her.

She likes free relationships more, without obligations and responsibilities. All the serous often repels her. But it happens until she has really serious feelings. Often they are born from friendship. She likes to be friends with men. Often she does not notice when the more serious feelings began. In actions she is unpredictable. It can easily change the decision, if at first she opposed to serious relationships, she can quickly change her mind and decide on marriage.

Positive qualities of Aquarius woman in love: democracy, humanity, good nature, sociability, informativity, erudition, ingenuity, singularity, originality, lightness.

Which Men are Suitable for Aquarius Woman

A man with an unusual outlook on life approaches an Aquarius woman. Who can not live without communication and impressions. And the relationship is easy and does not dramatize life’s troubles.

Aquarius woman will be easy with a man: sociable, erudite, original, active, positive, democratic, compromise.

Aquarius woman will be hard with a man: conservative, strict, laconic, pedantic, authoritative, authoritarian, egocentric, serious, demanding, inert.

How to Fall in Love with an Aquarius Woman

To win a Aquarius woman, you need to make friends with her first. Often her feelings arise unexpectedly, unpredictably and after a short friendship. She easily converges with people, is contact, sociable, inquisitive. The main thing is not to limit her freedom and independence. For her, the main thing that a man was an interesting interlocutor, he could give her a lot of unforgettable impressions and interesting information, constantly something to surprise, or shock in the best sense of the word.

Sexuality of Aquarius Woman in Bed

Woman Aquarius in bed likes everything unusual that can bring many new impressions. She gets true pleasure and from any kindness, and from the very moment of intimacy, and from relaxation after that. It is alien to conventions, traditions, conservatism. But most of all she is attracted by the mind and thinking of a man, how sociable, interesting, as a person and person.

Sometimes it draws to unusual personalities. Intimate relationships are easy, sometimes friendship can be combined with sex. Loves to communicate on intimate topics even in bed. It is important words, information, and not the silent performance of marital duties. More arouses the mind of a man, and not the caress and tenderness. Many women born under this sign, love to wake up their partners, early morning, very gentle, light touch of the lips, tongue, fingers.

Woman Aquarius in Family Relationships

Many Aquarius women believe that in life there is much more interesting than standing at the stove and doing household chores. Her interests are directed to the outside world, everything related to information, communication, help to other people. Sometimes she can take care of others more than about her relatives.

Often there is little time for home chores and cares. Why their quality leaves much to be desired. But on the other hand, not all women of Aquarius are practical and economical. There is no special desire for order, cleanliness, rules. Any restrictions are only straining, and monotonous life is repulsive.

But there is a craving for everything new, unusual. Often the woman of Aquarius in the house has a lot of new technology, which allows you to do all the homework as quickly as possible, so that there is still time for communication. Media for her are also important in the home, the more, the better. The attitude towards the development of the family is democratic. In her opinion, everyone has the right to live as they want, the main thing is not to ban, but give full freedom of action.

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