Cancer Woman in Love

To understand how a Cancer woman loves, for the sake of illustration, you can imagine her water element, namely the lake. In appearance it is quiet, calm, occasionally there are restless waves. But no one knows what is going on at the depth of the lake, what kind of life is inside the lake. Also, the Cancer woman manifests itself in love. She tends to go for a quiet home life, so that no one disturbs her peace of mind, but few know what emotions and feelings are bubbling inside her. Not everyone can get into her inner world, and she will not let everyone in there.

Men should know that a Cancer woman in love is very thin soul organization. As a rule, Cancers need the support of close people, however they are too shy and shy to express their feelings aloud. Woman Cancer does not like criticism and ridicule, she believes that there is nothing more terrible than this. Therefore, it will be a long time to store painful memories until you get the opportunity to take revenge.

These women are extremely economic, they are able to make a lot of efforts to equip their homes. Cancers usually do not break the line between economy and greed, but they have a very strong need to save money. However, they can, in exceptional cases, use shopping therapy to treat mental wounds.

Love Relationships with Cancer Woman

Cancer woman attracts a man with her feminine character, gentleness and emotionality. She is impressionable, easily susceptible to feelings and emotions, her mood and actions are often dictated by her mood. Why can sometimes regret.

But on the other hand it gives the impression of a soft, gentle, defenseless lady, which further causes the man to show concern, help, support. She easily gives in to influence, well feels the emotional mood of a man and if the relationship develops successfully, it can quickly get used to.

She has a rich inner world, and at times she plunges into it, leaves, closes in herself, remembering and pondering emotional situations from the past. But, despite all the subtlety of emotions and feelings, she is not inclined to disclose them, fearing misunderstanding, ridicule, refusal. It is difficult for her to decide to express feelings, first you need to make sure of their reciprocity. She often acts cautiously, can take the position of an observer, wait and gradually unfold.

For her, the main thing is not beautiful words, but the expression of emotions and feelings, and all emotional, emotional, which can make you feel needed, loved and necessary. It is important for her to see that her value, value her opinion. It is necessary for her because sometimes there is uncertainty, indecision, sadness, melancholy. Can feel no use to anyone. She sometimes lacks warmth, tenderness and affection.

Positive qualities of Cancer woman in love: care, attention, tenderness, gentleness, pliability, indulgence, tolerance, conflict-free, sensuality, emotionality, romanticism, fidelity, reliability, economy, economy, practicality, hospitality, good nature, understanding, sympathy.

Which Men are Suitable for Cancer Woman

Cancer women are suitable for men with a rich inner world and a living imagination, able to feel thinly, empathize, sympathize. She needs a man who understands her feelings, her inner world, will appreciate her care, attention. And for whom it will always be in the first place.

Cancer woman will be easy with a man: gentle, confident, caring, economic, practical, emotional, sensitive, romantic.

Cancer woman will be hard with a man: inconstant, frivolous, frivolous, irresponsible, windy, imperious, rude, hard, calculating, wasteful.

How to Fall in Love with a Cancer Woman

To win a Cancer woman you should be extremely tender, kind and gentle. Any manifestation of rudeness, rigidity, coldness can deeply injure an already vulnerable soul and heart and leave a lasting trace in memory for a long time. And the memory of a Cancer female is usually very good.

She is not one of those who can quickly get carried away and also easily part, forget. She is sometimes terribly mistaken, does not want to feel rejected. She attaches great importance to emotional situations, sometimes fixated on them. That the others would not notice and quickly be scored, the Cancer woman will never forget.

In a love relationship, it is important for her to find a soul mate, understanding to understand her emotions and feelings. But for this, she needs to open up and trust that she does not always succeed. If the propensity to experience their emotions alone. In a man, she wants to see support in life, so that he is a reliable and faithful companion for life. With whom you can share all the sorrows and joys, who will take care of her.

Sexuality of Cancer Woman in Bed

Cancer woman in bed is extraordinarily tender and sensual. It seems that it is woven of feelings and lives only by them. But so it is. Emotional state affects her behavior, deeds, desires. Intimate life also depends on the mood.

Woman cancer in bed likes sensual and gentle caresses, a romantic atmosphere and that everything was at home. Without any surprises and unpredictability. She is not a fan of everything extreme and unpredictable. The main emphasis should be on tenderness and sensuality.

But do not forget about her subtle spiritual organization. It’s easy to hurt, to offend a word. And then it will replace the warm attitude, it will become more closed and interest in intimate pleasures will be lost. With it it is inadmissible to show rudeness, imperiousness, rigidity. She will not tolerate aggressive men.

Woman Cancer in Family Relationships

A Cancer woman in marriage is usually completely absorbed in domestic cares and troubles. She likes to do household chores, cook, clean, so that the house is comfortable, clean and cozy. Its distinctive feature is care.

In principle, all women show concern, but a woman Cancer sometimes shows an overabundance. She will not miss any trifle, so that her loved ones will not need anything, they are full, fed, dressed. So that there is always food on the table, and the clothes are washed to have something to put on, and it’s necessary to postpone the money just in case.

But not all of her excessive care can please, sometimes it is perceived as unnecessary custody and do not appreciate. What upsets a woman Cancer. After all, she tried so hard, and her efforts were not appreciated. Why then she can become more closed in herself and become laconic.

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