Capricorn Woman in Love

To understand how a Capricorn woman loves, for clarity you can imagine her native element earth. The sign of Capricorn, symbolizes the very power of the earth, its firmness - the mountains. And, as you know, the mountains grow, slowly and slowly climbing up, changing their form, and sometimes completely leaving it the same. So for a Capricorn woman in love, it is important to rise up in career and social position. Her beliefs, preferences, desires, hard as a rock, and rarely when they change.

In the relationship is restrained. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s on her mind. Feelings do not like to put on display. Communication prefers more in essence, in the case, imaginative reflections and fantasies are not interesting to her. She really looks at life and strives for real results, material comfort. But, in order to achieve much in life, he can largely deny himself. Although this is explained quite easily, because in her heart of hearts she has a fear of being rejected.

In a love relationship, the woman Capricorn is very circumspect and has a rich life experience. If a man still wants to get it, then the fire of love must be inflamed slowly and purposefully. Only this will help to bypass all of its protection and constraint. The woman Capricorn very much loves the body and very much requires refined caresses. Therefore, many men who need only sex have almost no chance.

Love Relationships with Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman attracts a man with his reserved and serious character. Sometimes even strict and unapproachable. She already knows what she wants from her childhood. And from an early age slowly goes to his goal, not exchanging small things. She is not one of those who will hope for a lucky chance, luck. For her, life is hard work, where you need to concentrate completely on the task, calculating any options.

She is not attracted by carefree pastime, gathering in noisy companies. She prefers to organize her life and strictly follow the daily routine. Capricorn likes to live by the rules, when everything is planned and everything has its place, order and meaning.

To love can be treated with calculation, long to think how useful these relations are. Her love is earthly, where responsibility for the family, the desire to provide for herself and her family is essential, so that no one needs anything.

In communication she is restrained, does not give in to mood and emotions. Feelings and emotions are always under the control of a cold mind. She perceives life from the standpoint of common sense and realism. Sometimes the work and achievements of the goal set for it is more important than love and feelings.

Positive qualities of Capricorn woman in love: realism, practicality, diligence, ambition, purposefulness, confidence, determination, equanimity, perseverance, perseverance, perseverance, caution, steadfastness, firmness, responsibility, constancy, fidelity, reliability.

Which Men are Suitable for Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman suits a man a serious relationship to life, able to remain calm and equanimity even in difficult situations and be able to solve practical problems. Who refuses to change moods and passions. Who appreciates more traditional family relationships, for whom the family is the main value. Who will be a reliable and faithful companion of life.

Capricorn woman will be easy with a man: restrained, calm, economic, practical, industrious, realistic, purposeful, with traditional views.

Capricorn woman will be hard with a man: inconstant, windy, irresponsible, overly emotional, impulsive, unpredictable, impractical, mismanagement.

How to Fall in Love with a Capricorn Woman

To win a Capricorn woman you will have to have patience, because the earth sign to which Capricorn refers, slowly converge with people. A Capricorn woman needs time to learn more about a person, to analyze and think a lot, and to begin to trust more. She is not one of those who are fond of love adventures and adventures.

She needs a permanent and serious relationship. To the elect one can make many demands. Where is the most important of his ability to be responsible, reliable and serious. In addition, she is serious about the relationship, why it may seem that it is inaccessible, cold.

When, on the one hand, it is really, in this way, shielded from frivolous and empty relations. Sometimes distrustful of beautiful words and attention, suspecting how it ends. He does not like idle talk, excessive display of emotions, fantasize on abstract topics. Said words, refusal, not discussed, not discussed, she does not like to constantly discuss the same thing. In many ways, strictness and laconicity are manifested.

She can wear a mask of coldness and inaccessibility in order to get rid of windy and unstable relations. But on the other hand, and in a close relationship, it can be laconic. But this usually happens at first, until it is completely trusted. Feelings at it ripen slowly, and she does not like them especially to advertise.

Sexuality of Capricorn Woman in Bed

Capricorn woman in bed is rarely sensual, gentle and affectionate. She often has a conservative and traditional approach to intimate life. It happens and it is difficult for her to be liberated, to get rid of inner prejudices, stereotypes, in order to relax and have fun.

She more like all the energy, strength and thought to invest in work than in erotic fantasies. The truth and with them it is difficult. For her, the material result of labor has more value than useless sensual pleasures. She treats them with cold.

Woman Capricorn in Family Relationships

For a Capricorn woman, marriage is the most important. Accordingly, love relations must end with marriage, otherwise it will not waste time on anything frivolous and unpromising. In the house the woman Capricorn is responsible and serious with respect to the family. Well copes with practical work. Often a lot of worries and hassle lay on her shoulders. But it is really economic and practical. He is able to organize family life, to find a practical way out of difficult situations.

In her understanding, love should be expressed in practical matters, care, attention, in material support. She economically knows how to spend her finances. Does not like big spending. At a stop in the house prefers more minimalism, where everything is most needed. She is not a fan of extra money.

Another type of Capricorn women tries to combine household chores, and work. Especially when you want to advance in work, career, in social position. And thanks to her inherent tenacity and diligence, she does it well.

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