Gemini Woman in Love

To understand how a Gemini woman loves, you can imagine her element of air, wind. It itself is variable, sometimes it is cold, then hot. Also, the woman Gemini in love is changeable, mobile, active. Often there is a duality in behavior, words, deeds. Sometimes her love can be cold and at the same time hot, warm.

Gemini women in love do not tolerate monotony and mediocrity. The love sphere is not an exception. If a man who ventured to start a relationship with Gemini does not want to lose her immediately after the first date, he will have to be resourceful, show maximum imagination to win such a woman and not let her get bored.

The Gemini woman in love, like in general in life, is like a firework: constantly in motion, explodes from the slightest excuse (and often without it), too noisy, shi’s constantly busy with something. She can not stand (yes, in principle, and is not going to!) Boredom in the relationship, and certainly not going to farm daily.

Love Relationships with Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman attracts a man with her intelligence, versatile interests and sociability. With her, you can really talk a lot. It is difficult to imagine that she sat for a long time without communication. Information she needs as air, and the more interesting, the better. She is always in the know of the most current information and news. What allows her to be a wonderful, erudite companion.

It is difficult to imagine that there is something she would not hear, did not know, did not see. It absorbs information like air, quickly recycles, analyzes and notices important facts. In love relationships, she is guided more by reason than by feelings and emotions. Although she communicates quite emotionally and sincerely.

There is a weakness for coquetry and flirting. She likes to shine with her knowledge, erudition, what attracts the attention of men even more. Sometimes her coquetry and flirting can be misleading, that she expresses sympathy and feelings. When in fact, she sometimes wants to have fun, so show her femininity and get more attention and compliments.

She can not stand boredom and monotony. It is peculiar to constantly change, be different. Sometimes even a duality in behavior may appear. What she explained with vivacity today, in time may lose its relevance, and it will already be the same assurance to refute.

And to convict her of cunning and duality is very difficult. She is perfectly able to maneuver in difficult situations. Everything will find an excuse and can go from the topic on the topic that a person will forget even about what he started talking about. In her judgments, sometimes there is no consistency, and thoughts and ideas are just like a fountain falling on a neighbor.

But on the other hand, she is quite an interesting person, with versatile views and flexibility in the relationship. Can, adjusts, find an approach to a man, knows how to seduce him, interest him. In addition, her eloquence is able to disarm even the most inveterate skeptic. It’s easy to believe in her words, they are convincing enough. The only problem is that words often remain words. And her interest in a man can quickly change. But this applies not only to men, but all her life, it is difficult to call it stable. But on the other hand, so there is an important variety for it, and there is the opportunity to get new impressions.

Positive qualities of Gemini woman in love: sociability, openness, informativity, contactness, curiosity, erudition, versatile interests, activity, mobility, intellectual abilities, analytical mind, rationality, wit, dispassion, flexibility in relationships, persuasiveness, dexterity in actions and words.

Which Men are Suitable for Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman will be approached by a man with a similar character or at least that there is something in common between them. Despite the fact that she easily converges in the relationship, without any problems begins to communicate, still not with every man she will be interested. And if her interest disappears, then communication with the relationship can quickly end.

Gemini woman will be easy with a man: active, cheerful, sociable, versatile, interesting, generous, erudite, uncomplexed, confident.

Gemini woman will be hard with a man: conservative, pedantic, laconic, inert, home-grown, overly emotional, strict, secretive, demanding.

How to Fall in Love with a Gemini Woman

It is in vain to think that a Gemini woman can be won with expensive gifts, decorations and creating her a luxurious life. Of course, it’s not against comfort. But most of all she appreciates the man’s mental abilities and his intellectual potential. For her, material values are not as important as the mind of a man, his versatile views, the ability to bring to the relationship an element of novelty, impressions.

Therefore, the more interesting and sociable man will be, the more chances he will have to attract a Gemini woman. But it must be constantly something to entice, interest. Because she is a very passionate nature herself, she is always fond of something. And if a man does not like her, she can easily replace him.

Sexuality of Gemini Woman in Bed

Despite the weakness for flirting and coquetry, the Gemini woman more excites the mind of a man than bodily pleasures. To them, she can be relatively reserved, and sometimes with cold. But the more intelligent and interesting a man is, the more diverse he will be, the more he will find her attractive and seductive.

A Gemini woman in her bed likes the variety, inventing something new all of the time. Sometimes she wants diversity to disgrace. Thus, it strives to create the necessary atmosphere of novelty. She does not have stereotypical behavior, especially in bed. It lacks complexes, does not strive to adhere to strict rules, is always ready to compromise.

Sometimes in bed, she can exhibit a duality inherent in her. In one day be gentle, affectionate, another day cold and inaccessible. There is no stability in her behavior. It changes as the gusts of the wind, so it happens, then warm, hot, then cold and dispassionate. Most Gemini women have a moderate sexual temperament, although there are exceptions.

Woman Gemini in Family Relationships

It is in vain to expect that a Gemini woman in a marriage is limited only to household chores. She is not one of those women who can close up and do only household chores. She is unbearable life without communication and impressions. But at the same time, household chores will not suffer at all.

She deftly copes with domestic troubles and worries and generally manages to do several things at the same time. She will find time for everything, and at home to pick, prepare food, and meet with friends, have a good time, have fun and chat.

She does not tend to be a little householder. It is by its nature sufficiently mobile and locked in four walls not for it. But on the other hand, because of its excessive mobility, it is not assembled. It is difficult for her to concentrate for a long time, on one thing. And the fact that there are so many ideas in my head can often completely forget about what was promised. What can look like irresponsibility, frivolity.

But on the other hand, it easily approaches the relationship, does not dramatize the problems, does not focus on problems. It is not peculiar to conflict and fight for leadership in the relationship, there is no pedantry and rigor.

In the house for she is important that there must be communication and information means. Sometimes she wants to have a TV not only in the hall, but also in the kitchen, because after cooking she can listen to news that she adores. Also, the internet is mandatory, and phones are always at hand.

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