Sagittarius Woman in Love

In the way that a Sagittarius woman loves, there is a lot from her native element of fire. Truth is already a quiet fire, peaceful like a smoldering fire, but capable at any moment will flare up again if it is disturbed. So the behavior of the Sagittarius woman in love is calm, peaceful, but if you limit her freedom, her ideas about justice, then impulsiveness, quick temper, peculiar to her fire element, can manifest itself.

Statistics argue that the Sagittarius woman often follows the first novel throughout life and strive to get another such in later life. Woman Sagittarius in love is less burdened with family fetters than representatives of this sign of the male zodiac, but she very much appreciates her freedom. Because of the love of freedom in personal relationships, she will not tolerate a man who demands from her: a detailed account of her life or account for her wasted money. It regards this attitude in no other way than an encroachment on its independence.

In order to feel free and happy, the Sagittarius woman needs to live in a beautiful house built in a quiet place of the city, to have a large amount of cash daily and regularly go abroad for vacation.

Love Relationships with Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman attracts men with her diverse views of the world and a philosophical mindset. He has excellent abilities to reflect, to look deeper into the essence of everything that is happening, to seek and find meaning in everything that surrounds it. Often a Sagittarius woman looks young enough for her age and is attractive, which further enhances her success and popularity among men.

The next distinguishing feature of the Sagittarius woman is her sincerity and openness. She has difficulties to hide something. Sometimes it may even say too much where it would be better to remain silent. But on the other hand, she knows how to be extremely frank and open. To love, the attitude is often idealistic, it can idealize a man, see in him only the best, without noticing anything wrong. She also has a craving for everything sublime, subtle, elegant.

She attracts romantic relationships, full of novelties and impressions, where there should be a lot of variety, interesting communication and intense emotions and feelings. Sometimes she wants a little more. She does not stop there, she is not inclined to limit her knowledge.

She constantly wants to expand the range of her knowledge, curiosity pushes new acquaintances and communication. She is attracted to travel, if she does not get to travel to other countries, she will be happy to travel on the Internet or reading books, presenting the described situations. There is also a craving for adventure, including love.

Positive qualities of Sagittarius woman in love: good nature, justice, sincerity, openness, peacefulness, friendliness, positivity, optimism, sociability, versatility, erudition, naturalness, romance, inspiration, wit, generosity.

Which Men are Suitable for Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman fit men with a variety of views on life. With whom much in common and who can become like-minded. Do not limit her freedom, do not suppress her will. Do not hold back emotions and feelings. Do not break her sense of justice.

Sagittarius woman will be easy with a man: sociable, sincere, interesting, inquisitive, erudite, optimistic, generous, indulgent.

Sagittarius woman will be hard with a man: authoritarian, authoritative, strict, unemotional, dispassionate, laconic, cold, stale, reserved, pedantic, conservative.

How to Fall in Love with a Sagittarius Woman

To win a Sagittarius woman, one must penetrate her interests, thoughts, desires. If a man has much in common with her, in views, outlook, then she will quickly approach him. At the same time, it is necessary to be still sociable and interesting, to have diverse interests. Woman Sagittarius is always open to communication, it is easy to get acquainted and develop relationships. But these relations must be necessarily sincere, real.

She is fascinated by reflections on various topics, travels, walks, she likes to admire the open landscapes, where the horizons are clearly visible. She loves romance, sensuality. He prefers that the relations develop dynamically, actively, not only in words and not limited to extremely expensive gifts.

Sexuality of Sagittarius Woman in Bed

Sagittarius woman in bed behaves relaxed and passionate. It is alien to conventions, complexes. She knows how to look at situations multifaceted, to understand the essence and meaning of things. In bed, she wants to know the whole gamut of caresses, tenderness and pleasure.

She is not a supporter of everything traditional, does not accept all that can restrain her free expression of feelings and passions. And they sometimes flare up like fire. And if you ignore her fire, do not give her what she wants, then the fire can quickly go out.

In bed, as in life, she is drawn to much to explore, to know and to be carried away by something she likes to stretch out pleasure. Sometimes she likes to stretch the pleasure to get it as much as possible. This includes long foreplay, communication in a romantic setting, gentle touches.

Woman Sagittarius in Family Relationships

Sagittarius woman in marriage will not be limited only to household chores. She will in any case find a lot of hobbies, hobbies, where she will completely give all her energy. She likes active rest, and playing sports will quickly return the lost form.

Since the Sagittarius woman has a tendency to indulge in laziness and excesses, why can there be fullness. In addition, she does not like to stay long in one place. Its element fire means action, and it constantly finds for itself some kind of activity.

She likes more spacious houses, where there is a lot of free space, and it is desirable that the open horizons can be seen from the window. The very sign of the archer symbolizes the expansion, increase. And most likely the woman Sagittarius will increase what is acquired in the family, expand what it has.

She often relies at random and will not be satisfied with the small and the most necessary. In household chores, there is a lack of practicality. Clothing prefers to choose its image, so that it emphasizes the status or was as convenient as possible. In eating and rest, sometimes there is not enough sense of proportion. Most like rest, where there is food for thought, intellectual research. Often there are problems with uneven distribution of energy. When she has a woman Sagittarius a lot, it is fully laid out, why the next day can be felt devastation.

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