Aries Man

Aries is located first in the zodiacal circle, personifying the origin of life and activity of actions. Fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ is the native element of the sign, which explains the hot temper and explosive disposition. The leading planet is Mars โ™‚, so Aries are used to overcoming difficulties on their own without looking back at others and established traditions. It is a constellation of natural instincts, decisive actions, active movement, indomitable energy and emotional outbursts. The first zodiac sign embodies fire in its original form, which gives the wards individuality and impatience. The reign of Aries begins on the vernal equinox and lasts from March 20 to April 21. The awakening of nature is active growth and rapid movement, therefore, the wards of Mars always achieve their goals.

Aries Man Personality

The Aries man is a strong and domineering person with a heightened sense of justice. He is used to living in the present, not looking back in time and not worrying about the future. A man is not inclined to accumulate resentment in himself, therefore, after a conflict, he tries to quickly understand the situation. Astrologers call the unique quality of Aries the willingness to help others in difficult times. A representative of the fire element will not wait for a request if he sees that a person is in trouble. Activity does not allow a man to stay away from the events taking place, because he is sure that he can change this world. Aries knows how to amaze others with the inconsistency of nature and inconsistency of actions. Even close people do not know exactly what to expect from a man in the next moment. Aries can tire with endless stories about his outstanding person, and at such moments he becomes completely indifferent to other peopleโ€™s problems.

Aries has a great sense of humor, is always ready to play someone and laugh heartily. It is characterized by innovation that manifests itself even when traveling. With a high probability, the representative of the fire sign will choose an adventurous journey through little-known places, and not a proven route. At any stage in life, a man violently shows emotions, not thinking to hide them from others. Aries is fickle in actions and feelings, but anger quickly changes to mercy, and fun immediately follows a bad mood. The ward of Mars is an extrovert who does not understand people at all, and can become a victim of skillful manipulators. Self-will and obstinacy are the leading character traits of Aries, which provoke the development of conflicts. A man loves life and prefers to be in the present moment without clinging to memories. Aries sincerely believes in luck and a lucky star, which is why the universe often sends him generous gifts.

Ariesโ€™ original thoughts border on crazy ideas, and the character combines many opposites. A man can be both reliable and fickle, cold-blooded and impulsive, calm and active, cautious and reckless. In the art of dispute, the ward of Mars has no equal, in order to achieve the goal, he is ready to take risks and act on the brink of possibilities. Thanks to the fiery temperament, Aries grasps everything on the fly, and irrepressible energy allows him to rise to his feet after defeat and flare up with renewed vigor. A man without a doubt enters into any kind of rivalry in order to emerge from another struggle as a winner.

Positive Traits of the Aries Man

Aries is always young at heart, restless and eager to fight โ€” the lack of experience is more than compensated for by pressure and self-confidence. A distinctive feature of a man is sincerity, since he does not know how to deceive. Representatives of the fire sign love freedom and independence, and any restrictions cause a desire to overcome them. Aries knows how to be generous even to the detriment of their own interests. He does not know how to give up and admit defeat, so he uses every minute of his life to embody bold ideas. The advantages of the Aries man include:

  1. Optimism. In any circumstances, a man will find positive sides, since there are no desperate situations and black bars for him. Temporary failure can be an incentive for new achievements.
  2. Sociability. A manโ€™s sociability allows him to quickly establish profitable relationships and make friends. The Aries man easily and naturally finds interesting topics of conversation.
  3. Determination. This character trait, in tandem with energy and great willpower, helps a man achieve his goals and not back down at the slightest difficulty.

Negative Traits of the Aries Man

Among the shortcomings of the Aries man, astrologers distinguish egoism, irritability and straightforwardness. When it is better to remain silent, the ward of Mars will speak the truth in the eyes of the opponent, without thinking about the consequences. Striving for leadership makes a man impulsive, hot-tempered and aggressive. Aries rarely listens to advice, preferring to go their own way โ€” and often ahead. A man never makes concessions, and the word "compromise" is absent in his vocabulary. Excessive emotionality sometimes prevents Aries from making intelligent decisions. Other cons include:

  1. Conflictness. If a man is in a bad mood, he will not keep the negative in himself, but throw it out on others. It can be difficult for relatives to put up with his wayward behavior.
  2. Stubbornness. For Aries, there are no authorities, so he always insists on his own opinion, even if he realizes that he is wrong. Putting up first for a temperamental man is simply unacceptable.
  3. Demandingness. A representative of the fire element tries to meet high standards, and expects similar returns and self-control from loved ones. Higher demands can worsen relationships with other people.

Aries Man โ€“ Birthday Horoscope

The character is influenced by the date of birth of the Aries man, which is important to consider when meeting and interacting with the ward of Mars. The planet-ruler has a co-ruler, who makes adjustments to the worldview, behavior and basic features of a man. Aries of the first decade are considered typical representatives of the sign because of the double influence of Mars. The second period is characterized by the appearance of flexibility and softness, which has a positive effect on a manโ€™s connections with the outside world. In the third decade, Mars loses ground to Jupiter โ™ƒ, therefore energetic Aries assess their capabilities more objectively. They are endowed with the ability to analyze their own actions and calculate steps based on risks. Aries men born in different decades have individual character traits, but they also have common features.

Aries Man in Love and Relationships

Mars wards are popular with women, but not every lady is able to win the heart of a brutal gentleman. Aries man in love is very romantic and assertive, and draws attention to self-sufficient, beautiful and bright fans. He is attracted to mysterious and sexy women. The representative of the fire sign sincerely considers the next relationship to be the love of his whole life โ€” and there can be a dozen such statements in a year. It is a mistake to consider a man a womanizer, since the "rose-colored glasses" are to blame for everything. Aries too idealizes the chosen one, and emotions make it difficult to consider the womanโ€™s flaws, which are revealed as the romantic relationship develops.

An Aries man in a relationship values passion and support, and a partner should live by his interests. The ward of Mars is unlikely to pay attention to the modest simpleton, whose behavior is too predictable. A man in love is led by emotions, showing pressure and perseverance. Aries will certainly want to impress the darling with their exploits, achievements and strength. In a conversation, he can be overly boastful in order to attract the attention of a woman he likes. You should not expect languid glances and quiet sighs from a man, since he immediately goes on the offensive under the influence of feelings. It is not difficult to understand that the ward of Mars is in love, because his straightforwardness will not allow him to hide his true intentions.

Acquaintance and Dating

Aries loves noisy companies, so a friendly party will be the perfect place to meet. If the ward of Mars pays attention to a woman, the chances of striking up a conversation increase several times. A bright dress that emphasizes the dignity of the figure will help to attract the Aries man. A woman should look beautiful, but not vulgar, so as not to seem too approachable. You can not impose your society on the representative of the fire sign, since he does not like annoying girls. Only an independent lady who knows her worth and does not need a patron can please an Aries man.

Marsโ€™ ward will not appreciate a quick victory, so you need to seem inaccessible and slightly indifferent. You can start a conversation on a topic that requires male advice โ€” Aries loves to give recommendations and be helpful. You should be sincere and honest, because a representative of the element of fire feels false. A date with an Aries man should not be boring, otherwise he will go in search of a brighter and more interesting person. It is useful to start a small argument in which you leave the last word with the interlocutor. Marsโ€™ ward does not like to lose and feel like a follower. If a woman plays the role of a difficult prey, the hunterโ€™s instinct will wake up in the man, and he will certainly win the chosen one.

Sex and Jealousy

The main motto of Aries in sexual relations is: "Here and now." A man loves spontaneous sex in the most unexpected places, so he often dispenses with foreplay. Frank conversations and bold proposals can excite the ward of Mars in a matter of seconds, but a woman should also be distinguished by her readiness for love joys. The Aries man in bed is tireless and passionate, therefore, he also expects the maximum return from the chosen one. The lover prefers to dominate, and the main role can be transferred to the partner only in a planned erotic game. Astrologers advise to tease a man more often, not giving him what he wants right away. As soon as the fantasy and curiosity of Aries is at the maximum level, an unforgettable pleasure awaits a woman. The erogenous zones of a man are located on the head, so you should often stroke him or ruffle his hair with a playful gesture. Light nibbles on the earlobe and a relaxing massage will work as an effective aphrodisiac.

Aries man in sex is an insatiable dominant who prefers hot and brutal love joys. By nature, the ward of Mars is the owner, so he will not tolerate even a light flirtation of his beloved with another gentleman. A man does not need a good reason for jealousy, and emotions can awaken aggression in Aries. Astrologers recommend women not to test the patience of the ward of Mars, who, in terms of the intensity of passions, can be compared with the enraged Othello. The jealousy of the Aries man can concern not only obvious rivals, but also the work or girlfriends of the chosen one. It is difficult for him to understand that someone else can be much more important than him. A woman must prioritize so wisely that the gentleman does not feel left out. The man shows emotions violently, so the lady will have to wait out the hurricane of passions. Sincere words of love and praise will help return Aries to a calm state. Once the man is convinced that the relationship is not in danger, everything will return to normal.

Loyalty and Cheating

Aries tends to look for the ideal woman, and not a real life partner with her inherent flaws. The clouds will not gather over the lovers while the representative of the fire sign is under the influence of romantic feelings. The chosen one seems to the man to be an impeccable beauty, so he will not look around during the candy-bouquet period. There is no doubt about the loyalty and sincerity of Aries if he pays enough attention to the woman. As soon as a man begins to compare his companion with other representatives of the fair sex, itโ€™s time to sound the alarm. Astrologers assure that the cheating of the Aries man will not become a secret behind seven seals, since he does not know how to be hypocritical. With his characteristic directness, the ward of Mars will announce a new hobby, so as not to bend his heart and not deceive.

A woman needs to take into account the inconstancy of Aries and his desire for novelty in order to maintain a relationship. On the slippery path of betrayal, a man is pushed by boredom and gray everyday life, which it is desirable to diversify. The same scenario of life makes the representative of the element of fire melancholy, so he will try to compensate for the lack of impressions by going to the side. Aries man lover craves maximum return from a partner, who should surprise a gentleman in bed. If a man feels the indifference of his chosen one, he will want to assert himself in the arms of another lady. Aries is able to change out of a sense of revenge when he doubts the loyalty of a partner. Astrologers advise not to tempt fate by kindling the fire of jealousy in the heart of an impulsive and passionate man.

Quarrels and Break ups

Aries is considered a rather conflicting sign due to natural stubbornness and unwillingness to yield even to a loved one. The situation can be aggravated against the background of sharp mood swings in a man who reacts sharply to defeat and failure. Astrologers recommend not paying attention to the emotional attacks of a representative of the fire element, since he periodically needs to just let off steam. If an Aries man is offended, a woman does not have to look for the reason in herself, but she should not add fuel to the fire. The conflict can be caused by jealousy, a bad joke, or a car breakdown. A more serious factor is considered an attempt by the chosen one to take a leading position in a relationship or an open manifestation of disrespect. Aries will not tolerate deception and total control, so a woman should be open enough and also be able to trust her companion.

The break up with an Aries man can be fatal, so it is better not to bring the relationship to the point of no return. The ward of Mars does not immediately put an end to a romantic connection, and a woman is able to catch fatal changes. The man will begin to gradually move away โ€” and already at this stage it is desirable to identify the root of the problem. Pride does not allow Aries to be the first to go to reconciliation, so everything depends on the woman. If the gentleman does not want to communicate with his ex-girlfriend, you can cheat a little and ask for help. A gallant man is unlikely to leave a lady in trouble, and a meeting will allow you to discuss the current situation. Astrologers advise the lady to come up with a real reason for the appeal so that the man does not suspect deception and cleverly played game.

Aries Man โ€“ Compatibility Horoscope

Aries energetically strikes up a relationship, not postponing the development of events on the back burner. In love, a man is used to being assertive, so any chosen one sooner or later surrenders under the onslaught of a persistent gentleman. The powerful internal energy of the Mars ward does not go unnoticed, but only a few can make an love match for the Aries man. The decisive gentleman knows how to look after beautifully, shows incredible generosity and is ready to lay the whole world at the feet of the chosen one. However, in the long run, life with Aries may not seem as rosy as it seemed at the time of meeting a charming and charismatic fan.

Aries man and Aries woman are an explosive mixture, since no one in a pair is ready to compromise or listen to the opinion of a partner. With mutual claims and stubbornness, the chances of a happy future are rapidly approaching zero, so a lot depends on the lovers themselves.

Aries man and Taurus woman will be fascinated by each other at the dawn of a relationship, when eroticism and sensuality take over. However, over time, the representative of the earth sign will clearly lag behind a dynamic partner who finds it difficult to sit still and be content with current achievements.

Aries man and Gemini woman can find happiness because they value each other and are ready to keep the harmony of relationships. A romantic relationship is developing rapidly, but it can develop into a strong and long-term marriage. The frivolity of Gemini, which is difficult for a responsible gentleman to put up with, can become a problem.

Aries man and Cancer woman are perfect for each other, despite the huge difference in characters. The tenderness of the ward Moon is perfectly combined with the energy of a partner who will do everything possible to make the chosen one happy. Astrologers advise Cancer not to keep a companion within four walls, otherwise the relationship will end in rupture.

Aries man and Leo woman belong to the same element, but lovers need to come to an agreement. The struggle for power and first place can become a stumbling block, since both partners have the makings of a leader. As soon as the lovers reach an understanding, a complete idyll will come in the relationship.

Aries man and Virgo woman can become implacable enemies in the shortest possible time. Affected by the difference of interests and temperaments, as well as the talent of the lady to find fault with her partner over trifles. The man considers the girl not emotional enough, and the woman is sincerely frightened by the impulsiveness of the chosen one, but if desired, the lovers will create a successful union.

Aries man and Libra woman adore non-binding flirting and pleasant entertainment. However, this is not enough for building strong relationships, if the lovers do not find other points of contact. Libraโ€™s sophistication can captivate a man for a long time, and the optimism of a partner will help a girl to believe in her own strength.

Aries man and Scorpio woman have radically opposite ideas about relationships, so the union will be difficult. The cause of conflicts will be the ward of Pluto, who cannot imagine life without passion and daily showdown. The man will quickly get tired of the wayward lady and hurry to retire.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman are a successful combination of explosive fire signs. Both love a bright and exciting life, self-improve and value independence. The union will be happy and strong if the tacit leadership is secured for the ward of Mars.

Aries man and Capricorn woman are too different to even try to build a relationship. An adventurous gentleman will constantly annoy the conservative ward of Saturn, who likes calmness and stability. The novel will end at the initial stage, since Capricorn will be too predictable.

Aries man and Aquarius woman are able to build strong relationships based on a personal vision of reality. Lovers do not accept hypocrisy and deception, they are used to living by their own rules and respect the freedom of their partner. Friendship will become a reliable foundation of the union, with which a dizzying romance will begin.

Aries man and Pisces woman will surely retain the passion and ardor of the relationship until old age. The wisdom of the partner will be enough to act in her own way, but at the same time not to contradict the man. Pisces will constantly elude Aries, who, unbeknownst to themselves, will be involved in an amazing love game.

Aries Man in Marriage and Family

A marriage with Aries at any stage is like a minefield, where every step can be wrong. Only an active and courageous woman can withstand such tension, who does not expect quiet gatherings and cozy evenings with quiet conversations from family life. For Aries, the stamp in the passport is unimportant, so the first step to a serious relationship will be a civil marriage. Paperwork and a visit to the registry office in advance tires a man who is not ready to part with freedom. To marry an Aries man to herself, a woman will have to put up with a lot. The sound of Mendelssohnโ€™s march does not have wonderful properties, so the spouse will stick to old habits. On weekends, the man will continue to meet with friends, will not give up travel and fishing. A wise woman will give Aries freedom, and will also accompany him on frequent adventures.

You can not impose your company or insist on participating in friendly get-togethers, where an exclusively male company is assumed. You should not try to muffle the Aries flame, as there is a high risk of extinguishing the fire permanently by cutting off the precious oxygen. In family life, a man is able to discover many advantages if a woman gives way to him as a leader. A representative of the fire element will become a reliable companion and earner, having realized himself in marriage. He will gladly take on all the difficult tasks, but a woman should tirelessly admire her husbandโ€™s abilities and courage. Aries will be attracted by the chosen one, who will become a reliable friend for him, an excellent hostess and a passionate mistress. The spouse will have to keep the bar for many years so that the manโ€™s interest in marriage does not fade away.

Family Life and Leisure

Astrologers call Aries a devoted and honest companion who advocates sincerity and simplicity in family relationships. Several characteristics of men in marriage remain unchanged, including directness and a predisposition to despotism. The representative of the fire sign can sometimes say more than they want to hear from him. The Aries man in family life tries to take care of the financial safety cushion. A caring spouse will never become a curmudgeon who allocates a penny to his wife for housekeeping. At home, a man prefers to do everything himself, but quickly loses his passion if he does not hear praise addressed to him. Aries appreciates comfort and a pleasant atmosphere, so you cannot set several tasks for him at once. A man is able to turn a blind eye to dirty dishes and dust if the disorder is temporary.

A woman will have to think over exciting leisure time, which is very important for an active man. Aries will never connect their fate with their chosen one for the sake of profit, as they value true love and strong feelings. Traveling, traveling or meeting friends are a great alternative to boring everyday life. It is important to select a company where the spouse will be interested. An Aries man in marriage can get bored if each new day is similar to the previous one. Do not discourage your spouse who decides to go in for sports or devote free time to an interesting hobby. If the wife supports her husband in all endeavors, family life will never be in danger of divorce. However, the chosen one should at least sometimes show character in order to keep the obstinate and stubborn Aries in good shape.

Children and Fatherhood

Father-Aries is sure that he can easily cope with such an easy task as raising and caring for children. It is enough to change the diaper on time, play a little and feed the baby a couple of times. After several practical sessions, the man will shift most of the worries onto womenโ€™s shoulders, and leave himself not too burdensome tasks. Aries will be happy to introduce children to sports, walk with them on the street and pamper them with sweets. A man likes to make his heirs happy, but in the series of entertainment there is always time for valuable life lessons. Aries will want children to grow up adventurous, bold and determined, so they will often have too much control over their hobbies. It is difficult for a man to deal with babies, but as his children grow up, he will like fatherhood.

A dangerous period will be adolescence, when the interests of the child will go against the idea of an ideal future for Aries. The pressure and control of a man can develop into despotism, so astrologers advise a woman to carefully intervene in difficult situations. Aries is not as strict with her daughter as with her son, pampering the little princess and allowing her a lot. A man has an excellent relationship with children who know how to stand up for themselves and say a firm "no". At first, resistance will cause Ariesโ€™ anger, but over time, he will respect the child. Parenting problems can arise with vulnerable and soft children, so a man will need basic knowledge of psychology. Astrologers advise Aries to engage in the "earthly" development of the child, and leave the emotional side to his wife and grandmothers. A man will be able to teach children how to tinker, show exciting active games and organize a trip to nature โ€” this is quite enough to establish a spiritual connection with the child.

Holidays and Gifts

Aries loves to gather at the table not only family, but also friends. Any holiday is a reason to invite as many guests into the house as possible in order to have great fun and have a good time. A man loves surprises, so he will appreciate an exciting scenario or an exciting quest. Aries rarely limits the celebration of an important event to the walls of the house, preferring to meet with family and friends in nature. When organizing a surprise, it is important to consider the tastes and preferences of the man. Since Ariesโ€™ interests and hobbies change at the speed of light, you can give an original souvenir or an unusual present associated with the element of fire. A lighter, candle, smoking pipe or bright fireworks can surprise and delight a man. It is strictly forbidden to present empty trinkets, money in an envelope or elite drinks โ€” present on duty can offend Aries.

A connoisseur of innovations will do well with an advanced gadget, mastering which will bring a lot of positiveness and discoveries. The gift for the Aries man should be the latest model, as the ward of Mars likes to keep up with the times. You can hand over computer equipment, a smartphone, a coffee maker or a hair clipper. An expensive perfume will be appropriate, and a man will certainly remain indifferent to jewelry. A ring with a stone or fashionable cufflinks will remain collecting dust on the shelf, since Aries has a cool attitude towards jewelry accessories. A man will gladly accept an item related to his hobby as a gift. Motorists can present a phone holder in the car, an original keychain or a case with a massage effect. A man will not give up sports things either, because at any age he tries to keep himself in shape.

Scandals and Divorce

Ariesโ€™ impulsiveness is the main problem in relationships, but the man himself does not want to change. He wants the chosen one to adapt to his character, so a lot depends on the partner. Ariesโ€™ disposition cannot be called easy and docile, so you cannot argue with him and defend your own point of view with foam at the mouth. If a man is not in the mood, it is better to remain silent and support him with an affectionate word. Proud Aries will never forgive ridicule, so leave silly jokes to yourself. He values his own reputation too much to become a clown for others. A divorce from an Aries man will not take long if a woman takes a leading position and tries to openly command him. Astrologers are advised to learn to gently influence the chosen one, without using rough methods.

It is important to remember that Aries is a wayward and stubborn man who is not ready to make concessions. After a quarrel, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness in time and admit his guilt, then the man will want to take steps towards him. You canโ€™t give reasons for jealousy even in an attempt to annoy Aries or give a relationship a new shade. As soon as a man doubts the feelings and sincerity of the chosen one, a break can not be avoided. It is undesirable to start competing with Aries in career or financial independence. A man is attracted by femininity and gentle character, not by the determination of an Amazon. In life, Aries has enough competitors so as not to compete with his beloved one.

Aries Man โ€“ Combined Horoscope

Aries are distinguished by determination and energy, are always in motion and are able to create a special atmosphere of excitement and dynamics. Men of the fire sign are rightfully considered the strongest and brightest, since they hide many contradictory features in their character. They are accustomed to go ahead to the dream, believing that the end justifies the means. Aries often has to pay for impulsiveness, but a man does not regret his own mistakes and blunders. The ward of Mars will storm an unattainable height until he conquers it and succeeds. However, not all representatives of the fire sign are alike, like two drops of water. The combined horoscope for Aries will tell you what imprint the year of birth leaves on the character of a man.

Combined Horoscope Calculator

Aries Men in Everyday Life

The representative of the fire sign makes an ambiguous impression due to the presence of opposite character traits. Aries can be a man of few words with great manners, but are more often impulsive and energetic person. He has his own judgment on everything, which he voices with or without it. Ariesโ€™ straightforwardness borders on tactlessness, so new acquaintances undergo a kind of testing. If a person passes the test, the man will become his best friend. Aries considers honesty to be their strength, because they always speak the truth in the face, and do not strike a sneaky stab in the back. At the same time, the man reacts sharply to tactless phrases addressed to him, considering the interlocutor an ill-mannered person. Aries never tries to restrain raging feelings and emotions, which resembles a capricious child. A man is easily offended, but just as quickly departs, not harboring resentment towards others.

Aries can resort to lies to save them, likes to embellish the story to amuse friends. However, he is not capable of a major deception, since he prefers to tell the truth. Gullibility of a man often plays a cruel joke with him, and disappointment becomes a frequent companion of Aries. The ward of Mars does not know how to understand people and the motives of their actions at all. Despite the innate impatience and impulsiveness, Aries is able to control himself if he is in unfamiliar company. A man generates bold and creative ideas, but he often lacks the patience to bring what he started to its logical conclusion. Aries is not characterized by a state of laziness or idleness, since he is always in motion. A man will not wait for manna from heaven, but will take the situation into his own hands in order to reach heights in many areas of life.

Appearance and Style

Aries have large and expressive facial features, as they are characterized by brightness and individuality. Thick eyebrows converge over the bridge of the nose, where a deep wrinkle forms over the years, symbolizing the intransigence and stubbornness of a man. Small eyes with a bold gaze indicate firmness of character and determination, as well as a readiness to win. Thick hair rarely obeys the owner of a hard head of hair, so men have to cut their hair short. Many Aries are tall and well-muscled as they lead an active lifestyle. The characteristic features are narrow hips and broad shoulders, as well as a lean physique. Favorite clothing style is sporty, as it allows you to feel freedom and does not hinder movement. Aries do not pursue fashion, preferring convenience and comfort.

To emphasize individuality, the ward of Mars does not resort to the help of accessories and jewelry, considering them to be a womanโ€™s prerogative. However, astrologers advise paying attention to birthstones for the Aries man. Many of them can become reliable talismans, leveling the negative character traits of the owner. As a decoration, a man should give preference to pendants and pendants that are as close to his heart as possible. Of stones, citrine, which restores energy balance, and pomegranate, leading Aries to the cherished goal, are ideal. Amethyst will help to reveal inner abilities, and zircon will pacify a manโ€™s aggression.

Health and Sports

Impulsive Aries often find consolation in tobacco and alcohol, choosing elite sorts of alcohol as a sedative. At first, it looks like a hobby and harmless collecting, but over time the habit becomes detrimental. Even comments from loved ones will not allow you to notice the problem, since the man will try to translate everything into a joke. It is advisable for Aries to play sports, keeping the body in excellent shape, so as not to set foot on the dangerous path of alcoholism. Representatives of the fiery element are distinguished by good health and endurance. However, the health horoscope for the Aries man advises paying attention to vulnerabilities. Mars wards often suffer from insomnia, which can lead to chronic fatigue and depression, so it is important to observe the daily routine. Aries are susceptible to diseases of the head and digestive system, and astrologers recommend eating a healthy diet.

It is useful for a man to include cereals, green vegetables, fortified compotes and fermented milk products in the diet. Canned food and excessive consumption of sweets are undesirable, and it is advisable to plan the last meal a couple of hours before bedtime. For physical activity, team sports are suitable, where a man can show his leadership qualities. Among Aries, there are fans of auto racing and boxing, but when choosing a certain type of activity, it is important to consider the risks. It is necessary to protect the head from impacts and reduce the likelihood of injury-hazardous situations. In adulthood, the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system should be protected.

Work and Professions

The Aries man in his work does not change his life principles, trying to be the best in the professional field. A representative of the element of fire early enough determines his future specialty, sweeping aside boring and routine activities. Aries is suitable for any profession that involves travel and a change of scenery. There are many freelancers among the wards of Mars, since it is difficult for a freedom-loving man to adjust to a strict schedule. Aries often become advertisers, salespeople, and journalists. Astrologers consider Aries to be born entrepreneurs who can try their hand at their own business. Representatives of the fire sign consider money not as a goal, but as a means of achieving what they want. Professions for the Aries man must be chosen taking into account personal interest, and not the material basis. If the ward of Mars is seriously interested in work, financial well-being is sure to come.

Responsibility and reliability make Aries excellent military and law enforcement officers. The straightforwardness of a man is more appropriate in the army than in the political arena, therefore, when choosing a profession, personal qualities should be taken into account. Aries is able to climb the career ladder in the shortest possible time, since rivalry causes him a healthy passion and a desire to win at any cost. Aries should not borrow money, so as not to worsen their position and relationships with others. If a man does not count on financial help from loved ones, he can learn to control expenses. Natural activity allows you to have a stable and high income, so it is better to rely only on your own strength. A man does not know how to save or save part of the amount he earned for a rainy day, but he always finds himself with money.

Interests and Hobbies

Aries lives at an active pace, but even on vacation, a man does not want to slow down. He only regrets that there are only 24 hours in a day, so it is impossible to realize everything that was conceived. Aries loves to travel, visit exotic countries and explore new tourist routes. A man perfectly controls his own body, so he does not miss an opportunity to demonstrate strength and dexterity. Aries has no equal in strategy board games, as his intellectual abilities allow him to calculate moves several steps ahead. A man prefers collective competitions, but can safely go on a solo voyage or climb an unconquered peak. The best leisure time for Aries is travel and sports.

The main life value of a man remains personal freedom and independence of judgment, so he will never be led by others. Aries does not recognize authorities, except for his own, and he has his own unshakable opinion on everything. A man loves freedom in work, romantic relationships, thoughts and actions. Aries will defend independence and their own borders to the last from the interference of other people. A man becomes independent early and tries to maintain the status quo throughout his life, remaining the master of his fate.

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