How to Attract a Aquarius Man

Unpredictable Aquarius man is able to surprise and arrange surprises. Too free-loving to suffer and act against his will. He is not afraid to change his life, boldly rushes towards adventure. A man-Aquarius is more concerned with a foggy future than the real state of affairs. Likes to dream and dream, and does it very talent. The sign of Aquarius belongs to the elements of Air, which is why it is so frivolous. Although this character trait does not scare away, on the contrary, it attracts women. Aquarius is a mysterious man, provoking a furious interest in the opposite sex.

To understand the restless character of the Aquarian man is possible by any balanced woman. A nonsensical, eccentric person, although it will cause his interest, but for a short time. This talented person, obsessed with his ideas, will not tolerate someone else’s whims and eccentricities. To attract a man-Aquarius will be a woman who is trembling before his genius. The main thing: compliments, admiration, full approval and support. Aquarius is accustomed to the attention of others, so coquetry and flirting do not surprise him. But he will appreciate the sensitive attitude to his person, moreover, he will be grateful.

How to please an Aquarian man

An Aquarius man is addicted, loves communication and flirting. Acquaintance with shy women is not part of his plans. To attract the attention of a Aquarius man can be some extravagant act or a bright outfit. Although there is a hope that over time he will become fond of love for a modest person. However, this is too vague a prospect, because he does not have time for this. A woman can first invite him to a date or offer a bet. This behavior of a man Aquarius is not surprising, on the contrary, he will be intrigued, and in the skill of solving riddles he has no equal. No modesty and affectation, the main thing: to be able to stand out from the crowd of his admirers.

This intellectually developed person likes to speculate on different topics. The best way to please a man Aquarius is to start an interesting conversation. You can safely demonstrate your erudition, he will not be offended, on the contrary, he will be delighted. Aquarius attracts intelligent women, so the most spectacular beauty can not keep his attention for a long time if he does not have enough knowledge. However, we must not forget about compliments: it is worth as much as possible to praise him about and even without him. This man is able at the first meeting to share with a stranger his problems. It will be grateful if the woman not only listens to him, but also gives advice.

The rich fantasy of Aquarius attracts him forward, he likes to dream about the future. A woman should share his views on life. Therefore, you should not stay too reserved and dry, you can safely fantasize and offer your ideas. He will not laugh, much less he will not dissuade. On the contrary, will be carried away by the game, will begin to discuss the joint future. A woman can attract an Aquarius male with her unpredictability and even frivolity. It is worth changing attire and hairstyle as often as possible. True, a woman should be constant in one — complete peace of mind. This man can not stand hysterical ladies, if only a little capricious.

The strategy of seduction of the Aquarian man

Seduction of Aquarius can not begin with coquetry and flirting with other men. This person respects himself and agrees with the choice of people. If a woman likes the attention of other men so much, he will calmly move aside. Therefore, any attempts to attract his attention with the help of jealousy are doomed to failure. In addition, the Aquarius man does not recognize pressure and rudeness. A woman should not be too interested in his material situation or hint at an imminent wedding. Only he himself can make important decisions, and even more so is not obliged to answer immodest questions. The main thing: lightness, unpredictability and enchanting femininity.

Secrets of seduction of the Aquarian man:

  • A vivid image. The Aquarius man will pay attention to the woman in an extravagant outfit. This is not necessarily a short skirt and a deep neckline. It will attract an unusual combination of colors or an original cut of clothes. Even better — handmade accessories.
  • Unpredictability. The bored sight of Aquarius is a clear hint of an early separation. A woman should surprise him with her spontaneous behavior, and not cause a yawn. You can recite poems, hum a melody or suggest a jump with a parachute, but only not to be silent. True, everything needs a measure: an overly active lady with an unbridled temper will cause only bewilderment.
  • Mysteriousness. The Aquarius man can not remain indifferent to a woman in whom there is some mystery. You can talk with him on a variety of topics, but do not share your hidden secrets. The best way to attract an Aquarius man — common phrases and no specifics.
  • Inner harmony. This man does not like difficulties, not in his rules to solve all sorts of problems. Aquarius will not communicate with a woman who herself does not know what she wants from life. He will not comfort her, let alone listen to complaints. The Aquarius man avoids responsibility in every way, he does not like the role of the patron.

Only the creatively gifted, clever, and, most importantly, self-confident woman can seduce an Aquarius man. This person prefers to soar in the clouds, and not to solve pressing problems. Therefore, the initiative should come from a woman, but in a soft, unobtrusive form.

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