How to Attract a Libra Man

A man born under the sign of Libra is naturally endowed with a sense of beauty, harmony and justice. Always in the center of attention, without even saying a single word. His magnetism mysteriously attracts the attention of others. He tries to maintain good relations with all, and thanks to his ability to find compromises he does not have enemies. Responsible applies not only to work, but also to love relationships. Has a natural sense of tact, but often doubts his decisions. In order for a Libra man to feel comfortable in life, he needs the support and care of a partner. It is not easy to make the right choice, because you need to learn how to love and make decisions yourself, relying on feelings, not logic and reason.

The representative of the Libra sign falls in love gradually, for it is important to have friendly relations with the woman he likes, and not the animal instinct. The man of this sign is a little sentimental, but he knows how to behave in society, preferring easy conversation on a wide variety of topics. The Libra man always waits for the first step from the chosen one. If, however, the proposal to continue acquaintance does not follow, it will easily switch to another object of desire: it begins to deceive and will certainly achieve the desired result. In his company, a woman blooms, this is a true gentleman, with whom one is not ashamed to appear in a secular society. From the point of view of astrology, to attract a man-Libra and easy to achieve its location will be ladies born under the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Gemini. And to build a relationship with Cancer and Capricorn is not recommended.

How to please a Libra man

In order to fall in love with a man-Libra, a woman will have to try. He perceives the fair sex in appearance. Yes, he likes stylishly dressed and well-groomed ladies. And what about the rich spiritual world? This is also important, but he believes that inner harmony necessarily affects the external beauty. If a woman is beautiful from the inside, then so it will look and outwardly. The Libra man can make sincere compliments, no, not flattering, but from the heart. He values art in all its manifestations. Therefore, if you make a costume yourself or make an elegant embroidery with your own hands, then it is yours forever.

Since the man-Libra is not able to make independent decisions, his attention will be attracted by a serious and purposeful woman. No, she should not give out commands to the right and left, but gently and unobtrusively correct the situation in the right direction. The representative of this sign is looking for a reliable friend, even in the person of the chosen one. The fact is that Libra is the most dubious sign of the zodiac. He is in constant struggle between the circumstances of the external world and internal beliefs. The partner should tell him which side is best to choose, while giving him a lot of convincing arguments.

What can alienate the Libra man? The representative of this sign does not tolerate lies in all its manifestations. Therefore, he avoids women who do not acknowledge their guilt for anything. Libra itself is ready to say openly that they are wrong and repent. Such a man seeks in a woman the same aesthetic views on life. This circumstance will concern all spheres of life: work, home, behavior and relations. The Libra man needs not just a mistress and the mother of his children, but a real companion and faithful companion in life.

The Strategy of seduction of the Libra man

What kind of girls and women like Libra? First of all, to attract the attention of the Libra man will help a magnificent appearance. Your wardrobe and makeup should not have flaws, all things. Then the surrounding will envy the man-Libra, because he has the most beautiful woman in the district. The behavior of the partner should not be defiant, but high-society, with a touch of modesty. If he does not feel the kinship of souls or the woman does not meet the inflated external requirements, then she will quickly become the former.

Secrets of seduction of the Libra man:

  • Lack of rudeness. He does not tolerate pressure and rapid head, and rudeness — even more so. One word uttered tactlessly, can forever destroy the relationship.
  • Romantic attributes. He adores the candy-bouquet period and wants romance in relations to last forever. Walking under the moon, going to the movies, passing kisses, little surprises — that’s what a Libra man values in his chosen one.
  • Tactfulness and restraint. This property should be traced by the woman in everything: everyday life, conversation and relationships. Do not force events, let the relations develop naturally.
  • Sex on the first date is contraindicated. Such a man, on the contrary, will draw conclusions that his companion of easy conduct, if ready to "jump" into bed at the first meeting.
  • Interesting hobby. If a lady, whom a Libra man loves, has to do with art, then she will take hold of his heart forever. He will like even small souvenirs, but made with his own hands.

Remember that for a Libra male mother is a holy of holies. You can not utter a single word of criticism in her address, otherwise you will get an enemy for the rest of your life. Weasel, firmness of the hand, dynamic style of behavior and clothing, brevity, flexibility and self-confidence are the main attributes of the seduction of a man of this sign. If you harmoniously fit into his picture of life, you will get an excellent spouse, friend and lover.

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