How to Break Up with a Aquarius Man

Aquarians tend to devote themselves to one partner at a time and will only stray when curiosity leads them elsewhere. The water bearer likes to dominate any relationship, as a way of keeping those scary emotions in check and will not tolerate possessiveness. As Aquarians hate both confrontation and divorce they will tend to subtly manipulate an unwanted partner into being the one to end the relationship.

Aquarius Man Break Up

Argue with him regularly and refuse to listen to reason. Throw his "being contrary for the sake of being contrary" routine right back at him, but do it in a personal way. Invade his space, and above all, keep a closed mind. Is he gone yet? I thought so.

If you want to get rid of him without being sadistic and cruel, you can tell him the truth: you’d rather be friends than lovers. He makes a great friend, and even if he’s hurt at first, he will probably be the "bigger person" (he loves that!) and will come around to share platonic love, or at least "like", with you, later on down the road. And since he’s such a fantastic friend, you, my friend, will undoubtedly change your mind and will want to be his lover again. Too late!

  1. You make him feel undignified - As wacky as this guy can be at times, he is smart and doesn’t want you to make him feel anything less.
  2. Make him compromise himself too much - He will wear funky clothes, and try new and unconventional things. If you try to change his misunderstood behavior, he will become cold.
  3. His friends dislike you - He has a lot of friends. If they don’t care for you it will make his life hell, because he really likes spending a ton of time with them.
  4. Tell him how to live - He doesn’t live life on ayone’s timeline, especially the person he dates. He definitely walks to the beat of his own drum.
  5. You need him to feel good about yourself - He wants a woman with confidence and a pair of cojones, but he also wants someone nurturing as well. He wants a mix of both; making the girl of his dreams someone that is confident in who she is.
  6. Pressure him into a title - This man does not respond well under pressure. He will know when the right time is, as well as who the right person is for him. He likes things to happen naturally.
  7. You don’t admire his quirks - If you don’t adore all of his wacky hobbies and behavior, you may want someone a little more vanilla.
  8. There is no friendship in your relationship - Aquarius men value friendship in every relationship more than any other quality. He wants to date and marry his best friend.
  9. Have no passions in life - He wants you to have your OWN hobbies, friends, and passions in life. He will love to add all of your interests and friends to the list of his own which will intertwine you.
  10. You don’t have a humanitarian heart - This guy loves to help the greater good. Get into doing community service together, and he will fall even deeper.

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