How to Break Up with a Capricorn Man

The typical Capricorn does not go for one-night stands or casual affairs and tends to do their best to make a relationship work. When a relationship begins to fail Capricorn will, initially, do their best to make it work and will take rather more time than most zodiac signs before calling things to a halt. This is a sign that is devoted to duty, partner and children and has a strong dislike of divorce. However, once Capricorn decides to part the ending of the relationship will be abrupt and final. If a partner ‘cheats’ on a Capricorn, he or she will try to organise things so that the partner can be reunited with the family. Those partners who continue to cheat do so at their peril, however, for Capricorn can turn rather nasty!

Capricorn Man Break Up

Spend his money extravagantly. He’ll love that. Quit your job. Go on the dole. You get the picture. All these things will make you pretty darn repugnant to him. If nothing you do makes him want to leave, then honesty is probably the best policy. Let him know it’s over in no uncertain terms, as this is a guy who needs to know the bottom line. If you care about him and want to be kind, then keep in secret contact with his friends and make sure they are taking good care of him. He can be a tragic figure when he’s in mourning. He may either throw himself completely and totally into work or forget to get out of bed and get dressed for weeks on end. Make sure he’s in good hands - and leave him with a comfortable settlement. Even during the depths of his depression he can summon up the strength to say, "The couch is mine".

  1. You have no plan for your life - The Capricorn man is all about a plan. He himself has a plan for everything in his life. If you are a mess, he may look for something a little more stable.
  2. You are too strong to need him for anything - This man is a rock, and he likes to be leaned on. Ask him for favors, and for advice. He will love this, and it will make him feel like you need him as a man.
  3. Say "no" too much - If you constantly knock this guy down, he will build his walls high around his heart making it impossible for you to get in. Yes, he may seem a little cold at times but he is worth getting to know. He will surprise you.
  4. Too controlling - This guy is a solid man. He doesn’t need anyone controlling his time, his relationship, or him. He will give you plenty of himself in good time.
  5. Take his friends away from him - His friends mean a lot to him. He values quality over quantity so the people in his life mean a lot. Try to take those people away, and you will have on mad Sea Goat.
  6. You are disloyal - He is solid, and he wants you to be strong too. He needs you to understand that behind his stone cold walls is a warm and beautiful heart. If he feels like he cannot trust you, it will be a deal breaker.
  7. Get mad that he works too much - This guy loves to climb the ladder wherever he works. He is very passionate about what he does, and doesn’t want to be nagged about it.
  8. You aren’t patient - This man is very practical about things. He isn’t all fluff and romance. If you aren’t patient to get to really know him, it just won’t happen.
  9. Too competitive - If he feels like you are always competing with him he will get exhausted. He wants a partner to climb the mountain with, not someone he is racing.
  10. You are insecure - He needs a secure woman that understands love is more about showing than telling. He may not write you sonnets of your beauty, but he will always be there right by your side.

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