How to Break Up with a Gemini Man

Gemini ends the affair when he or she gets bored or when a partner makes to many emotional demands. While the affair may appear to end suddenly, Gemini has no doubt been secretly unhappy for a long time. Once a decision to end the affair has been made it will be irrevocable and Gemini will merely freeze the lover out or vanish. If a partner ends the relationship, Gemini will be deeply insecure and at a loss. Gemini will mask these feelings from the outside world with a display of dazzling confidence, while continuing to search for that elusive soul mate.

Gemini Man Break Up

Rule number one: don’t treat him like a fool. It always sucks to be dumped, and he’s played both roles - dumper and dumpee - many times. So he can handle it. But don’t you dare take the avoidant route with him. Say what’s on your mind. He’s a talker and will probably want to "work it through." But if the fire is out, don’t worry too much about him. He’s got plenty of friends to dish you with, and he’ll secretly be happy on some level to have the chance to experience someone newer and more interesting than you. Now do you feel as if you’ve just been dumped?

  1. Wanting him to "grow up" - I have referred to the Gemini man MANY times in my blog as Peter Pan, because he really is. This is something you are either going to endure about him or not. If you don’t, get out because it is not going to change.
  2. He doesn’t feel a spark with you - This man loses interest in things very fast. If he doesn’t feel an interesting and hot spark, he will fly the coop.
  3. Force him into consistency - This guy isn’t made to be put into a category. He is his own free spirited person. He doesn’t want to be chained down by a consistent schedule.
  4. Nagging him - This guy likes to live day by day, and lightly. If you are constantly dimming his bright spirit, he will be forced to leave.
  5. You’re too "sweet" - He wants funky, fun, and spirited. He also needs someone to keep him in line in a refreshing way. He is looking for a woman that gives him someone to depend on, while still feeling free.
  6. Let yourself go - He is always on the go. If you seem lazy, or get lazy, he may fly right on past you.
  7. You are not independent - Whether he is in a relationship or not, there is a piece of him that always needs to feel free. To feel this in a relationship he will need to find a woman that has her own thing going on, and that is not too needy.
  8. No similar interests - Every Gemini has multiple interests to please their twins different hobbies. If you don’t find any mutual things to do, you will find yourself lonely and without him quite often.
  9. Being a pushover - This man needs a woman who is strong, without being controlling. He is a lot like quicksilver; if you cup him gently in your hand you will see how beautiful he is, but if you hold on too tight he will slip right through your fingers.
  10. You aren’t the brightest crayon in the box - This man is really intelligent, and knows how to use his words. If you can’t keep up in a conversation he will get bored very easily.

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