How to Break Up with a Sagittarius Man

If a partner is demanding or possessive, the Centaur will rapidly ride off into the sunset. Sagittarians are exceedingly sociable and crave stimulation, so are prone to having the odd casual affair if the relationship becomes stale.

Sagittarius Man Break Up

Force him to sign a legally binding contract (or at least one based on five parts Jewish guilt and five parts Catholic), and demand that he stick to it. Make sure he feels obligated to spend every waking moment with you, and then don’t talk to him except to whine or nag. This fella hates to feel constricted, so if you box him in, he will find a way out. He’s rather Houdini-esque that way.

You can also make a big deal about fidelity and brainwash him into being true to you, while you skirt around all over town. Of course, if you do this, you may find yourself in a morally ambiguous position, which Mr. Sag will be sure to preach to you about.

If you want to take the high road, then work as hard as you can to work it out with this well-meaning but often infuriating and wonderful man. If it’s over, it’s over, but be sure you promise to stay friends, and mean it. He holds friendship up to a much higher standard than romantic love.

  1. Too sensitive - This guy has a loose mouth, and loves to joke around. If you take offense to things too easily you may not want to date this goofy guy.
  2. You are a control freak - This guy is sporadically fun dude that loves adventure. If you need to have control of every situation, you may be left in the dust.
  3. Too trendy - He isn’t big on name brands and the latest trends, so if you spend all your dollars on items and not experiences he may see you as shallow. He wants an original.
  4. Too high maintenance - He wants an effortless soul that isn’t too concerned with what she looks like all the time. A little stain on your shirt won’t send you home to change.
  5. You are boring - This guy is a wild free and educated spirit. If you are a dull and don’t have much to say, he will probably talk right over you.
  6. Overly dependent on your family - If you need to constantly ask for money and approval of your family, it will probably turn him off. This guy is mentally and financially free from restriction, and he doesn’t want anything weighing his relationship down.
  7. You hate traveling - This man has wanderlust running through his blood. Once one of his adventures is over, he will be on planning the next one tomorrow.
  8. Waste time - Time is the most precious thing in life, and he lives by that motto. If you are one to laze around and not have any zealousness he will find someone that does.
  9. You don’t have a sense of humor - This guy is constantly cracking wild jokes. Some of them will be about you. If you can’t handle that, he may not be the one for you.
  10. You are way too predictable - This guy is always going to take the road less traveled. He has a zest for life, and he also wants zest in his woman. So spice it up girl!

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