How to Break Up with a Taurus Man

It takes a long time for Taurus to give up on a relationship and cut their losses. However once Taurus has decided to leave a relationship there is no turning back. While Taureans find it hard to admit, that they have been wrong about a person, they are not the best judges of character. As Taurus tends to be an honest and straightforward individual he or she will tend to assume that all is well, even if a partner is deceitful. When the bull does discover that a lover has been less than honest they may still cling on to hope.

Taurus Man Break Up

Breaking up with a Taurus is not easy. First of all, even if you feel trapped and oppressed by him, he has probably become such a fixture in your life that you may find it heartbreaking to leave the big lug. And realistically, it’s probably his apartment, his friends, and his way of life that you are going to say good-bye too, and you may just miss that stuff along with the dear and demanding Bull himself. But if your mind is made up, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. Here’s the sneaky and immature method first (oh, I know you would never stoop to it, but... )

Become wildly erratic. Come home at all hours, move his furniture around. Cook for him. And cook all the things he hates. If you can find new things to cook for him that he has never eaten before but that you are sure he will despise, I can virtually guarantee that he will dump you like a hot potato... oh, I forgot, he loves potatoes... well, you know what I mean, darling. If you’ve been involved with your Taurus man for a while and really don’t want to hurt him horribly, here’s the compassionate approach.

First, be honest. He’s strong and he can take it, even if breaking up is not what he wants. Honestly, these boys are meant to be in relationships, so I can tell you now... don’t cry too many tears for him... he will replace you with a new and improved model within the year. So after you’ve dropped the bomb on him, try to develop new, transitional routines to take you both through that awkward stage, after you are "over" but before your new and separate lives have begun. If he’s used to seeing you every day, wean him off you. See him for dinner once a week for a while. And stay consistent. That means same time, same night of the week, same place.

And when it’s all finally over, make sure it’s amicable, because I guarantee you will be knocking on his door someday in the future to borrow money.

  1. You get him really angry - To get this guy angry takes A LOT. If you are upsetting him in an extreme way frequently, I would really worry about your overall compatibility.
  2. Being irresponsible - This man is all about stability. If you are an irresponsible person it will drive him crazy. He likes someone that has it together.
  3. Being tacky - This man is soft, sensual, and simple. Being over the top, and tacky with the way you behave or dress is something he will not appreciate. He wants classy.
  4. Eating a salad on a date - This man experiences everything with his senses. He is a very tangible person. He wants to enjoy experiences with you, and ordering a salad at his favorite restaurant will not sit well with him.
  5. You try to change him - He is STUBBORN! If you try to change him you will feel his heels dig right into the ground. Accept him for who he is, because it isn’t going to change.
  6. Having no common sense - This man values common sense over intelligence. If you act like an airhead he will be running for the hills.
  7. Having a distasteful house - He loves the way things feel and smell and look. If your house has fake flowers, smells like a dump, and unframed photos taped to the wall; he won’t look at you as wife material.
  8. Rushing him - This man is slow, steady, and patient. He does not need to be rushed, because if you are the one he will come up with a stable and steady plan for your future.
  9. Wearing bright and scratchy clothes - He doesn’t want to hug you and feel like he is touching a porcupine. He enjoys soft cashmere, and a soft feminine woman.
  10. Spending too much - He loves his dollars as much as a kid loves candy. If he feels like you would spend all of his hard earned money wastefully in a marriage, he may change his mind about anything long term with you.

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