Dating a Libra Man

In his love life, a Libran man will tend to seek balance and elegance of form. He likes to be surrounded by beauty, hardly surprising for a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus who in classical mythology was the reigning goddess of love, sexuality and beauty. A Libra man will shrink back from anything that is overpowering and smothering, rather he will be drawn to a beauty that conveys a harmonious mingling of qualities. So if you wish to attract a Libra guy, make sure he is introduced to a pleasing personality. As far as physical appearances go, avoid violent contrasts, jarring colors and too many frills. Librans usually have excellent and rather expensive tastes; they are cultured, refined and go for beautiful things. So on a date with him, take care to turn out in clean-cut designs, classic colors and an elegant style.

Because of their equanimity, Librans are a huge hit in social situations. They are positive, friendly and easy to get along with. Those born under this sign will always be ready with the right thing to say and always know how to make someone comfortable. Perhaps this is why, a Libran will figure as a regular on the guest list of the best parties and gatherings in town. In fact it is probable that you met your Libran boyfriend at such a party where he may have been surrounded by friends and admirers, both male and female. While his excellent social skills may be an advantage when it comes to introducing him to your friends and family, you may at times be bugged by his tendency to be nice and pleasant to everybody, showing that he is not one to have strong favorites.

How to Dating a Libra Man

The Libran male is well known for his sparkling charm which crowns an intelligent and sociable personality. It is a delight to know such a guy who will intuitively make you feel like a queen and can sweep you off your feet with romantic words and gestures. If he is really smitten by you, he will think nothing of taking you through the whole courtship thing. But be prepared to find out that he is a little flirty like this with a lot of women and his attentions are usually spread out quite evenly.

This brings to the fore an interesting aspect of the Libran lover – a curious ability to remain detached from an emotional situation even as he plays Prince Charming to the hilt. Emotions are messy, inconvenient things to a Libra guy and he prefers not to wade too deep into them. Like the element Air which rules this sign, Librans can maintain an airy detachment from very personal situations. As his partner, you may at times get frustrated by his tendency to stand back and look upon a situation rather than feel it in his flesh and bones. However instead of viewing it as a lack of emotional involvement on your Libran boyfriend’s part, take it as yet another instance of his discomfort with any kind of extremes and his innate love of harmony.

Suitably appropriate for a sign which bears the symbol of Scales, a Libran cares deeply about fairplay and justice. So if you wish to attract a Libra guy, make sure that he never sees you acting in an unjust and dishonest manner. The same sense of fairplay in Libra also makes him a good diplomat and a conciliator. This is because he mentally weighs both sides of an affair and then comes to a decision. He excels in situations which demand collaboration and co-operation rather than confrontation.

This is an invaluable trait in a partner since at times of crisis, you know that he will take a deep breath, consider all options as well as aspects of the problem and then go ahead with a spirit of co-operation. If any guy is least likely to be hot-heated, violent and hasty in breaking up, perhaps it is a Libran. At the same time, his innate sense of fairplay will immediately oppose any visible instance of unjust or unfair treatment. This coupled with a willingness to take the initiative, makes a Libra man a natural choice in resolving conflicts and opening deadlocks.

How to know if a Libra man loves you?

Often the largest indicator is a desire to share romantic (or passionate!) ideas and topics with you. They are very natural lovers and it may seem random at the time, however they typical reserve intimate conversation for people they are interested in. If it happens regularly then it’s a very good sign they are interested.

Libra men are also very big on teamwork and fairness. They want a partner, and not a puppy or a master. Conversation is more important to them than most other signs. If they regularly seek you out for one on one conversations then it’s also a good indicator. Typically they don’t have a problem complimenting you on anything they like about you, and a regular flow of compliments is another good indicator.

Once You Are Dating

The Libra man loves to pair up, and that’s why he’s often one half of a notable duo. The two halves merge into a harmonious One, or at least that’s the romantic ideal. When smitten, the Lover of the Zodiac wants to be together all the time, and finds partnership very natural. He’s a serial monogamist. He’s got an instinct for playing off others, in a pleasing way, and this makes him easy to be with. He makes friends easily, but his true desires in relationship take time to discover.

The Libra man finds himself by closely observing what’s mirrored back to him in relationships. How he responds to you, depends on how you’re responding to him. From the outset, if the vibe isn’t there, it’ll likely not get past the light friendship stage. To pique his interest, find out what he’s fascinated by, and start conversations about that. Plan first dates in stimulating settings, with a lot to talk about - museums, cultural centers, festivals.

Relationships As a Couple

You score points when you show that you appreciate his artful eye. This might be complimenting his home decor or clean and upscale man-style. He’s Venus-ruled and a romantic at heart. He knows how to evoke a light, luxurious mood to relax and be sultry in. If you’re receptive to his generous moves, he’ll keep it up with the romance.

He’s attracted to a mate that compliments him in every way, including aesthetically. You gotta look good together, in other words. If you’re put together, healthy, sophisticated, mentally bright, socially curious, fair-minded - these are things he values, and looks for. Libra loves love, and it’s interesting to note that many born under this sign find each other. If Libra likes its reflection (in you), and finds room there for growth, it’s a divine match of incredible twosome synchronicity.

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