How to Get a Cancer Man Back

It’s perilously easy to break up with a Cancer. Not because they’re disagreeable in any sense of the word – in reality Cancers are among the kindest and most caring people around – but simply because of their hard-to-predict moods. Ruled by the Moon, their emotional wellbeing is governed by the lunar phases, and woe betide you if you upset a Cancer of either gender at the wrong time of the month!

You won’t easily be able to tell when things have gone seriously wrong though, because Cancers aren’t generally the sort to scream and shout. Most likely with a Cancer, you’ll just notice they’ve gone a bit quiet and sulky, and by then the damage will probably already have been done. Once a Crab has retreated back into its shell, it’s hard to coax it out again.

Cancers are intensely protective people – not least of themselves – and at the first hint of a threat to their safety, they won’t take any chances, they’ll simply cut and run. Cancers’ strong sense of intuition means they quickly pick up on others’ negative thoughts or intentions – the only trouble being they sometimes get it all wrong.

This gives Cancer a tendency to brood long and hard on imagined insults which – because of their notoriously long memories – they’re likely to note down in their little black book and hold against you for ages to come. The big difficulty you’re faced with when a Cancer has dumped you is discovering what has happened and why.

It’s hard to get back together with a Cancer after a breakup if they won’t tell you what you’ve done wrong. When Cancer people give you the silent treatment, it’s not necessarily that they’re trying to be difficult, just that they can’t explain logically what the matter is. With nothing to go on except their vague instinct, it’s not easy for Cancers to put their thoughts into words.

So what exactly makes a Cancer want to break up? Well, just about any kind of disregard for their feelings, which means it’s incredibly easy to step on this sign’s toes. Negative comments and personal criticisms – especially if they relate to a Cancer’s home or family or give them any cause for worry about their personal security – are likely to be taken particularly badly. Best then to tread carefully around a Crab, if you want to avoid feeling its sharp claws.

Rebuilding a relationship with Cancer is a slow and painstaking process for which there aren’t really any quick fixes. Because they excel at caring for others’ needs, they expect to be nurtured in return. Let a Cancerian down on this one, and you’ll have to go right back to basics to regain their trust again.

To win back a Cancer ex, finding as many ways as you can think of to say ‘I love you’ makes for a good start! Suggestions include apologizing profusely over a bottle of wine or two, writing a slushy love letter, or buying them something beautiful for their home. The last resort? Burst into tears to get their sympathy, and swear you’ll die of a broken heart if they won’t take you back again.

How to Get Cancer Man Back

Highly emotional, Cancers do not waste time with a break up. Once they are done, they are out. If you’re dating someone between June 21 and July 22, you are dealing with a sensitive water sign who takes relationships very seriously. After a relationship is done, they may dabble in maintaining a friendship. However, they soon will move on to another prospect. If you would like get back with your Cancer ex, you have to preserve a friendship and work your way into something more promising before time runs out.

Take Ownership

Whatever the reason for the split, take ownership immediately. Recognize your role in the failed relationship, so you can be on your way to forming a good friendship. Chances are that if your Cancer ex has called things off, an immediate reconciliation is not likely. Do not worry because a solid friendship can help rebuild where things were wrong in your relationship.


Being just friends can feel like a bullet to your heart; however, you must do what is necessary to win back the trust of your Cancer ex. Once your Cancer man begins to open up to you again, let your ex know your true feelings. Do not insist on getting back together. However, you can say that you will do anything necessary to fix the relationship. Ask your Cancer ex about what you need to do to prove that you are ready to give it another shot. Most likely, your Cancer will be vulnerable and tell you exactly what is going on in your ex’s heart. You may not get an immediate response as to what you can do to make things better, but you will have opened a gateway to a future with your ex.

Serious Commitment

You usually don’t meet single Cancers later on in life because they usually settle down one way or another. If you don’t get your stuff together, your Cancer ex will not think twice before moving onto another relationship. Be clear about what you want out of a relationship. Tell your Cancer ex what you are looking for, and let your ex know that you have a lot to offer.

Trying to get back with a Cancer is only reserved for patient exes because it won’t happen in a day or two. The key to reconciling with your ex is to let your guard down and build on the emotional aspect of your relationship. Once you are both on the same page, you can move forward to giving it another try. If you play your cards right, your union may end up in marriage.

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