Zodiac Men Jealousy

Jealousy is an indicator of love and affection or an irritating factor in a relationship? Male jealousy is radically different from female spontaneous manifestation and "hot" deeds. As any other feeling is influenced by the planets and every representative of the signs of the Zodiac manifests itself in its own way.

The most jealous men in the Zodiac

Even the most infantile men — Pisces, Cancers or Gemini are able to arrange a grandiose scene of jealousy in the presence of an excuse. About the jealous Scorpio or Taurus even speak no need. In a word, all are jealous, but this feeling is manifested in all different ways. To consider the features of male jealousy is worth more in detail, starting with the most jealous signs.

Scorpio manone look into another direction - treason. Being not very confident in his own feelings, he expects from the partner only loyalty and devotion. As a rule, once and for all. A man is in love or still doubts, it does not hurt to be jealous at full strength even without a special reason. Choosing a man of this sign, you must learn immediately: he is such a one in the world.

Taurus manlong and carefully created. To share with no one intends. Balanced and calm men of this sign build relations so thoroughly that they themselves create conditions in which the occasion for jealousy is practically excluded. From men of this sign women get everything that is required, and there is no need to look for attention on the side. Providing the woman with comfort and convenience, the man "protects" her from the possibility of unnecessary contacts and acquaintances. Jealousy of Taurus man is a combination of anger, resentment and a painful perception of ingratitude.

Aries manready to be patient, but not for long. For men of this sign, jealousy is an integral part of love. Even suspecting something, he does not give a look. His woman is beautiful, so she may like others. However, at some point doubts take precedence over the purity of the union, and the clarification of the relationship occurs spontaneously, in an unexpected place, and a little suitable environment. Avoid unpleasant consequences can be if a woman does not allow a man to doubt himself. Aries wants to be her only.

Cancer manfear of breaking relationships adds uncertainty. Jealous men of this sign perceive the suspicious behavior of women as a step to parting. Loving and ready for the woman at all, he is panic afraid of losing her. Fear stimulates quarrels on the basis of jealousy with accusatory letters and many hours of explanation. Restrained and gallant, he will never allow himself to row. A woman who is sociable and attractive, being a partner of such a man, is obliged to dispel the fear of termination of relations and add confidence to her partner.

Leo manonly pride of their choice. Will choose a beautiful, intelligent woman who will become the object of his pride. I am ready to present to the whole world the treasure that I have. Jealousy for Leo man is not so pronounced, as any excuse is another confirmation of the right choice. Self-confident, proud and adoring himself, he knows that it is not so easy to get away from it. Bright, noisy life, which is preferred by the male-lion, he will gladly share for two. Cope with jealousy is very simple — no matter how many men around — just him.

Capricorn manwill take away from everyone, whether it is necessary for him - will think later. The Capricorn man is observant. It is not necessary for a woman to communicate with other men. It is enough to new clothes in her wardrobe or a new hairstyle to exhaust the questions: "For whom?" and "Why?". At the same time — democratic. May allow flirting on the side for an experiment or comparison. Then he will never forget about it. All you need to tell in detail and assure him that he is the best. Jealous of "make-believe". Choosing Capricorn, a woman must prepare for the fact that life will proceed according to his scenario.

Gemini manstill it is not known who will become jealous of whom. The Gemini man will never become jealous, openly, the more scandalous. He thinks if there is a reason for jealousy, then you can try your hand in the company of other girls. Loves freedom, does not impose strict restrictions on his woman. Men of this sign are open for communication and do not limit it to their partners. Jealousy is diverse — from quiet suffering to noisy clarification of relationships. When choosing such a man, one should take into account the individual approach and take his mood into account.

Virgo mandoes not trust, looks narrowly. The Virgo man is modest and calm, but he closely follows the developments. Long does not trust his chosen one. Can check calls and SMS — messages on the phone, accounts in social networks. Suspicious, but he will never say it directly. Quarrels are rare. Such men leave quietly, without asking for a relationship. In the interests of maintaining relations, a woman should talk about problems, seek a compromise, maintain a dialogue, not leave strange behavior without attention.

Pisces manrarely, but aptly. He is jealous at any moment after his own reasoning. This can not even be expected. This is all his secret. His jealousy, like a wave, comes suddenly and unexpectedly. A man can prove something, try to justify himself, but it’s useless. He will not hear the arguments anymore. Remains at the opinion. Here you just wait. He needs to be given the opportunity to express himself, to think, to keep silent, to understand himself. After reflection and meditation calms down, as if nothing happened.

Libra manequality and freedom. Relations are based on mutual trust. He’s never jealous. In his opinion, all are equal and free in their choice. No restrictions. In case of treason, disappointed, hard to survive for some time. Can go first to contact. Is capable of forgiveness. However, she leaves the last word for the woman. Agree with any of her choices, he will not long regret the parting.

Sagittarius mana quiet whirlpool with a coastal wave. Jealous, but does not show this. A woman can think that a man does not care. But this is an erroneous opinion. Jealousy, like the elements of Sagittarius, fire. He can endure for a long time, be silent, do not give a sign. But in the end he will express everything he thinks. He always experiences, thinks about the second half, remembers, re-scrolls the situation. He likes to be jealous of him. Usually, if Sagittarius does not see jealousy towards himself, then in every way tries to evoke it from a woman. Jealousy in alliance with Sagittarius is mutual and, as it is not strange, supports and tones the relationship.

Aquarius man - feelings are either there or not. Windiness combined with tranquility is the best characteristic for the relationship of Aquarius. Not jealous. He does not tolerate manifestations of jealousy towards himself. He considers it a waste of time to clarify the relationship and the scene of jealousy. Moreover, if the occasion for a quarrel is not confirmed by anything. He considers manifestations of jealousy as a disease. Feelings for him either exist or not. To argue with this is useless. Jealousy is no place where sincere feelings reign.

All men are more or less jealous. As proprietors by nature, a strong sex defends what rightfully belongs to it in all available ways. There is a feeling of jealousy in everyone in different ways. To maintain a relationship with a woman, as a wise keeper of the hearth, you just need not give cause for concern about fidelity.

Zodiac Men Jealousy