Aquarius Man Jealous

Aquarius man has a magical effect on the opposite sex. Intelligent interlocutor able to charm a woman from the first minute dating. It is difficult to guess the true intentions of a representative of the air signs. He can smile, and the experience was not a positive emotion. The woman is not always able to recognize the true feelings of Aquarius.

The representative of the air signs is a very attractive man. He is able to maintain a relationship with a large number of fans. Equally polite with everybody, apparently cold man discreetly reveals his jealousy. One gets the feeling that love grow together flour suspicion bypassed by his side. It’s not quite so deep down is a sign representative temperamental man, just do not consider it necessary to disclose the end of his inner world to others.

How to Make an Aquarius Man Jealous?

Jealousy can cause the Aquarian only elaborate actions. He will not respond to intentionally exaggerated interest in the chosen one to the other men. In this case, the representative sign just go away once and for all, he too respects himself to stoop to vile passions and clarify the relationship. Jealousy can cause a woman who is able to win. Even if the chosen one has friendly relations with a man, but she spends a lot of time with him, Aquarius instantly alert.

Representative air sign looking for a partner with whom to be comfortable in all situations. It does not appeal to women too bright, if he is interested in them, the very short term. Fine mental organization requires understanding, Aquarius needed long conversations. If the chosen one neglects his attention, trust secrets to another man, this state of affairs, he would not tolerate. Aquarius will begin to be jealous and meticulously to find out who took possession of the mind and soul of the beloved.

The representative of the air is a sign of freedom-loving personality. He does not recognize strict framework, it is impossible to attach a sense of duty. Aquarius decides how serious his intentions towards the beloved. The best way to cause jealousy of Aquarius - awaken curiosity. No need to show humility and devotion. Mysterious, elusive nature captivates his thoughts. The game should be very thin and refined. It is important to remember that Aquarius does not tolerate vulgar women.

How to Deal with an Aquarius Man Jealous?

Get rid of jealousy Aquarius quite capable of a wise woman. The representative of air zodiac sign is considered to be an excellent family man. It will not disturb the outside world, if the house comfort and harmony reigns. He will not ask too many questions to his wife, trying to catch her on deception. After fiancee is a true friend and a partner, it is enough for a happy family life.

Do not restrict the freedom of the representative of the air sign, he does not like tight control. The man is not inclined to lie and relies on the honesty partner. If you ask him too many questions, scandals, it will begin to look for the causes of such behavior. Aquarius may seem that the lover leads a double life, so wary of him. So, there is reason to be jealous.

Aquarius sensitive about betrayal. It is better not to expose his torment of jealousy. He will not rapidly to show their emotions, but in the soul will suffer greatly. It is better to inspire his household chores, joint activity calms. He will not refuse to help his wife to clean house. You can indulge Aquarius unplanned journey. The unexpected romantic adventure is sure to improve relations in the pair.

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