Cancer Man Jealous

Cancer male has a fine mental organization. The element of water has given its qualities: sensuality, emotionality, suspiciousness. Jealousy brings suffering to the representative of this sign. He begins to dig into myself, trying to find the causes of the unstable situation. Often, too immersed in the atmosphere of despair, depressed.

Chosen of indecisive Cancer can carefully show their interest in another man. Water sign of the Zodiac is not clear evidence of need. He intuitively guessed what was going on, with much suffering and withdraws into himself. For he gives his beloved the best quality, sincerely admires her virtues. Jealousy destroys the familiar world of Cancer, it is deeply shocked by the betrayal of the second half.

How to Make a Cancer Man Jealous?

Thought to cause jealousy of Cancer is very seductive. After suspicious man in the first place will start to look for reasons in themselves. He will repeatedly twisting events of life together, trying to understand where erred. At the same time he tries to justify his chosen one, to the last defending her honor in the eyes of friends and acquaintances. Cancer begins to load with presents his sweetheart gifts, begin to give her full attention. By all means try to maintain the relationship.

The surest way to cause jealousy - the neglect of common interests. Water representative of the sign is considered to be the perfect family man. He appreciates the comfort of home. If the chosen one will stay at work, a lot of time to spend with friends, Cancer immediately begin to analyze the situation. However, he could not give account of their actions, the process occurs at a subconscious level.

Cancer is easy to derive from the state of rest and balance. Jealousy is able to stir up the dark side of the soul. The friendly man can turn into a grumpy man who constantly reproaches the half. He was stung by betrayal, it is not satisfied with the stormy scenes of jealousy. Cancer will express their pain in a different way, begin to systematically harass lover endless recriminations. At the same time, probably just chosen one, because it does not imagine his life without her.

How to Deal with a Cancer Man Jealous?

Get rid of Cancer jealousy is very simple. One has only to surround him with attention and care. Hypochondriac man needs to demonstrate love. He needs to be sure about their good darling. It is enough cup of hot tea or a new sweater. Cancer is grateful to partner it utmost to keep the heat of the hearth. He is equally pleasant quiet evenings together and active leisure in nature. The main thing that it was close to half.

Chosen Cancer should be part of mind, as much as possible to talk with her man. He was happy to discuss urgent problems, not in its rules shy away from loved ones. The representative of the water sign of the zodiac, being sensitive nature, with attention to the concerns of his beloved. It is capable of empathy and regret. It should be their best feminine qualities: gentleness, humility, defenselessness.

Jealousy Cancer must find a way out. He is simply obliged to express their opinion, and it can last quite a long time. It is necessary to carry all the reproaches patiently, because Cancer necessarily forgive your soul mate. You can soften the temper offended men anxious attitude. It is best to arrange a romantic surprise. A representative of this sign love to travel, so he will be happy to unplanned change in the situation.

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