Gemini Man Jealous

A Gemini man is a multiple personality. He is vital to new experiences and emotions. A charming conversationalist captivates from the first minutes of acquaintance, knows how to win over the lady. Air zodiac sign is extremely unstable in its manifestations. A quiet man in the blink of an eye turns in a suspicious jealous for no reason!

Gemini men experience the pleasure of female attention. Jealousy may be due to the indifferent attitude of the beloved. The representative of this zodiac sign has a rich imagination. It is easy to create in your head rather a plausible picture of betrayal, not necessarily physical. The man - Gemini has a cold temperament, but misbehavior halves can lead him into a rage. Jealousy awakens in him a rage so strong that it can reach violent showdown.

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous?

Especially cause jealousy Gemini man is difficult. The representative of air zodiac sign is able to assess the situation correctly. She loves to be the center of attention, especially female. If the chosen one shares his passions, cares opinion paired harmony will reign. Otherwise, any suspicion of interest lover another man. This apparent neglect, because the representative must sign autocratically own heart and mind, darling.

A Gemini Man is not by nature owner. His vanity flattered that close to him beautiful woman, is able to enjoy the many. He will not wear down the chosen one constant suspicion, endless scandals about trifles. If the lover will give serious reason to doubt the loyalty mark representative does not back down until everyone learns. Jealousy will not be obvious, but the man Gemini must know the truth. He slowly begins to gather facts, to watch his chosen.

The surest way to cause jealousy - to create an aura of mystery around his persona. It is necessary to carefully monitor the appearance, wearing immaculate outfits. Calm in its manifestations, man will be puzzled by the mysterious behavior of the chosen one. Casual words thrown on the general familiar or unknown character excite his imagination. The rich imagination will begin to paint the picture in your head of events, which are not found in nature. Stung Gemini man will do anything to his fiancee belonged only to him.

How to Deal with a Gemini Man Jealous?

Jealousy Gemini men can poison life. His imagination can inflate an innocent situation to huge proportions if the soul are in doubt. We are pleased to begin to cherish this feeling until you convince yourself in a terrible behavior of the chosen one. In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, should always be near, with a true delight to share his enthusiasm.

Gemini Man must be sure of his irresistibility. It should be constantly praising him, subtly emphasize the dignity. In this case, there is not the slightest reason to delve into herself and her beloved. It is necessary to actively participate in his life. Hanging brings, leisure may be different: going to the cinema, sports, travel.

Enraged Twins beat the dishes, but will express all that boiling. He needs time to settle down. A wise woman should quietly listen to complaints and try to lucidly explain his handpicked successor, it is not true. No tantrums, have heard only words of love. Peaceful atmosphere, pleasant evening over a cup of tea or glass of wine can lead to feeling jealous.

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