Leo Man Jealous

Lion male has a proud and independent-minded. Strong, confident representative of the fire sign, like a magnet, attracts the opposite sex. Any woman would be honored to stand beside him a queen. Bright temperamental man is always in the spotlight. Sometimes he overestimates his capabilities, is too focused on themselves. In a fit of jealousy manifests the worst traits: selfishness, cruelty, stubbornness.

The zeal of the male lion knows no boundaries. Opinionated representative of fire sign does not allow even the thought that they may be neglected. Who else can compare with it in beauty and intelligence? Enraged Leo furiously nakinetsya and rival, and on the wrong darling. He would not tolerate misbehavior of his beloved, most likely prefer to part forever with the woman who betrayed him.

How to Make a Leo Man Jealous?

Challenge jealous of Leo is very simple. A hot-tempered man quickly loses control of his emotions. Possessing a brilliant mind, beautiful manners representative of fire sign completely defenseless against betrayal. He immediately falls into a rage, he does not listen to the arguments and justifications lover. One thought that he chose another, leads him into a rage.

Beloved can provoke jealousy any rash action. One has only to innocently flirt with other like Leo suspect infidelity. Proudly man is nice to be in a society of a beautiful woman, who knows how to present yourself favorably. Observe reasonable care, should attend to other men imperceptibly jealous. Otherwise, the representative of the fire sign of the zodiac points to misconduct. And it is by virtue of his intellect is able to avenge refined and elegant.

Noble Lion will not physically affect the opponent and traitor. He’s too good for the manifestation of low feelings. This does not mean that you can with impunity to provoke him to jealousy. Playing with fire can end badly. Even flirtation with old friends did not escape the attention of Leo, not to mention more. It is necessary to seriously consider the consequences of their behavior, because they could be catastrophic. A proud man can not forgive windy traitor. Relationships come to an end, no matter how perfect they may seem to this point.

How to Deal with a Leo Man Jealous?

Get rid of jealousy Leo is quite possible. It should be fun, beautiful and always interesting for their men. It should be in the field of view of the Lion, he must be sure of his beloved. Boring, prone to melancholy woman quickly bored temperamental man, but also a very active person will annoy your partner. Companion fire sign of the zodiac to find a middle ground to work out the correct tactics of behavior.

All reproaches angry men have to answer words of love. A woman must endlessly praising the elect. Leo loves compliments in his address, perceives them as a natural tribute. He needs to swim love and admiration. A wise woman will be able to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house, then Leo did not even come to mind being jealous of his beloved.

Leo has a high intelligence, if a reason for jealousy is not too serious, he will be able to tame their emotions. Well-meaning woman soft words soothe him. Caring attitude completely melt the heart of the jealous, he quickly forgets his doubts. If there is really strong evidence of infidelity, it is best to pack up and leave in silence. Leo will not be able to forgive the traitor, it is not necessary to bring matters to such an outcome.

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