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Ah, the mental acrobats of the Zodiac. Geminis love to talk. Even when they’re making love. They also love to kiss and are very oral. Having their hands and fingers lightly touched drives the Gemini crazy. Trailing your fingers lightly down their inner arm to the palm of their hand sends them into orgasmic pleasure. Play with their fingers, suck them and Gemini will always come back for more. Geminis love being made love to – especially with words. So, don that sexy costume and let your Gemini slowly peel it off as you’re telling him all about some new sexual position you learned from the Kama Sutra, and would just love to try. Geminis are adventurous, fun loving and dislike being restricted; they absolutely must have their freedom and totally dislike jealousy, neediness, clinginess or possessiveness.

No balls, chains or leashes for the wandering Gemini. And they will wander. And wonder why you’re so upset about their wandering when they do. But if you ‘hang on loosely, but don’t let go,’ and are fun, adventurous and intelligent and above all never boring, they’ll be back. They won’t even mind if you wander a bit yourself; as long as you return to them. Geminis often marry several times throughout their life. Unless you can keep this chameleon on his or her toes with your unpredictable and erotic surprises, they’ll hit the road so fast you won’t even know they’ve been there. Geminis can fall in love, though they don’t like to admit it. In fact, they may never tell you they love you until you present them with the divorce papers. Love is usually too restrictive for Gemini, and actually scares them. Never tell a Gemini that you love them first.

Let them do the talking. Even if you absolutely adore them, let them think you couldn’t care less. Be aloof and noncommittal and they’ll follow you just about anywhere.Geminis light and seemingly superficial and fickle nature makes it difficult for them to express their feelings. They might – if you’re lucky – but don’t count on it. Gemini will stick around as long as they think they’re not the centre of your attention. But do acknowledge them; especially their intellectual achievements. Though they may not admit this either, they love to be told how smart they are. And never try to upstage them, even if your IQ is astronomical. Let them believe they know it all. They have Leos beat in this regard. And be careful. Although Gemini may seem superficial, they aren’t. They’re very deep and extremely sensitive. Yet they’ll never let it show. You’ll never know your words or actions have wounded them until they’re gone. Hard to catch, and harder to keep. But oh so worth it, and absolutely fantastic lovers!

Gemini Lover Romantic Nature

In love, Gemini will not be quick to commit, as this means being tied-down and losing much needed freedom. This ever changing sign will eventually be ready to commit and settle down though, if the right person comes along. However, Gemini is known to desire more than one of everything and love is no exception. A Gemini is multi-sided, and getting to know them will take time. Underneath the bewildering variety of masks that Gemini so pleasantly wears is a solid, enduring person whose true self will will emerge eventually in love.

Once you win their heart, expect life to be an ever changing world of experiences. Because Gemini’s love to travel, a partner who also shares this interest will suit them well. If they trust you, there is little they will not do for you … eventually revealing a deeper nature, exposing the sensitive underbelly that Gemini so easily detaches from.

They are often fickle in love, simple because their are so many angles of life to experience. Fluttering from one thing to another may eventually cause Gemini to feel as though something in life is missing … such as integrity, depth, harmony and centeredness. Although finding true love may frighten a Gemini, and the fear of emotional intimacy may keep them away for awhile, once they decide to be faithful to someone who they love, life will take on a new experience, an added dimension … which will delight and mentally entertain the Gemini beyond measure.

A Gemini can be very loyal, especially when they share many new experiences with their lover and have a lot of fun together. Until, Gemini has decided to commit though, they can be quite the infidel. Often you will find a Gemini in love with two people at the same time … each of equal importance and value to the Gemini. They have no problem handling multiple lovers at the same time … although their lovers most likely will.

Gemini can quickly cast an enchanting spell, over an entire room of people, as well as a lover. The emotionally involved side of Gemini is slow to reveal itself, although they will easily analyze what emotions should feel like. They are naturally flirtatious, especially when single and have a way with words that arouses all sorts of mystery.

Gemini is known to always be up-to-date in all areas, acting young and dressing young. In fact, this social butterfly often does not seem to age … and sometimes grows more youthful with the passing years. They love to keep things active in a relationship. Gemini tends to lose interest just as easily as they do in other areas of life, so remember when it comes to Gemini, variety is the spice of life. They are very charming and can easily charm the socks … or more … right off the object of their desire. They love a partner who is as sexually explorative as they are …

If you fall in love with a Gemini, expect adventure. This adaptable, changeable and flexible sign will join you in pretty much anything that you would like to do, especially if it is new. They are fun to simply be around, with so much to share and talk about.

If you attend a party with a Gemini, expect to see this extrovert in action … and be prepared to meet lots of people. By the time the party is over, you will know everyone and they will know you … so dress to impress or at least to be comfortable, but remember, Gemini tends to be a bit on the superficial side … your best smile, coupled with comfortable and nice attire will go far.

A Gemini is naturally comfortable in social situations. They can talk to just about anyone with grace and ease … moving from group to group, briefly sipping in the nectar of each engagement and sharing in conversation with everyone. Gemini’s comfort among crowds radiates outward … you will feel it, as it acts like a compass for Gemini who feels out the energies in a room.

Never give them reason to suspect you are playing fast and loose with them, otherwise there dualistic side … their twin, will come forth to set things right. Trust in them, and they will trust in you … it is really that simple. Although you find that a Gemini is often in a cheerful disposition, going out of their way to be polite and social, they have a contradictory nature, because of their natural dualism. They need down time to withdrawal and recharge.

Erotic talk is a huge turn-on for Gemini … sexual innuendos and pillow talk. Although emotional intimacy and physical intimacy are important to a Gemini, it is intellectual connection with a person that they really love. They value someone with a sharp intellect and a large vocabulary. Impress them with your wit and poetic expression of love.

Gemini Lover Sexual Nature

Take a rain check on Gemini if you’re looking for heart-stopping sex of the deep and meaningful kind. As the mutable air sign, for Gemini love is primarily about a meeting of minds. Its passions don’t tend to run high – although with its fondness for change and variety, it can be quite innovative in trying out different sexual techniques.

Hard to pin down and with a preference for quantity over and above quality, Gemini is a sign that avoids getting too deeply involved in its love affairs and giving of itself completely in sex. Is it afraid of true intimacy? Well maybe, in that full commitment to just one person might just threaten to clip its butterfly wings.

The big strength of this sign in relationships is, without question, its communication skills. Often cited as the sign most likely to have phone flirt, Geminis of both gender enjoy chatting endlessly to their lovers, whether remotely or in person. Indeed the problem with most Geminis is not getting them to talk to you, but rather how to shut them up!

Don’t expect them to discuss emotions, though. Geminis are by and large ideas people who are happy to analyze the dynamics of a relationship from an intellectual point of view. But when it comes to empathising with their partner’s feelings, many of them haven’t a clue.

To those of a more sensitive make-up, Gemini can appear to have rather a cold-hearted side. With its propensity for gossip, Gemini has a reputation for sometimes being rather indiscreet in disclosing the bedroom secrets of its lovers, and is the star sign most likely to kiss and tell.

What you need to know is that sex, for Gemini, is always going to be a fairly light-hearted affair – a bit of a giggle rather than something to make the earth move. For some people, this approach can be rather too superficial, for others it’s a welcome relief from the intensity of heavy love affairs.

Like their ruler, Mercury, Geminis tend to slip through your fingers like quicksilver. If you’re crazy about one of them, better find a way to hold their interest, or before you blink they’ll be on their way.

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