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Though it’s true that Leos like to be the center of your world, they’re not above realizing that this isn’t always fair. Most Leos are quite adventurous in the bedroom, and are more than willing to take part in your adventurous and kinky fantasies. But don’t expect them to be subordinate. Leo is King (even if she’s a Queen) and expects to be the Master, although your Leo may switch for you if they know that they’re still the star. If this happens, remember this moment for posterity, because it may never happen again. The lion loves toys, games, adventure, soothing sounds and smells (much like Taurus) and fantasy, and like Gemini, can become bored easily with the same ole, same ole. Tell your Leo man he’s the most gorgeous, sexy hunk you’ve ever seen and the best lover. Run your fingers through their mane and they’ll be purring. Leo loves it on top, but is quite versatile. Make them the center of your attention, and they’ll follow you anywhere you go – as long as they can lead.

Like Gemini, Leos are love to give, as well as receive. But the quickest way to tame this Lion, is to touch their heart. While Leos may have a roving eye, they can be quite loyal. Sometimes to the point of scaring away their intended. They don’t mean to; they just forget that everyone doesn’t want to barraged with adoring words of undying love (which is what they want to hear from their lovers). They mean well, though. So stroke their mane, say thank you, and kiss them to keep them from uttering those embarrassing endearments which they really do mean, and you’ll both be fine.

Leo Lover Romantic Nature

In Love, Leos need lots of attention, but also give a lot of attention in return. When dating a Leo, money may as well grow on a secret money tree that only those who are Leo born know the whereabouts of, because that is how they spend it. They love to spoil their lover with expensive dining, gifts, luxuries and entertainment. They spare no expense when it comes to love, investing in the best of everything. They often spend it excess and love showing off when doing so.

Leo rules the heart, and Leo is certainty one of the most loving, generous, romantic and passionate of the signs. A fire sign, Leo is sure to be anything but ordinary … a love affair unlike any other, filled with excitement and pleasure. Leo loves the theatrical and adores the stages of courtship.

Leos are very proud, however pride can cause great vulnerability and a hurt ego, can lead to a Leo becoming deeply wounded. This is especially true when others do not respect Leos wisdom and generosity, so be sure to show gratitude for their grandeur and gifts and you are sure to stay on their good side. Leo will never tolerate someone disrespecting them. Although they are quick to spark up, and become upset or angry, they are just as quick to forgive and rarely hold grudges. To subdue a Leo, simply flatter them. They are easily flattered and they want it … need it … from others.

It is seldom that a Leo is ever depressed and if so, they bounce back quickly. Often they hide their deep depression or hurt feelings and feign happiness, until they really are feeling happy again. They quickly bounce back from despondency and adjust courageously, easily overcoming a difficult emotional plunge.

Leos take great pride in everything, from their physical appearance, to their home and all their worldly possessions … sometimes even their partner, who they may show-off too, to their friends if they are not careful. Leos actually tend to love to show-off in all areas of their life. They are proud and they need an audience to watch them express this pride. Partners that can be this audience are the best match for a Leo. Also, those who admire them, yet are open to be admired in return will prove very compatible as well.

Taking center stage in everything, often with dramatics, Leos love to dress splendidly and expensively. They bump it up to a higher level when in love and you can expect them to look very well taking care of. The male Leo is very confident and self assured and the female Leo is regal with an innate grace.

When a Leo woman realizes that she is in love and that her feelings are reciprocated, she will blossom … with a glowing expression of her happiness … idolizing her love. The Leo woman has a strong personality and she may need to keep her inclination to be domineering in check. A Leo man can easily become a willing slave to the one he adores, a different side of this most regal of signs.

In love, Leos are very fun, however their partner must be confident enough to understand them. They want an equal and have a need to be proud of the person they are with. Leos like to be adored, but also love the thrill of the chase. When dating a Leo, it is important to compliment them with sincerity and tell them you love them, if you indeed do.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is a sign that was truly born to shine, delighting in drama and the grandeur of love. A Leo will shine a beam of light on the potential of others, encouraging them to aspire to do and accomplish great things. They inspire and motivate. They want to be center stage in their lovers life and need a partner who will be loyal and give them lots of love.

Their partner can also expect these in return from a Leo, who will go above and beyond … to extravagant measures to make their loved one happy. Usually a Leo will insist on being first in their partners life. If their partner does not mind letting go of their ego, they will always be adored. The key to being in a relationship with a Leo is to not try to top them. A relationship with a Leo may suffer, however because of their fiery pride … Leos tend to easily forgive after a fight, usually holding no grudges and living in the present moment with vivacity.

Leos usually do not like to be confined to the house and love to take their partner to many different forms of entertainment, no matter the stage of their relationship that they are in. Leos value fun, especially when it is with the person that they care about most.

A Leo desires to live the life of a king or queen … lavish, extravagant and royal. They give a lot in a relationship, and make great lovers with a burning-hot and large libido. They love to be flattered and adored while lovemaking and can never get enough dramatic foreplay. Expect love with a Leo to be thrilling and intense, putting their all into the pleasure of their partner … romantic, passionate, sensual and red hot with a lion’s roar.

Leo Lover Sexual Nature

Like everything in the life of the theatrical Lion, sex has to be glamorous and exciting for Leo. Without the right props and the right setting, you’ll never light a Leo’s fire. Think champagne and oysters, satin bedsheets, violins playing in the background. This sign’s biggest sexual fantasy? That they’re acting the lead in a romantic movie in front of an admiring audience. A strategically positioned mirror can create the desired effect!

What you need to understand is that there has to be a definite sense of occasion to a Leo’s love-making, with all the appropriate foreplay. This star sign doesn’t do seedy or grubby, and quickies are usually out. Without the wow factor, sex is of little interest to Leos: they have to feel really special and valued before their famous sexual ardor kicks in.

Leo’s sense of high drama means its love affairs are often something of a roller coaster – and it sure does enjoy the ride! Unlike some of the more delicate star signs, Leos actually thrive on a bit of emotional angst in their relationships. Over-the-top bust-ups followed by tearful reunions are all part of the fun – it’s how they keep the sense of passion going and avoid things getting too dull.

Highly sensitive to personal sleights and put-downs, those born under the sign of Leo are prone to extreme bouts of jealousy if a lover’s attention falters or wavers. Flirting with a perceived rival is akin to emotional betrayal to a Leo, while actual sexual infidelity is a real tragedy in their lives. Loyally devoted to the ones they give their heart to, they expect the same level of commitment in return.

Being in love is the natural state of being for this warm and passionate fire sign. It always brings out the best in a Leo, making them literally glow with happiness, sparking off their well known generosity and highlighting their playful side. For while it’s true that sex is something Leo takes seriously, at the same time it has to be highly entertaining. It can be hard work keeping a Leo amused!

Ask any Leo if they feel sufficiently appreciated by their lover, and the chances are they’ll say no. However much attention and affection they’re getting, it’s never quite good enough for many of those born under the sign of the Lion. They could always do with a little bit more!

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