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Taureans love comfort. This sign is down-to-earth and they use all their senses when making love. Touching, feeling, smelling, even sounds can set Taurus snorting with pleasure. Long-lasting and steady, the bull can out-last just about anyone. They’re not generally very imaginative in the bedroom, but show them a touch, smell, sound or even a sexually seductive outfit and they’re more than willing to add it to their repertoire. But make them think it’s their idea, because they’re also stubborn (yes, it’s really true).

Going without sex for any length of time can be excruciating for Taurus. So, regular trysts with your bull are a must. Otherwise he or she might search out greener pastures. Give your Taurus a soothing neck rub, make love to their ears and tongue and your bull will melt. Like Leos, most Taureans are in love with love. But they do fall in love and can settle down – as long as they know they’re loved in return and are comfortable and safe in the relationship. They can be quite hypocritical, however, when it comes to fidelity. And like Gemini, think nothing of roaming from one pasture to another. But should their mate exhibit the same propensity, they can become quite angered, since they can also be possessive. Cheat on them too often, and they’re off and running, never to look back.

Taurus Lover Romantic Nature

In love, a Taurus has just as strong of a need for security and stability as they do in other areas of their life. Casual is not quite close and promiscuous is completely out of style to a Taurus, although their are of course rare exceptions.

Devoted, protective and oh … sooooo sensual, falling in love with a Taurus is a relationship that is not to be taken lightly. With a great appetite for life, expect the best of everything when in a relationship with a Taurus. In fact, you can even expect the best of the Taurus themselves, as love tends to bring out their finest qualities.

When a Taurus loves you nothing anyone could say about you would affect the opinions of you they hold, in any way. Once they make up their minds, then they are fixed in their opinions, thoughts and beliefs. So worry not about any rumors, naysayers or poison pens. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, a Taurus has exquisite taste in everything in life. A true and natural romantic and poet, expect to learn all about the finest pleasures earth has to offer.

Sexy, artistic, good-natured, elegant, serene and as romantic as one could ever be, a Taurus is sure to delight the senses and tickle the heart. Secure in their own judgments and needs, a Taurus trusts their instincts and gives great attention to detail.

Think physical pleasures and material goods, for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess. Taurus adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing gifts of the senses that they can readily share with their lover. They enjoy a partner who takes care of themselves well and looks nice, smells nice and is pleasing to be around.

Sensible, down-to-earth and practical in areas of love, Taurus plans the future while thoroughly enjoying the mindfulness of the present. Although they are known to occasionally rendezvous with someone, once you scratch the surface of a Taurus, the deeper layers will reveal that they desire a serious relationship that will endure the tests of time.

The long haul relationship delights the Taurus, who secretly cannot wait to build a life with someone they love and cherish. A Taurus man has been called Mr. Right, as he has all the qualities that a woman often is looking for … a sense of humor, hard-working, sensual, strong-willed, protective, loyal, kind, faithful, affectionate, romantic, wealthy … a real keeper as they say. Certainly a Taurus woman also has these winning qualities as well. A Taurus woman loves to be courted, pursued and wooed.

Taurus Lover Sexual Nature

Sensual love is always a big number for Taurus. This is an intensely sensual sign: a sign that relates to the world to a large extent through its five senses, that expresses its sexuality predominantly through physical contact, and for which love is based around the mutual sharing of carnal pleasures and irresistible earthly delights.

There’s an earthiness about Taurus – and at the same time a strong romanticism due to its rulership by Venus – that give it an instinctive understanding of how to turn on a lover. Using the famous Taurean seduction techniques of personal adornment, fragrance, food and the power of touch, it knows exactly how to bring the object of its desire to their knees.

No-one can deliver a more sensually arousing massage than Taurus – and no-one knows better how to set the scene for a candlelit gourmet dinner as a precursor to great pleasure. For Taurus, food is the most obvious aphrodisiac and sensual passion is the natural expression of love.

This is a physically strong yet emotionally gentle sign that you can rely on for regular, satisfying sex of the most basic kind. However, it’s not necessarily a sign that will be especially innovative or adventurous in its lovemaking. The traditional approach suits Taurus best and once it has hit on a successful line of foreplay, it prefers not to vary its technique.

What you need to understand is that security goes hand in hand with sexual fulfillment for Taurus. Any element of uncertainty or unpredictability will dampen its libido, sour its normally sweet nature and send it into a (sometimes long-lasting) sulk. For a Taurean Bull to be happy in a romantic relationship, it has to be based on shared material values, financial stability, and the possibility of economic advancement as a team.

Sexually, this sign isn’t into games playing – with Taurus what you see is what you get – but it often has a bit of a problem with possessiveness. Although they’ll vigorously deny it, in a sexual relationship Taureans always feel some kind of sense of ownership of their partner, which can lead to a huge sense of loss if things come to an end.

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