Zodiac Men in Marriage

While on your journey to finding love, you will undoubtedly confront a host of potential lovers who represent every sign of the zodiac. Needless to say, you want someone who is faithful and willing to invest emotionally in a monogamous relationship. And while all signs are capable of monogamy, it comes easier for some signs than it does for others.

Below are some general guidelines for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, but remember: These are not specific. By consulting a psychic who’s knowledgeable about astrology, you can get much more accurate advice about your love interest and your compatibility by giving them the exact times of birth for both you and your potential mate

Zodiac Signs in Marriage

Aries man is very masculine and he can quickly decide for marriage. He doesn’t run away from his responsibilities and likes to dominate. The Aries man wants smart and beautiful wife, who will give him enough freedom. It often happens that he seeks his pleasure outside the home. This is your quintessential action man. He’s brave, bold, independent, dynamic and very direct. Aries was the Roman god of war, and your Arian man feels the most alive when in hot pursuit of his next goal. Be enthusiastic about his ideas, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous once in a while, and support him when he heads out for a weekend of adventure. Better yet, go with him! Actively doing things together is a really big turn on for him, and it helps him to stay connected to you.

Taurus man is very dedicated to his wife and children. He will always strive to provide the best living conditions to his family. He is usually very gentle and good-natured, but is also one of the most passionate men of the zodiac. If he can’t experience physical pleasure in the marriage, he may be prone to fraud. He’s stable, reliable, practical and as sexy as they come! Taurus men have a natural talent with finances, and they almost always end up doing very well for themselves. He’s not Mr. Spontaneous though, so respect his need to thoroughly think things through before making a decision. Don’t try to push your Bull into doing anything, or you’ll soon see where the term ‘bull-headed’ originally came from! He’s very responsive to physical sensation, so backrubs (giving and receiving!) soft bed-sheets and comfort food ensure he’ll be putty in your hands.

The Gemini man is not the most ideal partner for marriage. Life with him could be very beautiful, interesting and relaxed, but only if he has a wife that won’t weigh him down. On the other hand, his wife will have a complete freedom to do whatever she wants. He is very charming and loves flirting. Social, witty and intelligent, Gemini men love to talk. They orient themselves to the world through thoughts and ideas, and yours will feel the most connected to you when he feels you and he have a meeting of the minds. Talk to him, tell him about your day and don’t leave out any of the details. He loves the details! He’ll love it if you’re up to date on current events too so you can discuss them together. He’s a bit restless and likes variety, so change things up on him once in a while just to keep it interesting.

Cancer man is very traditional and very devoted to his family. Although, he is the ideal partner, life with him is not so simple. He spends the most of his time in home and is very good husband. Devoted, loyal and caring, this is your classic family man. A happy home life is of utmost importance to your Cancer, and he’ll love to spend time with you on the weekends fixing up the house, gardening or taking the kids to soccer practice. Although he’s no slouch in the kitchen himself, he absolutely loves it when you cook for him! Yes, his heart really can be found through his stomach, and it’s those little nurturing things you do that make him feel the most loved.

The Leo man wants to be the top priority of his wife. He believes that everyone in the house should be subordinated to him. As a parent he is not rigorous, because he is a big kid himself. His wife has to be beautiful and elegant. Leos love to be in love, and there is no one more generous, big-hearted, loyal and affectionate when he feels he’s being appreciated, with emphasis on the word ‘appreciation’! Of course everyone needs it, but Leos do most of all. It doesn’t take much either. A word of thanks or an acknowledgement of his effort goes a long way with him. Generous at heart, he loves to surprise you with little (or not so little!) romantic gifts. All you really need to do is sit back, receive and be appreciative (sign us up!).

Virgo man is the most faithful husband of the zodiac. He is not possessive, but not particularly passionate, so he matches best with Virgo woman. Very often he is conservative and not much of a romantic. Virgo men have extremely high standards (well, he did pick you didn’t he?). He’s organized and practical too, and you can always count on him to come through on his promises. He loves (needs!) to be of service in small ways, and he’s most content when he feels useful and doing something to make you happy. All you really need to do is tell him exactly what it is that you want (he needs specifics!). Sometimes his attention to detail can come off as criticism (like when he points out that microscopic little chip in your new manicure), but it’s really just his way of being helpful.

Libra man is not someone who prefers married life, and he will need some time to adjust. He is attracted to women who take care of their appearance. Libra men are very passionate, excellent lovers, but often unfaithful. Charming, social and attractive, this man loves to be in love. Relationships are the key to happiness for Librans, and yours will want to be with you as much as he possibly can. He truly appreciates beauty and absolutely loves it when you dress up! Excellent shoes and fabulous clothes are always a hit with him. He can have a hard time making decisions though, mostly because he can see every side of every situation. Make it easy on yourself and don’t overwhelm him with options. Nothing will ever get done if you do!

Scorpio man is very possessive and jealous. It’s not easy to attain happiness in the marriage with Scorpio. Unpleasant situations can be avoided if the wife constantly proves her love for him. He doesn’t like cold and dominant women. Charismatic and attractive, Scorpio men are loaded with sex appeal. He’s intelligent too, and an expert strategist. He’s passionate about a lot of things (including you!), and he wants you to support him in all of his ardent pursuits/hobbies. Better yet, pursue a few with him! He bonds to you when you share intense experiences together. Be open about your feelings, especially your feelings about him! Yes, he’s strong, but he still needs reassurance once in a while.

The Sagittarius man is born adventurer. His wife must be eloquent, fun and able to cope without him. Jealousy of his wife will not be tolerated. Independent and adventurous, this man is a student of life. Whether he travels by plane or by armchair, he’s on a perpetual quest for truth. Philosophical discussions (debates!) turn him on; so don’t hesitate to share your opinions. The more knowledgeable and outspoken you are, the happier he’ll be. He hates being locked into a boring routine, so plan on frequent weekend getaways to keep him (and yourself) happy and relaxed. Don’t expect candlelight and flowery poetry from this man. Doing something active and fun with you is his idea of romance.

Capricorn man is usually devoted to his career and he enters into a marriage a lot later than other signs. The woman next to him will feel safety, but would be devoid of emotional displays of affection. Practical and ambitious, Capricorn men strive for professional success. He’s the classic workaholic, and he needs you to not just understand that, but to appreciate all his hard work. Offer to entertain his important clients, and try to be supportive of his many late nights at the office. His taste runs more to the conservative side, and he loves to see you in clean and classic styles, or buttoned-up-to-here blouses (think Ralph Lauren). Good luck getting him to take a vacation! If you can find a way for him to combine business with pleasure though, you should have better luck.

Aquarius man is very unpredictable and he is not ideal for marriage. His chosen one shouldn’t open all the cards if he wants to keep his attention during their married life. He can easily replace his wife with another woman who is more capable and interesting. Highly intelligent and extremely social, the Aquarian man is your best friend. He’s got a huge and various assortment of friends from all different walks of life, but only a very few trusted close pals. He lives in the world of rational intellect, and big emotional displays make him very uneasy. If you want to be heard, be as calm and reasonable in your approach as possible. He loves scintillating conversation and the fact that you can challenge him intellectually is a big turn on for him.

Pisces man is one of the best candidates for marriage. He is willing to fulfil all the wishes of his wife and will spend most of his time with family. He won’t risk marital happiness because of a mistress. Compassionate and creative, the Pisces man is the sweetheart of the zodiac. He’s very tuned in emotionally, and he trusts you to honour this sensitivity and to be a patient listener. Criticism can be crushing to a Pisces, so your positive support is imperative to his well-being. He’s a born romantic and loves lots of candlelit dinners and romantic weekend getaways. Tape little love notes to the bathroom mirror or send him a poetic card. It’s your kindness, honesty and appreciation of him that he really responds to.

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